Final protocol 100% pfs reversal with dht therapy - lastpost

Hi all, thank you for this forum, it was a great support, I found a treatment finally after 6 months of research and experimentation. I understand why some of you may not take me seriously, I was trying multiple protocols, one after another, I had some success, never complete 100% reversal. This all started with me talking to Eden and figuring out that PFS crashes were actually estrogen dominance, this condition seems to be damage to the 5AR system.
So when testosterone is in the male body, it is converted to DHT via the 5AR enzymes, if it isn’t converted to DHT the testosterone is Aromatized and converted into estrogen. That was why we all felt suicidal and like hell, anxiety, anxiousness, these are experienced by male to female transsexuals who go on estrogen. You can improve your symptoms by lowering the estrogen, but you will still be low on DHT.
I initially started by inducing my own DHT, I had moderate success and sometimes very good success, but after a week or 2 my body give up and did not produce anymore DHT and I crashed. So I developed protocols to reverse and stop crashes, it did not reverse PFS, but it reversed the crash (the estrogen dominance). I did not want to try DHT as I had hoped to get my own DHT working again, but when you get 100% recovery from a hormone, you don’t care anymore. Let me state that I have another PFS sufferer who also has been 100% reversed (a friend of mine).
Both of us were non-responsive to testosterone, same as everyone here, sometimes responded, sometimes not, and then the estrogen dominance crash. So I decided to use DHT as an anti-estrogen, I got Proviron and took 25mg a day, I had improvement, because it was regulating my estrogen, and my sex drive I was 80-90% better. Then I injected testosterone enanthate 0.8cc (80mg), my body started crashing again, trouble taking deep breaths, muscle twitches in legs, panic, anxiety, water retention (all estrogen symptoms). So I started popping the pills once an hour, I knew that body builders use doses of 300mg a day and more, so I knew it wasn’t unsafe.
My symptoms reversed completely, then something happened that has not yet happened before, my body recovered 100%, my muscles grew so fast that my shirt got tight on me and friends are amazed. After 6 months my friends were all being nice that I lost so much muscle, they kept telling me nothing was wrong, NOW THEY SEE after I am recovered. Rock hard erections, anxiety turned into confidence, panic into horniness. The reason DHT did not work for some here is because it does NOTHING without testosterone, and it has to be a high dose. If your natural testosterone is ok, get proviron and start taking them every hour till you feel better and better, you will need to be on DHT long term, I don’t know how long, maybe forever, maybe one day my body will recover, but one more hormone is no big deal.


(any amount of testosterone will work now, you just need enough DHT to regulate the estrogen).

80mg of testosterone enanthate
400mg of Masteron propionate (fast acting, only lasts 24 hours, I will be getting long acting masteron enanthate tonight and expect the same response but with once a week injection).
100% PFS reversal in myself and 1 other sufferer and counting.
You may have to tweak things a little depending on your DHT production, keep taking proviron or masteron till you feel better. For the record these doses are actually considered normal for body builders and beginners. I am not concerned about safety, I do not believe estrogen dominance is safe, estrogen causes cancer, and having trouble taking deep breaths, muscle twitches, no libido, suicidal thoughts, fuck that. You guys want to sit around and be natural, good for you, but I didn’t try DHT for 6 months because of you guys who said it didn’t work. Just like no doctor believed PFS was real, you guys don’t believe a treatment is real, you have convinced yourself of that fact and you guys talk about “PFS brotherhood,” this is no “brotherhood,” it’s a condition. Destroyed 5AR system, low DHT, high estrogen, DHT replacement at the right dose reverses it, you need to make sure your testosterone level is good or it will not work. If you have any natural testosterone you will have improvement with DHT.

I will be leaving this forum now, not because I am angry or something, my priorities have changed now that I have found a way to reverse PFS. Arguing with a bunch of guys who are too afraid of a treatment is pointless, Before any of you pull the “oh you respond to hormones” BS. NO, I did not, I did before PFS and stopped when I crashed, it took me 6 months to figure this protocol out. I came into this with EXTENSIVE knowledge in hormone replacement therapy. I will be making this protocol public to as many people as possible, anyone who hides this is as guilty as Merck. The irony is I expect to be banned, and that is human nature, people don’t want to believe PFS exists, and people with PFS don’t want to believe it can be reversed.
I wish you all well, I don’t know if I will check in again in the future, I had to accept that I would be on HRT for life anyway, so now I have to accept that I just need my DHT replaced as well. Please note that I had been using DHT to reverse PFS crashes for the past 3 weeks, I was afraid to take a higher dose till all of a sudden I got 100% better. Technically I am in a state of a PFS crash, but I am 100% better, the only 2 things that remain is I do not have my super oily skin anymore as my 5AR system is fucked, and no noticeable male body scent. Though, for the record, I started to get some body scent back, I do not believe it is from the DHT, I believe what little 5AR activity I have is being induced and causing it.
I will remain to answer questions, thank you all, I know I disturbed your forum, but I never posted to a forum before. I have always been a playboy, party animal, this experienced humbled me, and I thank God for this, I know God is responsible for giving me this knowledge and ability to solve this.
I have been having sex nonstop since Proviron started working, the libido came back first, the muscles I never expected. I had told my mom that I would just never get my big muscles back and she told me “well, who cares, thank God you reversed this.” Then, something that hasn’t happened in 6 months happened, my muscles all pumped back up in size to pre-pfs.


Oh and I will be coming back I guess in 3 months to post a recovery story, but if I never return, you guys got it here, but I will try for sure. It’s just I lost 6 months of my life, finding a treatment is a burden because knowing how to reverse this and knowing I will not be believed weighs on my soul.

Oh, and if there are any doubts about my protocol, I stopped taking proviron purposefully and let the PFS crash come back so that I could reverse it with masteron. This isn’t rocket science, I am sure doctors in europe have done this with patients before and just not linked it to finasteride, just a problem with low DHT. This treatment shouldn’t surprise any of you. I do believe that 400mg of masteron is too low, I think if I injected another 200mg I would notice something even more, but I feel 100%, so am keeping things as low as necessary. When I start using the once a week injection I will try larger doses just to see, I don’t know if I added that my muscles are hard again, they never have been hard since before PFS, always kinda soft, you could press them in with your finger, now you can’t

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JustQuitDut do you think your protocol can reverse testicular shrinkage or penis curvature caused by PFS ?

I had all that but was too embarrassed to post it, it was reversed, but we need MASSIVE amounts of DHT, my protocol can probably be doubled, I am just trying to start as small as possible. For objective data, my dad just saw me today (he saw me yesterday), he is amazed, I doubled in body size, he can't believe it, he thought this was all in my head. 
 The reason I guess no one had success with DHT before is because they didn't get their testosterone levels good and then use high doses of DHT till they felt better. For this reason Masteron enanthate is the best choice, it is long acting, I believe I will need more like 600-800mg of masteron (but this is still an acceptable dose in the BB community, it isn't that high), I think 400 is too low, but currently I am 100% reversed. 
 Proviron seems more potent than Masteron, I highly recommend you have both on hand, Proviron will be something to take when you feel you need more DHT, you guys are all basically transsexuals unfortunately. If you inject testosterone without DHT therapy you will be like a transsexual, that is why you felt so bad. For those of you with good test levels, you might as well be women if you don't start supplementing DHT. 
  Now none of my friends believe I had anything wrong with me, they think I just quit taking steroids and now I am back on them, and no one here will believe I found a treatment, but someone will do this and when they recover you all will follow. Also give DHT a week to start working, your body has to start using it again, so don't expect instant results, but you may get the, with an innitial high dose. I do not know if the long acting masteron enanthate will work, but it should, I will report back after, but DAMN it takes a lot of DHT to process 80mg of test. 
 Oh to answer your question, you can reverse your testicular shrinkage with HCG, you will just need even MORE DHT to counter the high estrogen release from HCG.

I’m glad that you and god are such good buddies. It’s a shame he didn’t throw a lifeline to those that completed suicide because of all this. I apologise for my atheistic outburst, but such talk kind of rankles. Good on you for having self-belief as I do believe that this definitely helps, but the whole sorry finasteride story comes down to one thing, human greed, and god plays no part in it.

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Hey justquit, have you got exams before and after to dht, estrogen and test? So i can get understand if we can actually see if we have similar hormonal profiles…

Even Mew mentioned blood tests in the past, but nothing shows up! He asked for me to provide them, but what is there to provide? Normal tests? All my tests show up normal because I have been on hormones, DHT must be kept by your body at a certain level, because mine showed up normal according to my hrt doctor, but who knows. 
 It seems that you need a constant flood of DHT to regulate estrogen and replace the DHT you do not have, you really need Proviron on hand, basically just need to take them as needed and you will get back to normal. High doses of testosterone are not practical because you then need high doses of DHT to regulate the estrogen and work with the testosterone. 
I don't need a blood test to know my body is being flooded with estrogen, I know what estrogen feels like after suffering with it for the past 6 months. I highly recommend for most PFS sufferers to go the Proviron route and just start taking it daily and increase the dose till you start feeling better. Then when you feel better 100% you can decide if you want to stay on it or not, but it takes high consistent doses and your testosterone has to be normal. 
I could get blood tests done, but you have to stop all your hormones 5 days before the test, so what is it going to show exactly? While you are on hormones your test will show up wrong, so that's why you have to take the test 5 days post injection.

I recommend you start with proviron before you move to mssteron, masteron may not work as well as proviron for you because it is hard to dose it out like proviron.

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My friend and I both noticed that proviron worked much better than masteron for some reason. I think because you can take proviron every hour if you need to till you are at the dose you need.

Forget that masteron dose, just take the proviron,

Thank you for your post, this is quite revealing and somewhat validating. I have decided to forgo synthetic hormone treatment and instead use exercise and diet to raise my own natural testosterone for the past two years or so. This is a difficult and long road as you can imagine. I have just restarted a DHT prohormone cycle with AlphaHard by ForeRunnerLabs and I seem to be responding nicely to this, better than I did 6 months ago. I believe that my story and CDNUTS story lends further credence to your argument that the testosterone in the body needs to get high enough before trying DHT or DHT prohormone. By the way, I got tested for the 3 adiol G compound about two years ago and it was quite low, just slightly above what is considered ‘normal’. I wonder if this has improved and whether this is a good indicator for 5-alpha reductase function. I would like to see if you can permanently reverse this condition by stopping at some point in the future and waiting a while to see whether you regress. Glad to hear of your reversal of symptoms. Myself, I am about 70% recovered. May need a couple more years to beat this.

For the record. I took Test Prop + Masteron + Proviron consistently about 4 months ago without any results. Try it out, but by all means do not get your hopes up.

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Hey dannyfc, proviron worked to reverse PFS, but I needed a lot depending on ho much test was in my body, how much proviron did you take? I have had to take up to 300mg in a day (1 an hour). When I injected a large dose of test (0.8cc), I also had no success with my first try with masteron, but I also overdosed on it, I somehow screwed up the dosage.
Since Proviron got testosterone working again, I became fearless and didn’t worry about the consequences lol, big mistake, so I have yet to see how Masteron would work. I am going to give my body a break for a week from it I think, but did you try taking about 200mg of proviron a day spaced out? Or take 1 every hour till you feel better? 25mg is not enough at all, I just took 2 provision’s (50mg) and I have my sense of peace and calm and am going to go back to sleep for a while, but I got horny and hard right away.
Proviron is weird, it seems your body has to get used to it after a week and you have to keep upping the dose till you find what works. I may switch back to test prop and see what I can do with proviron and test prop, I had hoped the long acting test enanthate would work, but it doesn’t seem practical as I exhausted my proviron supply processing it.
I have more I am getting today, you guys have no idea how much money I have spent so far dealing with PFS, thousands and thousands of dollars on all this shit. Danny, what were your doses? I paid a lot for several bottles of Masteron thinking it would work like proviron, so I am stuck with it now, no reason not to give it another shot after I give my body a rest for a week or a few days.

had my doses wrong 50mg of Masteron restored my muscles to pre-PFS and shot my libido through the roof! It must go along with Proviron together, I will continue experimenting.

FOR FUTURE READERS, THE DOSE was 50MG MASTERON PROPIONATE, NEVER TAKE 500MG like I said at once with Testosterone Propionate, 50MG to 100MG. This is my last post for a month on my protocol, we will see what Dr Jacobs says and how my progress goes and if this lasts. I am only posting this for safety reasons for future readers not to take the wrong dose.

I really do not know what to make of JustQuitDut and Praying to Heal, they made like 90% of posts and a new story each day.
JQD: I really hope this worked for you and best of luck and do indeed take some time off and get back in 1 month, 3 month, and then 6 months and so on.

This is what you said about Masteron 1 month ago:

Masteron is a designer steroid that works like DHT, I had considered it, but I do believe it will only make our situations worse. The key is trying to get our body’s to recover, to heal, and we will heal and recover, but I am not sure DHT or similar DHT like stuff is a good idea. Plus, I have read a couple people here say they tried Masteron with no success, my theories are that this condition is damage to the body’s ability to produce 5 AR enzymes, each enzyme has a purpose and function.

Numbdick, that was before I tried it, look, I am on masteron 50mg every other day with 0.5mg arimidex 2x a day and I’m 100% again, even body scent is back. I am also on testosterone enanthate 0.8cc, but standby as I’m still working out the test dose which is best. So far the masteron is working for my system to use test. I know I have changed a lot but I wasn’t going to sit around and let this thing defeat me. Having the knowledge base that exceeds most doctors in these matters I took matters into my own hands. Now if you have been following me, I am seeing dr Alan Jacobs this coming week and will discuss my protocol with him. For the first time I feel normal again, so yes I will wait to post because we all know how pfs can go, but nevertheless this is the best longest success I have had. I think the trick is testosterone masteron and the right amount of arimidex to control estrogen.

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I wonder if dick numbness is the achilles heel of PFS. Is this the sign that we are totally screwed? Androgen insensitive? I don’t have an issue with erections.
My body is getting worse as each day goes by. I need to try something. Just not sure what to start out with. Workouts actually make me feel worse.

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What is the difference between these brands? What is the best one?