Im back for the good - natural recovery after 7 years

Hi everybody,

many of you may remember me. I have been a user of this forum for the past 7 or 8 years. The last 2 I have barely visited again this site, however.

I have had the same sexual effects as all of you. During many years I took proscar, then duta, and then even Spironolactone, until one day, my system colapsed.

And it has taken me 7 years to recover naturally. The hardest part has been to overcome my anxiety, since when I felt relaxed and slept enough, my sexual desire always increased. Nevertheless, anxiety has been a difficult thing to overcome. Only time has cured me, I really say this. It has been almost a year now that I can achieve normal erections and have sex even 4 or 5 times a day. It really has gone back to what it was like before (well, maybe not that hard since I was also 7 years younger, and Im now 32). Anyway, now I can go out again, flirt, fuck, drink, and what is most important of all, is that I feel that I can have a long lasting relationship with a girl, just like normal people do, and sexually be even good at it.

Guys, there really is not a lot more to it. 7 years ago I was unable to achieve an erection. Now, its just incredible…

I once read that Merk said that it took about 7 years to recover from serious damage like the one we suffer. I never believed that before, because it did not make any sense to me. Well, I am the proof of it. 7 years after my first dramatic experience with my symptoms, Im back on the road again.

I just wanted to share this with you all to give you moral support and to tell you that Im sure this is not permament symptoms we have until the rest of our lives. I truly believe we have not changed our DNA like some say. We just need to give it time.

The best of this, is that my hair is great! During this 7 years I barely have taken anything and I still have a full head of hair. For that I really do not have any explanation whatsoever. I do take some vitamins and other natural stuff, but that was never enough in the past and that is why I took Propecia.

Anyhow, I wish you all the best!


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What was your previous username?

Good, that’s great news! Unfortunately many others here have not been so lucky, and your post, while it means well, doesn’t provide much insight regarding how we can achieve same. Good luck to you.

Thanks for your post searchfhealth i do love hearing stories like this. Even though it took you a long time, im still very happy you recovered. You said that when you were less anxious your libido was better? Do you mean that you always had some libido? Sadly, mine is pretty flat except for some bursts at seemingly random times…

Thanks again

Did you have any recover prior to the seventh year? Or were you a mess until the seventh year and then all of a sudden felt recovery?

Yes, a good story, and well done searchfhealth.

However, your recovery is not 100% as your hair does not fall out. When I recover, I want my hair to fall out at the amazing rate prefin. Your hair not falling out is indicative of a considerable physiological shift from your expected norm. Personally, I would wonder about this.

I am, however, pleased to hear you are enjoying life.


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He probobly won’t post his past username nor revisit the site. I swear some of these little recoveries are merck reps who stop by to downplay the lasting effect of the drug.

I love how people always make negative coments on other peoples recoveries,pretty sad if u ask me.


I’ve been taking notice of that lately, and mulling it over. I think it comes down to the fact that “recovery” is something that everyone on this board wants so bad, it can’t be put into words. So when someone comes along that says they’ve recovered, or has improved to the point where their quality of life is acceptable, when other people that are suffering horrific side effects read this, it can be a point of contention. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but it is what it is.

For people that are suffering for years on end with a life altering condition, recovery is something that is almost something they don’t know how to quantify, they know they want it, but don’t have it, which makes it worse. I can understand where the negativity is coming from, really, it’s a hard spot to be in.

Thing is, being someone who’s been very bad, and getting to the place where I am now, I know that a good quality of life after this mess is possible. Personally, I don’t believe completely that medical intervention is going to “cure” anyone. Mask symptoms, sure, but not cure. If anything it’s just going to put your body in a worse, dependant state. These things make us feel better, but they are just pushing you further down the rabbit hole. That being said, if your goal is to just regain quality of life and being dependant on drugs to do it is fine with you, then by all means, have at it. We all have different goals, and if you’re fine with it, the no one else should give a shit.

I just think that after years of trying unsuccessfully with drugs and other methods, that people would actually take notice of these posts and give some of these things a fair shot, to judge for themselves. They have NOTHING to lose. I’m under the impression if people did that instead of hating on everyone that comes here with a “recovery,” they may be rather surprised. I’m of course excluding the people that come here and recover in the typical amount of time, as we were supposed to.

Positivity is great, but it’s hard to be positive when you’re coming from a negative spot. Despite this, you still need to try.

Well said guys. I would like to think we are all here to help one another, yet at times we become our own worst enemies. The Recoveries section should be for positive thoughts and questions, not bashing. I’ve talked to members who have stopped coming around because of all the negativity. I’ve stopped coming around myself at times because of it. I’m sure most of us have been to the lowest of lows, myself included. Until that magical recovery method comes around, lets appreciate the knowlegde that those who are partially or fully recovered share and try to stay as positive as possible. Even if a guy appears to have recovered from mostly “typical” methods, be happy for him and take it as a positive that the human body can recover from this. I’ve been down the negative road too long, no matter how bad it is, staying positive is always better. You’re right cd, we still have to try.

Hi guys,

I have always been searchfhealth in the forum. In the old times, I used to see people writing who had names like Guillermo (south american guy), Mitch, also one named Dynamic or Dynamism, or something like that (I really dont remember). Anyhow, I read posts from some of you saying that my post came from Merc and bla bla bla…

I suggest the forum keeper to search in the old forum (before there was a different one in a Yahoo mode) and there are all my posts. I dont care if some dont believe me.

In the beginning I tried everything: maca, natural boosters, gama and serotonine boosters, not masturbating, the broccoli treatment, EVERYTHING (even contacting Dr. Lin from actionlove) until some guy (in his 40s or 50s posted a very interesting link on the Adrenal Fatigue book. That post really helped me, and of course I bought the book and for that I believe helped me recover some how, by implementing a routine. 6 months later I really felt better (sexually speaking) but I made the mistake of leaving my routineand after some weeks all which I gained returned to my previous shitty state.

However, since that seemed to work for me somehow, I still tried to take it easy and without going crazy about eating healthy, or sleeping tons of hours, I always saw improvement when I had a healthy life, so really, I cant say what helped me get back, but maybe my patiente and the 5 or 6 guidelines from the Adrenal Fatigue book I think left me eventually in a good position.

I really think it is a mix of a lot of circumstances. This experience is very hard for us: You feel that you have no libido whatsoever, and that your life is going to be useless for ever. Consequently, this constant thinking bilds up in negative stress and the after a couple of years after my symptoms started, I felt very anxious. It was hard to breath, I needed to take very deep breaths all the time, etc. This was just anxiety.

My routine helped me overcome this anxiety (good sleep, and healthy food, but without going nuts about what I can and what I cant eat, since that also worsens your state).

During the first 5 years, I had several episodes of trying to have sex with a woman and being totally unable to achieve an erection. On the other hand, as time went by, I saw that when I masturbated, I could achieve pretty good erections, but these didnt work when I had a woman in from of me. I realized that I was getting very scared when having the chance of getting laid. It really took me about 3 to 4 years to have sex with a woman again. Recently, I didnt even take cialis to help me get started. I already got good erections because I knew I was gaining slowly maturely my confidence back. But it has been a mix between my healthy life, letting time pass and regaining my confidence back.

The best time came during a whole week that I had to travel for work outside my country. I had to go to a country in which I had a girl friend which I knew from some years back that offered me to stay at her house the whole week. I always knew that we could easily have sex anytime, and that idea scared the hell out of me. So just in case, the first night I took cialis to make me feel safer. After the 36 hours, I tried having sex again with that woman and it really worked!! Finally I stayed the whole week having sex with this lady in my trip and I could have good sex again, which means 3 to 4 times per day, and that happened without any help.

Really guys, there is no magic cure. I can only say that at least in my case, TIME, PATIENTE, CONFIDENCE AND A HEALTHY LIFE has helped me get back.

Hope this helps you.

Yesterday I posted a large e-mail but I believe I did something wrong and does not appear.

Anyhow, making a long story short, I dont care if some of you guys think I come from Merck. I do not. I am spanish and have been suffering ED and no libido whatsoever during 7 f***** years.

In the old days there was another Forum in yahoo. Those of you that can recover it will see all my posts there for several years using the same nickname. I remember there were also other people like Guillermo, Mitch and younger swedesh or finish guy named Dynamic or Dynamism or something like that. It has been a long time since I left, and I barely remember.

One time, this 40/50 year old guy posted an interesting e-mail on adrenal fatigue and how this guy named Wilson, published a book on this. I bought it and my routine has been what really helped me get out of this problem. Nothing else. The hardes thing I had to fight agains was my anxiety which was pretty bad since I had been several years thinking only about my problem and this caused me a lot of stress. Slowly maturely, I learned how to handle my anxiety and things started to get better. And really, guys, time eventually helped me.

It took me nearly 4 years to get laid with a girl. I was sooo scared of not being able to perform (since I had some bad experiences). But, it came a day when I realized that my erections were pretty good when I masturbated so I decided to move forward with a girl that I had good confidence with. With her support, the outcome was extraordinary. I started to fuck and could do it without any help. Not only that, I could also repeat during the same night. During a whole week I had sex with this girl who really boosted my confidence up again.

Eventually, things improved for me. It’s the only thing I can say. I tried many things before (Gaba, Serotonin, maca, ginko, broccoli treatment, no masturbation, and even contacting dr. lin from actionlove and buying his products).

So guys, its a long run, but at least in my case I have been able to overcome.

Regarding my hair: it falls but less. Thanks to vitamins and natural products I am being able to keep it, but I had times of severe shed like in the old times. I just think that the worst shedding year just passed by (in my early 20’s) and now its just not so bad.

Good luck all.

How long have you taken propepecia?

My penis is still curved. Do you think that time can help?

Have you done hormonal test?

you might have recovered if your T had not dropped too much. I have read few fin and SP users on and other forums where ex-users recovered in different time frames maybe b/c of varying degree of drop in T and other hormones .
I personally think if your body has dropped your T level beyond a certain point then recovery is either very very slow or impo…
Can we ask what was your T-level 7 years ago and what it is now? would you like to post your blood reports. If you do that we all can see where u were short and where u made recoveries.Needless to say how improtant and encouraging that would be.



I will try to find my blood tests from back then. I do remember one thing: my testosterone levels did not drop that much. Casually, I had done a blood test before I notice symptoms and had a very high testosterone levels (11.7, I think). After the symptoms, my testosterone levels stayed at 9 point something. Normal ranges from 5 to 10 I think, so I was OK. I will check that out. The doctor said that my T-levels were OK both times. Maybe kind of high the first one, but that does not mean that I had them like that all the time. It could be a coincidence that the day of the analysis I had such a high level of T.

I have no analysis from now, but my analysis back then, as I said were always normal. That is why I remember the whole forum was absolutely confused because our blood tests were always normal, and nevertheless, our penis and libido did not work.

I took propecia a very long time (8 years). But the last two, I took Propecia, Dutasteride and Spironolactone: a cocktail molotov!! So guys, I doubt you were crazier than me… :slight_smile:

I was obsesed with my hair and wanted always to keep it no matter what. The thing is that I always had good libido and good sex while taking all this. It came all of a sudden.

And, like many of you, I also experienced two days after the symptoms started, where I felt totally recovered, and then, my long-term nightmare started. Those two days of recovery were just temporal. After that, nearly 7 years of nightmare!!!

Guys, I have suffered a lot, more than many of you who have not had these symptoms for soooo long. I also know that there are people here that are still suffering and have experienced the symptoms for even more years than myself, and I FULLY UNDERSTAND what you guys must feel like.

But hey, I wrote this e-mail to encourage you all. This is NOT OVER YET, belive me guys. I have a healthy and satisfactory sex life now. Very much like when I was in my 20s… but Im not anymore, so I feel very lucky to have the endurence I have now. When you get used to having sex, it even increases day by day. I really have experienced this two months ago!! I could have sex 4 or 5 times a day and just get tired but not loose the erection.

I wish you all the best. If you have any questions I will try to answer them!

Yes, when I dont feel anxious and have good sleep I notice I have a great libido. I even have erections during the day if I think about sex.

And no, during the past nearly 7 years, I have had zero or very little libido (just on occasions). This last year it has really improved. But since my confidence also got better this last year, improvement has been double. The more confidence in me I had, the less anxious about life and my future I felt. So that is only positive for recovery.

searchfhealth - Congratulation on your recovery! I was curious why you just joined the group after 7 years of suffering?

So I am right for T level assumptions. My understanding is that if your T-level goes to near 200+ - 300+ then it is not just T. Other complications also start like low VitD, low Iron, low Vit A and E and B12 and other stuff. when body stays for long in that condition then there is severe atrophy in differen body tissues.
Another point what I am thinking about (after seeing so many blood reports on different forums) for user who have low T, Testicles become useless. I don’t think they will ever return to their normal production. Fin or Sp has destroyed cells in them. I am sorry I am one of these guys but having LH 2 or 4 and stil low T what that means?


just thought about you guys and wanted to give you some hope. That’s it.

How did your life go through those 7 years, did you have a solid job? partner?

sps I agree with this. I experienced some minor loss of testicular fullness on my final course of finasteride, then after the crash the balls were sore and shrunk within a few days/weeks. I can’t see a way to revive them via hcg or anything else, besides when you’re past 30 as I am hormones start to decline anyway.