Success Stories Compilation



Considering there are no success story section and I think it would be of great support to have one, I will start compiling links to any success stories I can find. Anyone who wish to join in is welcome to do so.

I’ll try to post only stories that are as confirmed as possible. Many people claim success after 2 days, only to crash on the fourth. That doesn’t count.

I’ll also try to find commonalities among those stories.

so here we go:

Story-1 Totally better by @Hopingforthebest

In this story, what the user claims cured him is training, circuit style/high intensity intervals on cross trainer, high protein low carb diet and no smoking or drinking. He also mention abstaining from sex and is using testosterone replacement therapy. The pictures are 8 years after he crashed. 3 years later (2018) he’s still doing good so it seems to hold. Time may have been a contributor to his recovery.

Story-2 .I’m cured by @cdnuts

Controversial, I know, but the user did paleo diet, juicing, fasting, resistance training and rotating herbs that helps with sexual symptoms. Those therapeutic attempts are common in recoveries so the thread earns its place here. From memory, it took him 4 years to recover after crashing. Time may have been a contributor to his recovery. I believe to this time this user is still recovered although I have no way to know for sure.

Story-3 I am mostly cured, this is how I did it. by @lngtmlrkrfsttmpstr

In this story the user claims he was exercising and fit, had low body fat, maintained a healthy diet (he later talks about a paleo diet), he then attribute his recovery to: stopping drinking alcohol, Adding starches back into his diet, cut out all supplements, do more aerobic exercise, forcing himself to masturbate 3-5 times a day which he believe is what mostly led to his recovery. That was 4 years after his crash so time may also be a contributor. There is no indication if the recovery persisted or not.

Story-4 I’m cured from that poison by @Ali123

This story is not so well documented. But what he claims seems to have cured him is a diet that avoids 5a reductase inhibitors, as well as various supplement and a tailor made diet. What he claims has helped the most and really made a difference was a 14 days intermittent fasting, eating from 8pm to midnight and fasting the rest of the time. He seemed to have been sick for around 2 years and has recovered for at least an additional 10 months.

Story-5 almost cured by @John_Coleman

In this story the user claims he’s done nothing to regain his health. He stopped taking supplements, stopped his diet. He’s been sick for 2 1/2 year and had side effects for 4 years (probably 1 1/2 year before stopping fin). He claims he had adrenal fatigue, which I believe is part of the problem for many of us, and seems to have been helped on this issue by reading a book by Dr. Wilsons, I suppose on the subject of adrenal fatigue. He also claims that obsessing about the disease makes it worst and that he stopped thinking about it and just let time do its work. So again, time seems to be a contributor to his recovery.

Story-6 Success Story - 100% Normal Again by @mlevyholden

In this story the user claims he first decided not to freak out about this disease and choose not to visit this site or others like it. He stopped having more than one drink (of alcohol), did cardio-vascular and resistance training (that’s weight lifting by the way), took multivitamin, went to bed early (let’s count that as getting as much good quality sleep as possible), added more veggies and fruits to his diet and cut on red meat and dairy products, took 500 mg of MACA extract twice per day and 1200 mg of TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS extract which are herbs that help for sex and boost testosterone. Looks like he’s been sick for a short time, less than a year, and has been recovered for at least 6 months. The commonality here with other stories is the exercise (weight lifting) and sex helping herbs that boosts testosterone.

In the thread of that story I found this:
I know this topic is a bit old and I apologize in advance, but I too recovered 100%. I was one of the lucky ones that made a full recovery two weeks after stopping the medication.
Some of the things I did include: going to the gym regularly and doing cardio and weight-lifting, taking multivtamin every day, taking horny goat weed twice a day, taking maca, and getting lots of rest. I don’t know if any of those contributed to my recovery but they couldn’t hurt to try.
Story-7 My Long PFS Journey by @doomed80

In this story the user has been sick for around 10 years, tried a multitude of things during that time, making him well and then crashing again, and ended up 6 months ago writing a diary in which he could note the changes and results about what he was doing. He did a lot of blood test and has a very scientific approach. This led him to create a tailor made protocol which includes but is not limited to: taking care of the guts, taking various herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, doing meditation, exercise (both resistance training and cardio), eat saturated fat, remove artificial sweeteners, do intermittent fasting, have enough sleep, drink coffee (I also believe caffeine in the morning is a beneficial supplement). He’s been recovered and stable for 3 months.
I like this story. First because it seems without his efforts he would have been sick for the next 20 years. Second, he seemed to have been severely affected and not getting better until he took an overall approach on multiple levels. The story also contains elements I suspect are helpful in recovering:
First taking care of the digestive track (I believe many pfs symptoms are actually food allergies and inflammation made worst by pfs) , taking vitamins, minerals and amino acids, eating saturated fat, doing exercise like weight lifting and cardio, and fasting (this is a common one in many stories)


In this story, the user uses different drugs to prevent testosterone aromatase to estrogen and to keep a healthy estrogen / testosterone ratio. He uses drugs used by body builders.
Although I personally am not a fan of using drugs, I think there may be some truth about about excessive estrogen being part of the problem. I use DHEA, Pine pollen and body building to increase testesterone and Choline and Betaine to methylate estrogen.

More Stories:
Here’s a link to different Success stories using exercise: Success stories from people who used exercise as a recovery protocol

I’ll try and post more later. If you have stories you know about, please let me know and I will update this post so that all the stories are on the first post of this thread for easy reference. You may want to check this first post as stories are being added.

I'm at a loss with all of this
Suppressed 3a-hydroxysteroid may be the cause?
Amino Acid For neurological symptoms
My Long PFS Journey
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Here are some more I can think of off the top of my head: search chi, bizzbee, ihatepropecia, JN, Mariovitali, swill, cytochrome, Justquitdat, Mcfiboh, boston, mitch, bigsoftie,


Wow. Thanks. I’ll check it up next time I have time…


Thanks for doing this, we really do need a well documented success stories section. But I think it would be very important to weed out the skeptical one’s. Plenty have come on - stated their cured - then a few months later report a new protocol they are trying. If we can keep the list to those we have some relative certainty about, then this list could be very powerful.


Welcome. I’m trying to put only recovery stories of people who seem to have stayed recovered. This is why I note how long the person has been sick, and how long he’s been recovered. 3 days doesn’t count of course, but 3 months seems pretty good to me. If no drastic changes is made in the person’s regimen, it think it would hold indefinitely. And at some point, when all is in its right place, the body finally heals and stays that way.


Still trying to find time to research all of those.

Gee, you have a good memory. I can barely remember where I left my half full cup of coffee in the morning when I’am walking around the house.


Honesty Ozeph I don’t, it’s another thing finasteride has stolen from me lol. I’ve just read all the forums so much over the last two years you start to remember the names.


I keep adding stories. Take a look once in a while if you need hope and inspiration !


Thanks man! I needed to cheer myself up a bit, after reading yet another pessimistic post. I have the same symptoms as PFS after taking 5htp 200mg for 9 days. I was from the andrologist and he also found prostatitis. Tomorrow I will have the results of blood tests and bacterial culture in the semen.


I tried 5-HTP 200 mg per day. Wow. What a buzz. It feels like being on the top of the world but it’s way too much.
Also it should be taken with at least 500mg of Tyrosine per 100mg.

You most likely have serotonin imbalance like the one caused by SSRI. (in my opinion)


I have taken SSRIs in the past, but I have never had sexual problems. When I stopped, the neurologist prescribed 5htp for me. After 9 days, I felt only that my anxiety increased and my penis did not get up anymore … I immediately stopped it. Unfortunately, however, sexual problems are no longer resolved. I have impotence, pain on the penis, prostatitis and weakness. I lost a lot of weight and muscle mass. I know 5htp is not as strong as finasteride, but perhaps the excess of serotonin has created something at the endocrine level …


There is also a Protodioscin thread. Two of the guys claimed they recovered. They also suggested me to use Tribestan. Im gonna try it. Thanks for this thread.


That’s very strange because I would assume the SSRIs you took had a much stronger effect on serontonin than 5htp. I always thought 5htp was to ssris what saw palmetto is to finasteride


SSRI stops the elimination of serotonin, thus increasing the level. Taking 5-HTP produces serotonin while SSRI prevents its elimination until there’s just too much. Then everything tops over.


Here are the common features of all recoveries

  1. Time (Years worth)
  2. Consistent Resistance Training and Sprinting
  3. Increase of androgens
  4. Clean diet


Well spoken.

I see those common thigs as well.


How do i clean my diet? No sugar? No carbs? But there is a study which showed carb diet raises testesterone better than protein diet? Should we believe to that study?


No or low sugar and carbs. Usually Keto or paleo style eating is common in most success stories

You’re assuming that increasing test is a good thing. I’m not convinced it always is for us


paleo style diet with moderate carbs… meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables, fermented foods and “clean” carbs like root vegetables, oats, white rice but try to only eat carbs later in the day (backloading) .

Do this and cut out anything processed, cut out gluten, limit sugar and alcohol and you’ll do well.


Did you see improvements yourself on this diet?