Weekly update tribulus

So, after trying doxycycline with no much improvement, i tried some soy flour that right away worsen my symptoms, now im on my next phase - tribulus.

So i only did one cycle on the pill, but i can tell for sure i notice improvement, erections 100% pre-fin, morning erections appear, even spontaneous erection appeared once haha…

Libido slightly, very slightly, stronger. Even nocebo.

The thing that makes me happy the most is that tribulus totally killed my premature ejaculation, i cant really explain how this shit effected my confidence in every aspect of life. If it keep going like this i might be on the road for managing the syndrom.

Now for the bad side, shrinkage is still there, it just implaying that E.D and shrinkage derive from different causes. Digesting problems appear, and fatigue.

I will keep update every week. Im planing to cycle week on - week off with raising the dosage. Currently finishing the first cycle.

This week i took:
Day 1: 1 pill
Day 2: 1 pill
Day 3: 1 pill
Day 4: 2 pills
Day 5: 1 pill
Day 6: no pill
Day 7: 1 pill


Amazing to hear improvements. Are you really sure that your erections are 100% like pre fin? Is it hard, thick and long? Also big glans instead of a small glans? (Penis head)

But you also say shrinkage is there? How come if you feel 100% when erect? What shrinkage you are talking about?

Thx. If that’s true after talking with almost 20+ people, i would say size loss is really reversible si happy news guys. By the way, how long you have been suffering? Thats important.

im suffering for 20 months already. you can check my member story for more details.
when im saying pre-fin erection im mean hard as it used to be, like i am on viagra but with tribulus and for all of the day.
Glans is big in compare to other erections but glans never suffered from tissue loss.
The erections feel healthy, they are not stiff as rock, they are like full tire, like it suppose to be.

I can still see the damage caused to my smooth muscles in my penis all over the base, if it will improve it will take a long time, months i believe, but i might be skeptic about it.

The shrinkage is still occuring when flaccid, the penis still stiff, lack of blood flow, and i assume that damage to the cells still happening.

You might not have tissue loss like me.

1 pill/days isn’t much. I wonder how you will react on higher doses.

I did a week off the pill and it was a good week.
All of my erections were strong enough to preform sexual intercourse, P.E was still there but is mild in compare to before tribulus.

For a long periods of the day the shrinkage disapeared, sometimes morning erections, and libido was slightly better.

Im gonna run another cycle on tribulus and update.

Do u respond to exercise or some other activities that raise androgens? I have normal Testosterone levels but I don’t respond to any androgenic activity.

I have high level of testosteron (out of range).
I do responed to excercise, but only on short term.

What brand tribulus?

First cycle was gs-sport
Now the second im doing on vemo-herb. (Just waited for it to arrive)

If vemoherb doesn’t work will you do fa sport again?

I guess so, but to be honest after trying that cheap brand GS-sport and got positive result, im starting to think that all the “quality” brands recommends are just brand-agents that make us believe that there is big difference between them…

end of the second cycle:
during the cycle i had good days, i tried a new kind of cycle to shook my body with hope it will do better.
was doing:
1 pill
2 pills
3 pills
3 pills
2 pills
1 pill
4 pills

just want to update that the day after the 4 pills i took no pills and it was my best day since crash. I had no shrinkage at all normal libido, no E.D, no P.E.
but as fast as it cames, i ejaculated this day and pretty much lost my gains.

I can say that overall, i do feel better post tribulus. I still have symptoms but 3 days after the second cycle i have pretty good days. like yesterday i had a fucking strong wood, with no tribulus in my system, i dont know why, but every cycle my condition gets better afterwards.
symptoms are getting weaker. I have no more like strong shrinkage days, when your penis is cold and almost disapear, i bearly have E.D, i dont know… lets keep it going and see if it will be persistent.

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Great to read. Really sounds like the recovery from Apr1989 I believe tribulus has cured me!

He also mentioned he got a higher baseline after every tribulus cycle.

So gs-sport and vemoherb seem to be the same for you?

And nice to see you’re getting better. I think abstaining from ejaculation is key for tribulus. Keep us updated

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Its hard to tell which brand is better because im combining them. GS-Sport is 500 mg and Vemo-herb is 400mg, maybe it is also making some difference.
Anywhy as long it is doing the job, i dont need to question it.

About ejaculation, i am not sure that abstaining ejaculation for a long time will truly make a difference, it just like no-fap, you will be hornier and have harder erections but it is only until you ejaculate.

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I think it does do something to the androgen receptors

Thats makes sense.

The question if for a long term or only for few hours

I’ve felt better on 14 day nofap… only problem is, that was when I was deep in PFS and eating unhealthy diet, I would break it out of fear that my dick wouldn’t work anymore. Maybe I should try it again, I’ll report if there’s improvements

But the old tribulus thread said that nofap was key, but honestly if you’re feeling good the way you are now I would keep doing the same

I do feel better on no-fap, but im also sexually active and any ejaculation deteriorate me.
I want a proof that no-ejaculate would be helpful for the long term and i will do it.

Strange thing. This week my cycle was:
And all of my symptoms worsened during and after discontinuation.

Im going to do a lower dose cycle the next week to see if over dose might have a negative effect on me.

Now im even lower than the base line.