Are there people who were cured 100%

Are there even people that recovered 100%? Where they ever on this forum? And do we know they’re honest?

How many people recovered in such a way that can have wonderful pleasurably and loving sex with their girlfriend or wife?

Reading some of the situations some people are in I’m slowly losing hope. I have yet to find anyone who gained back his natural sexual appetite.


There are.

I keep them in my bookmarks when I need reassurance. Some of them are controversial but I don’t care.
I should note these aren’t all strictly recoveries, many are though, but some are vast improvements with messages of hope. Whatever. It helps me cope.


Those are alot. Thanks man. Will go through these soon enough.

Did you find something in common that you haven’t tried but are thinking about?

EDIT: I willcjust be adding questions as I read… You’ve cited @moonman1 whovis getting a penile implant right… sorry, but whyceould he be really cured 3-4 years before…?

While I’m a bit skeptical on the guy that took even Spiralactone, and was cured, after seven years, it does give me alot of hope. There are chances that Merck let it have it written. But I’m not inclined tocbelieve that, they don’t need to take the time. It would be so powerful to actually have live testimonies of people who’ve recovered.

Whe should pay for them to have them in this forum exclusively.

Good one thanks.

EDIT: I keep coming back to this thanks man

I’m aware of two guys who improved then vanished both cited a better mood and a return of erections initially. One had pfs for several years and the other for two. Time was key in both cases. Neither come here anymore and stopped responding to sufferers. I can’t remember their names. I assume it was permanent or they’d be back on here


It’s a thread where moonman cites a recovery from curezone, if you’re referring to that one.

Again, this is a non-exhaustive list I made for myself. I might have missed a few. I left even more stories out about people that are not recovered at all, but give me indications that this condition is reversible.

I understand but you have to stop these thoughts immediately. This is your anxiety coming up with all kinds of crazy explanations.

I dont believe merck would have done that to be honest. So i believe its real. But I don’t care more about my feelings then I do about whats true. But ill get back at the others later. Not to tearthem down, but to let them give hope, like the other two testimonies did.

Very few do in comparison to us that don’t

Usually time does the healing

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How would we know. Is there any data about this?

yeah the survey that we conducted showed that

most people that end up here usually have permanent sides, but stuff like short term memory sides improve over time, though not always a full recovery

Oh I see. Is it a statistically significant population though? What about people who don’t end up here. We have no idea how many there are?

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im just making up the following example,

but if you get 100 surveys

and less than 3% recover 100%, wouldn’t you think its indicative of something?

as for people that dont come here - there’s no way to analyze that. there are people that dont come here because they may be part of the lucky ones that recover within a week or 2 and move on with their lives as if nothing happened

then you have people that have permanent side effects but have no idea what caused it and whats going on and how to work it out backwards to find themselves here.

what if you took saw palmetto a few times and developed insomnia and brain fog a few weeks after? what are the chances youd figure out whats going on

so its hard to say

all we know is that there’s no standard protocol for everyone. most people who crash, do not recover 100%

I know some rehabilitated people who may have recovered more than 90%, but most of them recover within 1-2 years. I don’t think I can recover completely, but we need to adhere to an tolerable “baseline” and support community research. Only solid research can help us.


Indicative yes, but there’s no way of knowing whether it’s truly statistically significant because we don’t know how big the entire pfs population is and how many recover outside this forum.

Not trying to discredit, just saying it’s difficult to make definitive conclusions.

But I’m not a statistician so what do I know.

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we had more than 100 surveys done FYI

and if it wasn’t providing strong data, the baylor study certainly added value by showing AR overexpression as a likely effect

AR overexpression isn’t remedied through home brew solutions, its a problem they haven’t quite figured out in cancer treatments yet

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“haven’t quite figured out in cancer treatments yet”It’s terrible. :rofl::rofl:

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I’m looking forward to posting here someday. This will be my reminder.

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It wasn’t Paul Innes was it??

I heard he recovered….he was pretty bad at one point and went on ITV This Morning to talk about PFS

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Let me know if you find his recovery testimony.

Im pretty much 100% - took me almost over a year. Dm me if you want to chat