I am seeing benefits from keto, tribulus, zenflore and CBD oil

I realise low carb and tribulus giving positive effects is nothing groundbreaking, but I figured it worth me sharing my experiences all the same.

First off keto. Having persued a very low carb diet for around 6 weeks, I decided to eliminate the occasional rice or rolled oats portions and go full keto about 3 weeks ago, and I have definitely seen major benefits in cognitive effects – but nothing like recovery.

I am currently studying a masters (it was supposed to be a one year program, I am just entering year three thanks to PFS related delays and time out, but I am at least getting towards the end now). It got to the point where I would read a page of academic text and could not tell you what I have just read. Well, after going full keto, I can now recall what I have just read, I can recall what I read a couple of days ago. I wake up and can think about what I read yesterday. My brain is not functioning on the level it was pre-PFS, but this is an absolutely enormous improvement and I am certain it must come from eliminating or massively diminishing blood sugar spikes from my routine. It is a work in progress, as the keto life is a big adjustment full of lots of errors, but certainly one I recommend people try if they have not already (and are not type 1 diabetic).

Second, tribulus cycles. Following the lead of the guy in the link posted below, I have been dipping into tribulus cycles off and on, and definitely seeing some results. Again, nothing like a full recovery of sexual function, but during my “on” cycles, I am experiencing increased sensitivity of the penis, better erections, more nocturnals and bouts of spontaneous daytime erections. Now these are not the full night or daytime hardons that I would get pre PFS, but they are a lot more than I was getting before tribulus. I am not using the OPs brand, but one called “extreme tribulus” by a brand called “Nutrarise” which I selected because it advertises having a bunch of protodioscin in it. As is made clear in the OPs post, that is key to this, so if you have tried tribulus without much protodioscin (or worse, you have tried tribulus which includes Saw Palmetto in the mix) and you have seen no improvements, I do not think you can write it off. I do not think you need to seek out the same brand as me, but any brand with a lot of protodioscin and certainly not with SP in the mix. I understand some people have had a bad result from tribulus and on that basis I do not want to go promoting it heavily, but I do want to relay my positive experiences. Now the spontaneous and nocturnal erections do not come consistently while cycling on, but seem to come in waves. The main thing I have had to do since the first couple of cycles is prevent myself from masturbating when I am experiencing a surge in erections (I failed to during the first couple of cycles and that seemed to make them stop). The other thing is, while I find I can achieve a better erection while cycling on, I still lack that kind of animal instinct for sex, I am sure many of you know what I mean. So I can choose to think about sex and achieve a better erection than without it, but I still have to make a conscious effort. Again, not fully satisfying, but a world of improvement on other symptoms.

On the tribulus cycles, I am still experimenting with how I go about it (I believe that you really need to experiment with these cycles and try to figure out what is best for your body, not just follow the OPs directions), so I am currently following a 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off regime, building up from 2 pills per day, up to 8 and back down to 2 during my “on” cycle.

Regarding zenflore, this is supplement derived from bacteria passed from mother to baby during childbirth, which is supposed to have a beneficial effect on mood. I have been using it for around 6 weeks and do believe it has had a very positive effect, though at over $1 per pill, it’s not a cheap habit to sustain.

I have also been using CBD oil to treat the anxiety that PFS has put upon me (I understand now that I always had some level of anxiety, but PFS has sent it wild) and it definitely does have a calming effect.


Hey, thanks for posting your positive experience without speculative theorizing or trying to push these treatments onto other members.

It’s refreshing to read.

Glad to hear you are doing better.


I googled “cbd and dht” and I found this study that said cbd prevents dht from binding to androgen receptors. I am rethinking using it now.


I have been around here long enough to know that what is good for one person is not necessarily good for the next, what works for one person can worsen the next. I hope some of it is helpful.

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As in you will use it or wont use it?

I won’t use it anymore, I want my receptors to be used by androgens.

That link to that study doesn’t work for me. Does it mention dosage of CBD, because presumably it must be possible to take a small amount and still leave receptors available for DHT?

Just to clarify, the abtract says CBN and THC prevent DHT from binding to the AR. Can’t seem to access the full study at the moment so not sure if it says anything about CBD in there.

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It is behind a pay wall. It seems mainly THC and CBN are the culprits. CBD not directly stated but who knows. Similar structured?

“In addition, other metabolites of Δ9-THC were also androgen antagonists.”

To be safe stay away from High THC weed.

I get so much benefit from CBD, I am very disinclined to stop it, though the THC stuff is food for thought because I do sometimes seek it out to help sleep.