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Yup, I think raising test levels, etc with herbs,… before going on/during proviron will improve results.

Its really interesting because i have rock-hard erections but severe shrinkage when flaccid. Maybe i have strong aromatization. Anywhy, my country doesnt even test dht because it is not necessery for treating E.D according to my urologist. So provirion cannot be achived…

As always, the urologist is a fool to underestimate dht like that. My endo told me the same, said that dht is not needed for adults.

Its not only the urologist, its the whole medical system doesnt even recognize dht as an infulental hormone. That why you cant get dht test in my country

So, some conclusions:
– too much tribulus isnt good. I did one cycle with up to 7 pills and had worsen my symptoms. In addition ive lost a lot of hair.

-tribulus make my wood hard. Tribulus taken daily allows me to preform sexual intercourse without any additional PDE-5 inhibators.

– tribulus does nothing about shrinkage. I dont really know why, my wood is harder but also my flaccid. The shrinkage appears as it used to.

– still have P.E, manual stimulation + porn = 1 minute until climax. Tribulus does nothing with it.

– good for the mucsles. I am noticble stronger and
fitter, i am at the gym 4 times a week but still i think that i have good effect from tribulus in this field.

– maybe cycling isnt necessery. Im currently taking tribulus for 2 weeks non stop and still enjoying the benefits. Im taking 1 pill per day and trying my best to do no-fap and feel better. Mentaly and sexualy.

In conclusion: tribulus is not a cure, It’s given me stronger wood, accelerated balding, fatigue, but has allowed me to have spuntanous sex.

I will not recommened anybody to try tribulus because of the dangerous that can show up by using it. But i also believe that my story needs to be told.


keep the updates

@nana123 could you do an update?

it does improving my state a bit, but my body become dependent. whenever im not taking trib i have me state worsen.

Tribulus is not the answer bro…leave it. I would trust more on some high dose proviron for improving our condition rather than tribulus. Tribulus is just for low T people.

it does improve me. and without trib im worst than before. trust me i tried it for 2 weeks, the worst 2 weeks of my pfs life.

would have to disagree with this

Trib not a silver bullet but very useful if cycled

Just shows how backward this forum is… I’ve seen Tribulus mentioned in dozens of recovery posts yet only 1 person has ever recovered with high dose Proviron.

Yet instead of taking Tribulus he should take high dose Proviron, right?

Zero logic on here sometimes.

I’m fairly new to this forum but I heard that back in the day, a lot of people were trying tribulus to no great effect. Also, at least one person has reported that it backfired horribly so I think that’s made people a bit cautious about it.

Even then, I can link dozens of recoveries that include Tribulus positively, you can only link one recovery that used Proviron in large doses, because there only is one.

Link them, please.

It’s not a silver bullet for PFS, infact most of the people there are also making changes to their diet and lifestyle, almost always low carb/fasting, presumably to reduce the immune system and inflammation, and that’s on top of using other herbs and supplement, etc. But in order to recover, you have to see what actually makes people recover, and try to imitate it, in which case you can see tribulus is in quite a bit of recoveries.


Tribulus terrestris almost killed me.
I was able to work before tribulus.
Now i’m worsening day by day, since june 2019.
Tribulus help only if you have a simple hormlnal imbalance, but if you have real syndrome, is very dangerous.

The reason for the hype behind the proviron protocol is because it’s new. It’s only natural that people will want to try it for themselves.

You know, when I searched up “Tribulus” to find recoveries, I found the 10 positive Tribulus threads for this post, but then I saw about 30 negative Tribulus comments. Only problem was, they were all from you.


Consider Keep doing what you are doing with no aromatase inhibitor do you don’t risk making your self worse from the aromatase inhibitor.

Then consider using the bath mate which helped me with the shrinkage in the flaccid state tremendously. Use caution with bath mate so you don’t hurt your self and cause new issues.