My story to recovery


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Hi All,

I will try to give a brief overview of my history, symptoms, details, and the nightmare that unfolded and how God provided a way out of it.

May 2010 I began noticing that my hair was starting to thin out at the corners of my hairline. I was 20 years old. I decided to read up about the problem because I didn’t want to lose my hair in my 20’s and turn out to look like my brother and Dad who were bald men.
Online research and bro science revealed that the “top three” were to be my regimen for years to come. I got a prescription from a podiatrist for propecia. I took it for around 4 years without stopping for the most part. My results, especially in the first two years were nothing short of spectacular. I am not 100% positive that it was finasteride that did everything but the big three treatment was working and I showed 0 signs of thinning/receding.
Fast forward to 2014, I had previously noticed a slight reduction in sex drive in the following years after taking propecia. This followed with a noticeable change in my hair, it was starting to fall out but slowly.
Also this is the start of my nightmare. Now I have read through many posts about PFS syndrome and I have found 0 symptoms describe like mine. You will have to hear me out because this nightmare was pretty bad and you may not believe me (that’s okay).
In hindsight, in 2011 and 2012 I had gotten several small staph infections that resolved without treatment that I attributed to sports (2011) and a very long and dirty camping trip mixed with serious stress (2012). These infections disappeared until 2014.
Sometime ( I don’t recall the exact date) in 2014 I got a prescription for Dutasteride to see if I could stem the tide longer to get into my 30’s with a full head of hair. Dutasteride from the first pill I took KILLED my sex drive. It was certainly repressed under propecia but there wasn’t even a pulse under Dutas. I continued (stupidly) taking it for several months. All the while I experienced severe breakouts and small staph infections. It took me a lot longer to connect the staph infections with my PFS symptoms than I am proud to admit.
I got off Dutas in 2015 and haven’t touched any 5ar systemic since. In 2015 the staph infections became terrible and pretty much wrecked my life. I went through many doctors and antibiotics looking for relief. I eventually started to acquire antibiotics myself and experiment because it was such a headache dealing with doctors who had no idea what was wrong with me (I saw infectious disease doctors etc). So I started with a diet change to see what happened ( I read a lot on what you could do to prevent or cure staph infections.
I got on a diet of 0g sugar (not even fruit), very little carbs, little iron,

So my diet looked like this:
Tuna fish
Corn chips

Fasting- 24 hour periods

I also started experimenting with herbs/ supplements because I read about the antibiotic properties etc. I will list below what actually helped (I tried a lot of things)
Turmeric (8000 mg daily)
High vitamin cod liver oil (4x REC dosage)- this is pretty dangerous actually so warning there
High IG immunoglobulin colostrum – boosted my dead immune system
While this worked enough to get my by to an almost normal school life, I was still suffering from poor nutrition. I remember that when I contracted a cold I nearly died. I was exhausted all the time and looked terrible.
I wracked my brain for a while trying to figure out what could be wrong with me. I chased down what I thought would be cancer or some other disease for a while…. Didn’t pan out or support my data so far.

I eventually got desperate and had to admit to myself that the only drug I had taken for more than 3 weeks was propecia and that somehow it had to have affected my body in this way.
Quickly looking back at the things that helped me before this realization- you will see that several things 100% help increase testosterone- Tuna fish, high vitamin D intake intermittant,fasting, and turmeric. I didn’t realize this till I made a breakthrough.
I hypothesized that my T and DHT levels were gutterballs. No hormone level check because it was cheaper to test it out in this way: Take something that boosts those things individually and see if my symptoms stopped.

So in some incredible desperation (I was borderline suicidal in late 2015) I bought several supplements and began immediately applying what I learned. Here is what was effective:

Fenugreek (Not 100% positive this was effective but DEFINITELY increased my sex drive)
Tribulus Terrestris
DHEA 50mg
DHT- I have read that Creatine will help increase DHT levels about 50%.

These all worked. Also I will add that for some reason the symptoms are cured by frequent masturbation to ejaculation. This might be because of a short term release of Testosterone whenever that happens.

I will say that all those things helped me and I can now eat a fairly normal diet ( still low sugar ).

I wanted to figure out what exactly was doing the most for me of everything so I quit everything but Creatine (which is what I added last). I have to take a lot of creatine but it does work as a standalone treatment. I am in the process now of finding out what adverse effects creatine will have on me long term at this dose and what I can do about it.
However I notice that to be 90% or above recovered I MUST take creatine 2-3 times a day at 5g, 2x a day 1000mg tribulus and 2x a day 4000 mg turmeric.
Sexually I am about 92% of what I was at 15 years old and I can last as long as I want in bed or as short as is appropriate.
Stpah infection symptoms have lessened tremendously but still I get breakouts with I go off diet ( trying to avoid sugar and a lot of carbs).
I will report back in the future if I find anything else that helps. I hope and pray that any of this information will help those who need a way out.


Great story, Thomas.

Hope you will keep your gains, and eventually be able to feel recovered without medication and supplements. In the meantime, it’s nice to see you can live a normal life !

Quiting sugar and intermittent fasting appear to have good results. It requires a hell of a discipline, though.

Keep in touch !


how much vitaminD are you taking per day.


Vitamin D levels that extremely helped can also cause liver damage and, at first, caused extremely painful stomach cramping so BE CAREFUL if you try this

my vitamin D intake from Cod liver oil was/is 800 IU a day.


I started taking magnesium glycinate. I have yet to completely determine if it BY ITSELF is having a great effect or what else is going on but I STOPPED creatine this week because I was getting too dehydrated ( I work outside under the hot sun in south US). So far so good.

These improvements will hopefully help me expand my dietary range back to normal.



I am not sure what has happened completely but it seems I am back to 97% Normal. Everything downstairs is working like normal and I do not have any of my previous symptoms of infections and I eat a completely normal diet now.

I have completely stopped using any substances. I am not sure what will happen or if this will last forever but I am confident that I may have successfully recovered from PFS. I strongly believe it was a combination of using Creatine, Glycine, and Tribulus. I will continue to update if anything else happens.


Thanks for sharing your experience Thomas. Please forgive me if I oversimplify, but do I have it correct that Tribulus, Creatine, and Tumeric have brought you from having a libido that was so low it made you feel hopeless and suicidal, to having a libido that is over 90% of what it was when you were a teenager?

Just wanted to clarify. Congrats on the recovery.


Ok update all,

It has been a good while since those initial posts on my story.

You might hate me for what I am about to tell you but is just my story. I have a problem and I admit it.

So I was taking creatine at large doses about 3x a day, eventually scaling back. This stuff caused SERIOUS hair loss. But it was working so well. I got on magnesium glycinate as I mentioned. THIS was probably the best thing I have used besides Creatine and Tribulus terrestris. I got back to pretty much normal. I even could stop taking anything.

I have a hypothesis behind this. I responded EXTREMELY WELL to propecia when I first started taking it. I had 2x as thick of hair as I previously had with 0 hair loss for YEARS. Anyway I noticed that after a while it stopped working half as well and then symptoms progressed to a CRASH.

The stuff I took got me out of the crash. I think using propecia for so long caused my body to literally down regulate type II 5AR. Gyline is shown to upregulate DHT production I believe, and i think there is a feedback loop if you can stimulate DHT- Dht upregulating 5AR II.

Anyway- I was doing GREAT. life was back to normal- but so was hairloss. It got worse than it ever was. frontal thinning mostly, I got down about it again. I got back on dut. Yes I have a problem.

I took more than the recommended dosage. taking 0.5mg every 12 hrs.

-grew all my hair back. somehow I think by upregulating 5AR this worked again.
-eventually got serious sides. never had brain fog before but I got brain fog.

  • i started misspelling words I never had before. I confused You’re and your when texting. I had slurred speech when talking to people at work and in school.
    -got off dut.
    -got back on glycine and have gone back closer to normal. I think dut inhibiting type I 5AR was seriously bad. I believe type I is involved in neurological function from what I have gleaned from internet resources and published studies.

-Anyway even with my psychological problem I dont think I will get on dut again. - even at a low dose I think it can probably cause brain fog

  • I am not sure if there is permanent brain damage but for a while I lost a little edge from my mental faculties.

Yes I am stupid. I am considering shaving it now and just going to the gym and gaining 100 lbs of muscle. I cant grow a beard so that is also a huge downside, and im fair skinned.

I am considering going back on propecia but honestly I am at war with myself. The vanity of this world is terrifying but fear is the enemy of love.

the paths I see: 1. propecia again and probably a very difficult struggle to balance things in order to get good results and prevent PFS- could have permanent sides somehow though. 2. Shave it and deal with all the comments, all the stares, and have to find new confidence.
these paths converge though, as I will at some point (unless there is a cure found) go bald I wont be on propecia my whole life. However that was my original intention when I first made the decision to take this thing.

Isnt it ironic that MEN, whose major hormonal difference between women is T, DHT, including myself take something that could basically be called chemical castration. I am so flabbergasted about this. it seems counter intuitive that society ostracizes baldness because while it is not as aesthetically pleasing, it is a type of response to the very fabric of our sexual biology.

I really believe it is a cruel irony. I know I can have hair, but I will risk losing at least a good bit my masculinity in the process- my sexual organs do not function as well while on propecia and I have to constantly regulate the effects by using propecia and glycine, trib, creatine, etc.

I am about done ranting now, I didnt expect or plan to do that but I think it may be helpful to someone somewhere. from your perspective you must think I am mentally deranged. I find it hard not to agree with you. I have imposed upon myself a prison of fear and a proscription to match.


You have presented some choices there and are conflicted as such. You know that messing about with a 5ar inhibitor is risky but you are understandably unhappy about hairloss, so therefore it is about weighing up the two. From my own perspective you have already played with fire and have the added benefit of appreciating that 5ar inhibitors are not without their problems. If you have managed to escape relatively unscathed from your prior use of these drugs I’d strongly advise working on addressing your anxieties around your hair loss and not putting these chemicals in your body ever again. You may very well manage to hold on to your hair but you have no idea what the future cost may be if you choose to mess with your hormones with a drug. You are at a point where your future self may have wanted to grab hold of you to tell you never to touch the stuff and that hair loss is a natural though unfortunate process compared to potential damage to you physically, mentally, and sexually with absolutely no quick fix. A healthy body is a gift. Hair on your head is a luxury. I hope that you make the right choice for you.


How much magnesium glycinate were you taking? Thanks.


scotsman, thank you for the kind and thoughtful post. This battle will be decided by the end of 2017 for sure.

gennaro and one previous unaswered question:

Yes, Tribulus- I needed to take a lot of this, I ended up taking at least 2x a day, creatine, and Tribulus, turmeric had previously brought me from 0 libido and suicidal to near teenager horniness levels- My ex said I had “the sex drive of a 15 year old” to quote the source.

Gennaro: I began taking magnesium glycinate 100mg daily. I am not positive on how it works (my guess is upregulation of 5ar ) but it worked for me.

I would also like to note as part of this ongoing story - I honestly believe that taking this drug causes depression of your mind and can lead to suicidal ideation. I used to not believe that at all but I can honestly see over the course of my LONG time on this drug that it caused depression when I had no reason to be depressed- and had a full head of hair (maintaining )

I read forums and people say-“Ive been taking this for years without side effects, its all in your head or you are 1%” It isnt in my head, and you may not ever “crash” but as Scotsman basically put: pay now or pay later. this drug has consequences and while there are people taking it successfully for 10+ years, it took me about 4 for before I crashed.