I believe tribulus has cured me!

PLEASE do not post this under my story, I WANT THIS TO BE READ.

Poor sufferers of this horrific condition, I crashed in the fall of this year, and entered hell, I was in torment and anguish like all of you until this summer. Total impotence, rubber penis, tinnitus, muscle spasms, I was no longer a mammal, but an insect. My total testosterone fell to only 140 (200-1000) and estradiol was low too. I took a single shot of TRIPOTRELIN in April, and my Testosterone has stayed at 1050 and my estradiol at a perfect 25-30. It works by sending synthetic GNRH to the hypothalamus and ‘kick starts it’. A miracle indeed, but unfortunately no cure, I CAN CONFIRM THE EPIGENETIC CHANGE THEORY IS TRUE, I had no androgen receptors to utilize the testosterone, so my symptoms only slightly improved, like those of you are HRT. Even though my hormones were perfect. However, the restoring of my hormones I believe was key to my healing, because even with receptors there is still a problem with testosterone at 140.

Now for what I believe cured me. I read all the stories of recoveries. I found one single common thread between them all. You already know what it is probably, TRIBULUS. Why did it work for the guy who took organika but not for must of us? I believe I now know the answer. The reason I believe it doesn’t work for most of you is for a couple of reasons. 1), the active ingredient, PROTODIOSCIN, is only found in certain breeds from the Balkans, and ONLY in the arial parts (leaves and stems) and NOT in the flower. Most tribulus brands are not Balkan, those that are, are usually contain the flowers. Organika changed their formula after that guy took it and now it too contains only flowers, and is useless. 2), I had to take A LOT. Way more than is safely recommended. And this can be dangerous if you take high doses for long periods of time (more than two weeks at most) because thats how the guys who have the “lack of interest in sex” from taking tribulus acquire that condition. NO MORE THAN TWO WEEKS AT A TIME, and make sure to take a week or two week brake in between treatments.

Now for the specific details. I started taking an extremely high quality, and rather exorbitantly expensive, brand of tribulus last spring after the triptorelin didn’t cure me. It recommends 1 to 3 pills a day. I took 7-10 a day for one and two weeks stretches, with long brakes in between. When I started and took three or four a day, nothing. When I hit 7 I felt my penis was softer and bigger when flaccid and more ‘electric’. After a week or two of taking 7-10 pills I started waking up with morning erections. When I went off the first time, I lost some gains, but half of them held. Then the next time I took it at 7-10/day I started feeling my prostate growing and felt more “presence” in the word, and orgasms started feeling ridiculously good again. Each time I went off I lost half the gains and kept half, and each time I took it I got more back to normal than before, the improvements were incremental and dramatic.

Here is the science of how protodioscin works. I found a study posted below on pubmed that showed protodioscin INCREASES THE DENSITY OF ANDROGEN RECEPTORS in the hypothalamus of rats. It does this by increasing their immunoreactivity, which is the number of receptors that each cell creates on its surface. My mind was blown. What did I just read? Thats when I decided to find the brand with the most protodioscin and take tons of it. The way it works is that protodioscin is a steroidal saponin similar to cholesterol, just like the horrid active ingredient beta sistosteral in Saw Palmetto, and Finasteride derived from progesterone, which in turn is derived originally from lipids and cholesterol. I believe Protodisocin basically works like a pseudo hormone or pseudo redutase enzyme, just like beta sistosteral and finasteride do, except I think it is does the opposite thing to your physiology. It could even cause its own ‘epigenetic changes’ that work in the opposite way of PFS. In my opinion, by increasing androgen receptors it makes it so the body can use the hormones you create.

After about four treatments like this, went off of it for a month and my gains continued to drop to 3/4 of what I was like on the tribulus, they dropped for a week and then seemed to stable out at feeling 70% back to normal. I could get it up, very few muscle twitches, tinnitus almost gone, looked and felt stronger and had more vitality. Then I started taking it again and I made amazing gains. On it I literally felt 90% cured. I mean no tinnitus, maybe one muscle every other day, and my penis feels great and healthy. When I go off I keep more than half of the gains now. Each time I go off I retain more and more of the improvements while taking it. Right now I am in the middle of a bottle, I’ll finish it and then stop. I except to feel about 80% cured this time when I go off of it, judging from my improvements last time. When I stop I usually wean off (seems like a sound idea) I go from 10 to 8 to 5 to 3 to 2 to 1 and then stop. I am taking this with nothing else except some IBOGA root bark capsules before I go to bed on occasion, which also makes me feel great emotionally and does something good for my sleep, but other than that I am taking nothing but a multi vitamin, and fish oil, so I know this is from the tribulus.

I am not going to say which brand I took, because I do not want any of you doubting this terrific miraculous news! I feel I should also mention I am a Modern Orthodox Jew who was raised secular, and this happened after I prayed my heart out to YHWH (the Being of Absolute Existence) the G-d of Israel, (yehi shem k’vodh malkhutho l’olam w’edh, may the name of His glorious kingdom forever and ever) who made the universe 13.8 billion years ago, to shema, hear, and rafali, heal me! The next day I found the following article on protodioscin on PubMed and then found the brand I have been taking. Hallelu Yahh!

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?ter … reactivity


So you have a specific brand that you think is the cure, but you won’t tell anybody about it?



excuse me …so you take iboga which puts you in a dream like state for 36 hours every night ? oh please

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great news! congratulations!

why do not you come back in one year and tells how was your recovery?

need to wait a while to see if the results are temporary.

brah’s 4th post.

This looks like a promising jump start for post crash. Hormones can be all over the board so how would you convince a doctor to prescribe?

Article on Triptorelin…

I rotate Tribulus among other natural Tboosters like many others on this board. Sure would be nice if this turns out to be somewhat of a shortcut or jumpstart.

I really want to say which brand I’m taking but I’m afraid people will think I’m just a salesman for the company. Can I get the go ahead or advice from an administrator on this? If anyone wants to know which brand is it private message me.

I am only taking a micro-dose of one or two root bark capsules which is just the raw plant, and not iboga total alkaloid (the hallucinogen), and only on occasion. I did a flood dose of iboga TA in the winter hoping it would cure me, it didn’t change my symptoms but it did take away the depersonalization I had for 10 years since smoking cannabis for the third time when I was 15.

I am waking up with sweaty plams and feet again, my face has shine and oil to it, my mental facutalies have returned full bore, my penis is electric, and I get overwhemed with sexual desire if I go more than a few days without an ejaculation. Like the prophet Yeheziqel said of the Assyrians, I have ‘testicles like a donkey, and emmissions like a horse’. I got my body and my mojo back.

All I can do is weep for joy

That sounds too good to be true.

I know one member who fully recovered using triptorelin- propeciashiz

For me the triptorelin brought my testosterone from 140 to 1050 which made me feel a little bit better. I guess I had the epigenetic change to my androgen receptors because I was still impotent pretty much and my penis still felt numb. It wasn’t until the tribulus for me that I started ‘feeling’ the testosterone. I think this is because protodioscin creates more androgen receptors on your cells. Making it so your body is able to use androgens again.

yeah tripto is very interesting.
i am thinking about it for long time

I forgot to mention I took a single 0.1mg (100mcg) shot of real triptorelin acetate made by an actual pharmaceutical company in Germany, I bought it from an overseas pharmacy without a prescription. I first tried the triptorelin from the ‘peptide’ companies online and they didn’t work. If you order it from an overseas pharmacy I would recommend asking them to pack it in a cooler and ordering it on a monday so it doesn’t sit in storage over the weekend, and put it in the fridge as soon as it arrives, because the peptide brakes down rapidly in heat. Just inject it into a pinch of belly skin. Your testosterone will be at its maximum after one week and stay that way. If anyone wants to know what brand of triptorelin I took private message me until I get the go ahead from the admins and community to post the brand names.

What is very interesting is that propeciashiz ALSO took protodioscin.

Kan- how do you know that? propeciashiz was completely screwed and had a complete turn around, his skin and collageen returned he said, penis straightened out etc. I thought he was lying but he disappeared from forum shortly after

We may be on to something here

I’ve sent a pm asking what brand that is…and you didnt answer.


If you claim something do it properly, there are a lot of people desperately looking for answers, whats the point if you wont tell which brand you took it while youre claiming this special bran cured you.

Braziliandude I responded to your email because I can’t send private messages yet I guess. I will tell anyone what brand it is if they private message me. I can post it here if I get the okay from the administrators. Until then just private message me and then check your email. If anyone tries this please let me know your progress. Lets cure this thing!

Guys calm down, I’m sure he will reply. Take a deep breath everyone. I have to say this does seem very promising