Recovered from that poison


Hi every one
I came back with a good news!!!
I feel cured, so I came back to give you some hope.
I used to consumed “Propecia” for 5 years. In the beginning I was very careful about side effects, so I didn’t any change in my body, I thought that I’m not a member of 2 percent people that Merck said!!!
I continued to use this poison and I forgot about side effects. During these years I had some problem such as a little problem with erection and forgot the name and I was fatigue all the time, but I didn’t know these problem is because of Propecia so I continued!

In June 2016 I started new diet for losing weight because I was over weight (I know that it was a Propecia side effect too!!!). I consumed:

  • “Wheat Germ”,
  • “Grain”,
  • “Coffee”,
  • ”Green Tea”,
  • “Mint”,
  • “Rosemary”,
  • ” Nettle Root”,
  • ”soy”,
  • ”VIT B6”
  • ,”Ecophan”,

One day I found that I didn’t have erection in the morning and when I noticed, I didn’t have libido at all!!! I couldn’t sleep and when I slept, I woke up immediately with pain. I had lack of memory and I was unable to have erection. I couldn’t piss like a normal guy!!!

I was shocked, what happened to me?! What the hell is this?! I quiet Propecia immediately and search for a solution. I used “Ciprofloxacin” for my piss problem because I was familiar with that, fortunately it cured very soon, but other problem not! So I saw the best doctor that I knew him, unfortunately he couldn’t help to me and said that is psychic problem, but I knew that that’s not true. So I started my search online to find a solution. I found this forum and I read any post that I thought can help to me. I got many advise and started to use them such as;

  • Multi vitamin,
  • zinc,
  • arginine,
  • garlic,
  • honey,
  • cold shower,
  • masturbation,

…. But after some months I didn’t see any improvement, so I thought that these aren’t solution because there are many people like me here without any cure. I tried to find something better, so I started searching again and find some useful website
That I’m thankful of them. Some of those sites said we’ll cure spontaneous after 7 to 10 years, but I couldn’t live with this hell for 7 years!!! So I started my new diet with their advice last summer.
I believe my “Liver” has been poisoned by Propecia and this is the key of treatment!!! Any treatment like: water fasting, healthy food, …. supposedly cleans your liver. So I started free “Gluten” diet with extra boarders.

I avoid gluten, alcohol and caffeine at all. I didn’t eat red fruits instead that I ate dark fruits like: pomegranate, grape, date, plum, fig, …. I also ate apple, garlic, banana, walnut, curry, almond, pistachios, sesame, ginger, onion, cabbage, reichon, honey.

As food I ate rice, egg, butter, meat, chicken, potato, gelatin (AVOID: Gluten ( bread, cake, pizza, spaghetti,…) and Dairy(milk, yogurt,…) at all).

also consumed some supplement such as:

  • Vit D (1000-2000 IU/per day),
  • multi vitamin,
  • Vit C,
  • keratin (10 gr/per day),
  • glutamine (10 gr/per day),
  • magnesium (500-1000 ml gr/per day),
  • arginine (500-1000 ml gr/per day),
  • spirulina (2 pills/per day),
  • calcium (1000 ml gr/per day),
  • probiotic (2-4 pills/per day),
  • jensing,

and avoid to use “zinc”!!!
Yes, that’s true, you must avoid zinc, but you found that zinc increase testosterone so why you need to avoid that?!
Because zinc increase testosterone by prevention of conversion testosterone to “DHT”. Zinc is an alpha-reductase inhibitor!!!

I eat

  • Royal Jelli,
  • cinnamon,
  • Tribulus terrestris,
  • ginger,
  • Yohembin,

… only once per week as testosterone booster. If you use more amount, they’ll lose their effects!!!

God thank you for Ramadan.
Also I used a penis pump for increase blood in my penis 10-20 min/per day.
After one month of starting my diet, Ramadan was started in IRAN, I’m muslem and in Ramadan we have intermittent fasting. I started intermittent fasting and I didn’t eat anything between 12:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m, after 14 days every thing change!!! I had a wet dream! And same day I could sex with my girl-friend without using “Viagra”. And all side effects have been gone.

Todays after 10 months I don’t have any problem but when I smoke I have a little problem.

I list some 5a-Reductase for you:
Saw palmetto, vitamin B6, fish oil (omega 3 & omega 6), PUMPKIN SEEDS, LYCOPENE (Tomatoes, watermelon, carrots, mangoes: contain lycopene), peanuts, pecans, zinc( Spinach, Kale, cashews, wheat germ‌ ‌, cooked white mushrooms: are high in zinc), Biotin, Soy, olive oil, whole-wheat bread, beans, caffeine (tea, Green Tea, coffee), nicotine, alcohol, and sugar. Nettle Root, Fenugreek, curcumin.

If you’ll be loyal to this diet I promise you that will be cure very soon.
Good luck. I added my blood test results, one of before starting my diet and another after finishing that, as you see I had testosterone amount more than a normal guy after my diet, ha ha ha

Success Stories Compilation

But going to small details: Do you relly think you are the very same guy that before PFS? same libido? same motivation?


I’m glad that you are feeling better but I would not recommend that anyone takes Ciprofloxacin. Just like Propecia the drug can be extremely dangerous.

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green tea is 5ard inhibitor? where did you read it?


It is, but a weak one. You can drink 3-4 liters a day, no prob.

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I feel like the same guy or even better !!!


I don’t recommend anything, I just wrote my story for you to have idea and hope.


you can google alpha-inhibitors !!!


Ali, God bless you mate! Wish we could have more and more storries like your one as we do need hope to go ahead and fight this illness! People like you and your storry keeps us going keeps us fighting! All the best mate! Take care!

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What is curious is that you have high prolactine, high strogen and also low FSH. Is fact, that is usual in PFS sufferers. Good news is that you are not having any side, so maybe we have been focusing on hormonal values and they do not matter.
Take into account that Total Testosterone is not meanning anything alone. In fact, it has more impact free testosterone or DHT than total testosterone.


I had above range testo AS well on pfs.
If someone has AR, it is useless having high testo.
Sorry, but this is very mild form of pfs, I even doubt you had pfs.

Btw: there are lots of people cleaning their liver, nobody is cured so far.
I have already read a similar story re liver.


thank u bro!!!
don’t fear
start your road and make your story
good luck


don’t wast your time by digits!!!
testosterone never went to zero even I was at my worst situation
also my prolactine was high because that I got blood test immediately after woke up


noprop, it is possible to recover

I am 2 years in and have gone from 100pc impotent to 80pc erection quality over this period. Its not linear, my recovery comes in swings and roundabouts

Suspect the period of time differs for everyone, if you look at the statistics of forum mrmbers, 90pc stop posting after 10plus posts…I imagine that a large proportion of these members recover over time. Even if you look at the serial posters (100+ posts and those who are worse affected) i estimate that at least 50pc of those recover. If you search back through these posts you will find that most mention signs of recovery before disappearing off the site

I think it’s a long process, where you have to be patient and wait for your body to revert to equilibrium


Noprop I know that you know better than this. The guy did his job and got better just like you should be doing. I know you can get better too Noprop, stop denying it to yourself. You know where to contact me if you need any help. Please man, calm down and give this a conscious effort. You know the steps.


Hi, i took propecia for ±20 years and 10 month ago after stopping to take it because i thouhgt that now with 40y the hair can go i got hit by terrible symptoms. The last 2 months things got better for me, i am fare from cured but try to stay positive and hope and believe that my body will get out of this. I also have moments of desperation but reading positive posts always helps me to think positive again and fight this terrible nightmare.
I know i was not hit as hard as others here, but my mental problems are very hard. I have my whole story on solvepfs, with regular updates, stoped posting here because it took weeks for posts to appear.
Again, i am doing a lot better and hope i can still improve. What i noticed is when i eat the wrong things i have bad time afterwards. So for me i am sure fin did something with my gut, that’s why i have an appointment for the 18 june with a doctore spezialized in nutrition and he is known for searching very deep and doing a lot of tests. I have hope that with his help i can make the next step out.
But i also have to say that i understand people who are not getting better after years that they are hopeless and desperated. This condition is so hard to handle and to live with, i could never believe it if i dindn’ t feel it by myself.It’s difficult to believe in recovery when you are not getting better, i am realy so sorry of peopele that didn’t get better because nobody should go throuth this.
So please respect each other. For me i believie in recovery, but i also believe that people are not getting better or even worse.
Good luck to everybody here.


Totally fraudulent post assocatiated with the biggest scammer of all: Cdnuts. OP is promoting cdnuts website (totalmaleoptimization). Careful. This is a fraudulent post. These guys want so scam you out of your money. So pathetic. He has one post in 2017 and then comes back with a supplement pushing I am cured story linking directly to Mr. fraud in chief.

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Maybe the Spirulina cured him. :palm_tree:


PVDL is the equivalent of lol.

If were accurate then every single holistic recovery story on the internet is completely made up.

Keep doing you PVDL. Keep making people think their lives are ruined. Really doing a great thing for the world you are.

LOL I can’t believe you still do this everyday. I’ve been recovering the last 4 months without contact to you, but you keep doing it.

A guy talks about his feats in beating this to a degree at least and you knock him. Its just absurd haha.

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one other tip… stay off this forum. Get on with your life and try not to obsess with your sexual issues. One day you will wake up with a boner and that will be the start of your recovery. This new weekly email function om phelp
does not help in this respect

For those of you (pvdl and noprop) who believe that you cannot be cured i would tell
you to trust the statistics. If you trawl through every post on this website since inception I think 80pc post less than 10 times and dont come back. Of the remaining 20pc serial
posters at least 50pc show some form of recovery. Therefore its more likely than not you will get better. I agree some people do not recover but i believe these are in the minority

Even mew and awor themselves seem to have experienced some form of recovery