Success stories from people who used exercise as a recovery protocol


After a ton of research, the most common element from success stories is people who used exercise (mostly weightlifting), as a contributing factor in their partial or full recovery.

Here is what I found:







If anyone has anymore success stories with exercise, post them here. Let’s compile them in one thread.

Do you exercise regularly?
Success Stories Compilation

Anothere success story using exercise



very optimistic


Just what i needed…an injection of good vibes before going to bed!


interesting… glad to see another member here who uses the immortal hair forum. i’m actually planning on working with the admin of that website to help me figure out my problems… the guy is a knowledge bank when it comes to hair loss and all the mechanisms taking place via triggers through everything you put in your body.


Who cares about hair loss anymore after the mess Finasteride left us with? If you do, maybe you should post on hair loss forums instead.


I’ve always held a view if you keep on exercising for months on end, including all sorts of different exercise, you will eventually recover. Combine this with a pretty healthy lifestyle that’s not torturing yourself and the body will start to make progress.

In 2 weeks time it will be 1 year off Propecia for me. I’ve exercised pretty much consistently for 6 months now. The first 6 months i was simply trying to keep myself sane through whatever means. I was totally suicidal for months. Today and right now, i’m on the verge of full recovery again. I’m just suffering with very low libido plus some minor remnants of past side effects. Problem is, i’ve learned now that it can all collapse tomorrow and plunge me into hell. The “ups” are starting to become more stable though!

I think the constant exercise (competitive squash - very explosive, weights, running, yoga, stretching, powerplate) has been probably the single most contributing factor in getting me where i am today. I am optimistic of a full 100% recovery at some point in the future.


I hate to be the one to say it but they are all pretty tame recoveries. It’s fairly obvious that all of those guys were never that bad and had a decent chance of natural recovery anyway. To be fair though, what is the harm in trying. It should certainly do us good.


when i said “figure out my problems”, i was referring to PFS, NOT hairloss. :unamused:

the mechanisms involved in hair loss coincide with what is happening with PFS… and that guy has far more expansive knowledge on hair loss than anyone else i’ve found on the net.


Oh really? And how is that exactly, considering the root cause of PFS has yet to be found?

You are making statements based on conjecture.


It’s pretty obvious that hair loss and PFS have a direct connection considering that 1, most members here took finasteride for hair loss, 2, many people have reported hair loss being halted even after discontinuing finasteride and are suffering from PFS, and 3, by blocking DHT it’s stopping hair stopping from falling out and bringing out persistent sexual side effects (in our case).

plus, a lot of people who don’t suffer from PFS and get off propecia, their hair loss accelerates right away. and another thing, i’ve read people who on this website had recoveries, posted that their hair loss accelerated again.


Its a good topic.

Some of my sides got moderately better at peak fitness. During these periods I was running 45-65miles a week, intervals, hard long runs and a few slow runs each week.

My sleep almost seemed back to normal. 5-6 nights of good sleep a week (my worst side).
Libido a tiny bit better.

I took a 6 week break from hard running and only swam 1/2 our 5-6 times a week. The moderate exercise wasn’t enough, and my sleeping went to crap again (2-3 decent nights of sleep sometimes less a week). And went back to a lower Libido

I cant speak for anyone else, but for me, HARD exercise does give some relief, but its by no means a cure


I have had an experiance like this for 1 evening my brainfog basically went and it was after hard, hard exercise.

And it would appear that moderate exercise, which gives no help to my symptoms beefs up the immune system.


Are our immune systems on overdrive? Is there evidence? I dont remember reading much on the board about this

From what ive read and heard. Running or other long endurance activities lower the immune systems defenses. I cant remember where I heard this but consuming carbs after an extended exercise event helps bring the immune system back up.


This is very hopeful to hear, even if exercise is just symptom management , it let’s us live our lives as best as we can given our condition. But I do hope you and me can experience 100%, or even just enough to live normal life by.


Maybe the pieces are starting to come together.

C:\Users\owner\Pictures\Effects of sequential bouts of resistan___ [Med Sci Sports Exerc_ 2004] - PubMed - NCBI.mht

Back in the old Big Softie days, sufferers worked out to boost T levels. There’s obviously more to it than that. But it appears that resistance training can help fight PFS by upregulating expression of the AR.


The benefits quoted here are likely due to a short term stress reaction to heavy exercise including but not limited to cortisol spike and insulin release.


My hairloss still continued after I stopped taking Prosar and I’ve had zero recovery.


In addition
to the canonical activation of signalling
kinases and transcription factors, it is now
evident that exercise may also play tag with
our genome via chromatin remodelling,
opening up new avenues of research
and creating targets for exercise-based
therapeutic interventions.


Weightlifting may not be increase T level. I started weightlifting on 7.20.2012. My T level on 7.23.2012 was 402 ng/dl (160-726)

Today, (1 month later after started weightlifting) i got tested my T level again. It is 386 ng/dl (160-726)