Final protocol 100% pfs reversal with dht therapy - lastpost

This site claims that all proviron being sold now is fake. I wonder if this could be why some people posted they tried it and it didn’t work. Maybe they had fakes.

Go to this site []( and order their liquid version of Arimidex, I would order both pills and  liquid, I like to have a lot of drugs on hand when you start a protocol incase you have to tweak it and figure out how you like to take it. Man, I am AMAZED at what Masteron is doing to me, but I am certain it has to do with the Arimidex and the Masteron (with testosterone). 
I had results from Proviron and Masteron, but Masteron gave me extreme results, I feel like I am on testosterone again pre-PFS (with of course the testosterone i am on). The Arimidex made a huge difference, I had no idea how much estrogen was affecting me. I have stopped the proviron, I believe I can get by 100% normal with this protocol, but of course it is too soon to tell, but after all my experiences and knowledge, I kinda know when something is going to work or not.
 I mean, I am in a state of PFS crash technically, and it is this protocol which has reversed it to 100%, we know how PFS is, but I have seen another Masteron recovery, and it makes sense. I would also get a bottle of testosterone cypionate or enanthate, and masteron propionate and masteron enanthate, as well as testosterone propionate. It is good to have them so you can find what you like best, the propionates are injected every other day, the enanthates 1 to 2 times a week. 
 Having proviron around isn't a bad thing, my libido has been super strong on the masteron, but proviron gives you a libido surge, so I suppose having some around isn't a bad thing if you need a boost for having sex or whatever. I just am ready to have sex anytime right now, another cool thing is masteron is a cutting steroid, body builders use it to get lean and dry. It lowers water retention and it also burns fat, you will have an amazing body on this combo if you hit the gym. 
  You don't want to take too much arimidex or too little, both are equally as bad, so far 0.5mg 2 times a day is working, but I plan to switch my injections to 0.4cc test enanthate 2 X a week and 100mg of Masteron Enanthate 2X a week (on same days as test). If that works then I will have found a protocol that is super easy and practical. The masteron prop works, so let's see about the enanthates, I will keep you guys up to date. MCI, this isn't androgen insensitive, if that were the case these normal doses wouldn't work. 
   Estrogen wouldn't be so fucking high, it's a shut down 5AR system that isn't reducing test to DHT, DHT may show up normal on the test but there are 3 5AR enzymes, maybe only some are reducing test. When there is too much DHT the body stores it as a pro hormone, so maybe the DHT levels aren't detectable properly for this condition. 
  We are just as sensitive to hormones, our DHT is just shut down, but you fix the estrogen, testosterone and DHT and you will respond. As I mentioned, it will take a week or two for your body to get used to the new DHT. I am really excited, I mean, soon I may be going back to dating seriously again, my body looks amazing from this stuff, it's weird how my muscles shrink when PFS is kicking, when it goes into remission I get huge (like now). Not trying to rub anything in, but just give you some hope, you can definitely be normal and better than normal, because most guys don't get to be on Masteron. 
Also, I am not fucking losing any hair! I am not breaking out either, somehow by bypassing the 5AR system, hair doesn't fall out and acne doesn't occur that easily. Anyway, let's see what Dr Jacobs says about this, I don't see how this can hurt you, I am still working on the right doses, but every day that passes I quickly forget I have PFS. That's what happens when you get this shit under control. So far I haven't found anyone who used this protocol with the high doses of arimidex and test. 
 It also may be working because it is a synthetic DHT version, who knows, but it's working, I hope it continues. I promised I wouldn't post for like a month or so about my progress, but I just wanted to let you know because if someone else uses my protocol and gets better too, then it won't be long before the entire forum is getting better, so I am hoping.

JQD: can you please tell me whether you had genital numbness and that went away?
I am also scared that this symptom seems to be the hardest to cure.

Yes numbness goes away, it’s hormonal. I had cold shrunken numb dick for 2 years, now it’s gone. Sensitivity is back

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I wonder whether jQD had numbness…
Jqd your symptoms are nit well documented in your story…can you please remind us and maybe add nit to your signature…?

When I first got pfs I had that for a week, but I was on hormones (which stopped working), but I feel they kept the androgens pumping in my dick. There have been times I had that and not depending on my hormonal protocol. I had to keep changing them to induce my own 5ar, but with this protocol my dick is a monster. That's fully reversible, it's a hormonal thing not s nerve thing, our bodies just work differently with hormones now, so standard protocols don't work. 

I really feel I found the pfs treatment, would be nice if someone else would try it so we could start helping others here.

I didn't diecuss the sexual sides too much as I was always pumping myself with hormones, but I had them, in fact the whole time I had pfs I was dating a girl and we never could have sex. I could masturbate but I just wasn't myself, sensation was less, I had weak erections, it's the masteron and arimidex with test that worked. The masteron is pretty strong, it has a distinct affect on muscle and my dick. It's just that too much doesn't work, too little doesn't work, not enough testosterone and it won't work, and not enough arimidex and it won't work. 
The protocol I'm on is logical, it's not like I'm taking goat sperm lol, masteron is a synthetic dht, it may even be that somehow my system is able to use a fake dht I'm not sure. I will say that others with pfs responded to masteron successfully, but without doing it right I could see how it never caught on here. When your estrogen gets too high you can easily think the masteron stopped working, after upping my arimidex based on a comment dr Jacobs made in email. That's when I noticed the masteron working. 
I had all the sides, but I was so distraught over losing all my muscle that in the beginnings of pfs that's all I talked about. When you go from being s buff muscular big guy to a skinny guy it is horrible, then the emotional and mental sides snd sexual sides, I don't know how I survived this long. I never discussed suicide on here but the thought had cross my mind daily. That's why I decided to try anything, I had nothing to lose. 
I Think adding proviron and andractim to this protocol would help some guys who are really bad off and not responding as well. The idea that dht doesn't work should never have been touted on this forum, because of that I never tried it. It works, just has to be done correctly.

I injected Masteron enanthate last night, 1cc (100mg), it is a long acting ester, so now rapid onset, more of a slow and even and steady feeling like I got with testosterone enanthate (pre PFS). I as predicted feel much better with the Masteron Enanthate, so I revise my protocol now to once to twice a week injections of Masteron Enanthate vs Propionate. Please bare in mind it will take about 3 weeks for your body to start utilizing Masteron, not sure why, but that was the case with a friend of mine who does NOT have PFS as well as me, so it must be the drug.
Also this is a very safe drug, approved by the FDA for breast cancer treatment in women, at even high doses it is considered safe.

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So here is where I stand with my protocol, I have had PFS in reversal now for about a month I believe or more.

The key was stopping the estrogen dominance, currently my protocol is 07cc of testosterone enanthate once a week, 25mg of Aromasin every day, 1000mcg of HCG once a week and 100mg of Masteron once a week.
I have stopped the masteron to see how far my own DHT can come without it now that I have discovered Aromasin and its effectiveness with PFS. I have PFS in full reversal, the trick is getting estrogen under control, you have to experiment to find the doses that work.
I am not just 100%, I am 150%, I have a lot of muscle, super strong libido, erections, I am responding like a guy on testosterone, I could not respond to testosterone before I figured out I had to replace DHT and control the estrogen with something much stronger. I did not believe taking more Arimidex would fix the situation, so one day I just started taking 1 every hour and I kept feeling better and better.
I reversed a crash every time this way, but it was not practical and I felt unsafe, it was not till I found Aromasin at 25mg a day that I finally killed the rest of PFS. I am not sure how long I will have this condition, but with it reversed it no longer matters. If I cannot produce enough DHT on my own, I will just go back on Masteron, but I am going to give it a couple months, just before I commit to DHT replacement for life.
DHT replacement seems to take weeks for some reason to start doing anything, it took about 3 weeks to start working for me.

Justquit is estrogen the same thing as oestradiol? Mine was 108 pmol/l.

If not can I get tested and would that determine dominance?

Testing determines NOTHING, Fuck tests, people here throw blood tests around left and right and always wonder why I don't post my test results, they are meaningless. My tests were normal from day 1 because I have been keeping my levels optimal. First you have to fix this condition by experimenting, once you get yourself feeling normal, THEN get a test to make sure all is ok. 
There are things about hormones we don't understand and may not show up on tests, they are constantly cycling, when that cycle process is stopped or slowed, you may still show the same levels in your body, but not have the effectiveness. Estradiol isn't the same as Estrogen, an AI will lower it and so HCG keeps it up, it is a form of Estrogen, I recommend 25mg of Aromasin a day, and then start experimenting with testosterone doses. 
People on this forum just give up too easily, you don't get instant results with hormones.

Yes, just UK terminology.

108 is excessive. Typically you want it around 70.

However reducing it is unlikely to bring much benefit if you have PFS, but it’s worth trying.

Estrodiol is not the same as estrogen, estrodiol is a type of estrogen

I wanted to add that I have been on Testosterone Propionate, it is the least aromatizing (estrogen releasing) testosterone ester, it has only a 24 hour half life. No PFS doctors are using this, it induces a lot of DHT, you inject it daily, I plan to try switching back to the long acting Testosterone Enanthate, with Aromasin, I see no reason it won’t work just as well.
For those of you who didn’t respond to testosterone injections, you might want to try propionate with Aromasin before moving into DHT replacement.


If my dht is more than double the top of the range, why would I be looking to boost it?

Well, mine too, nevertheless here we are, your body keeps a stable level of dht at all times,
It stores extra dht as a prohormone. Lethe continuous conversion of testosterone to dht is different, the cycling of testosterone to dht and then dht taking down estrogen. While tests may check the levels at one time in our blood, it doesn’t mean the hormones are cycling consistently, That’s my theory, but also based on experience.

I now know why many of you guys did not respond to testosterone and an AI, the only form of testosterone that really works for PFS is Testosterone Propionate injected daily. It is the least aromatizing estrogen (produces the least amount of estrogen). You can try Testosterone cypionate or Enanthate, but they release a lot of estrogen which means 25mg of Aromasin may not cut it, it will with test propionate, but maybe only with a lower dose of test enanthate like 100mg a week 0.5cc. If you have not been able to respond to Aromasin and testosterone, switch to testosterone propionate, maybe 30-50mg a day, whichever you want, that should work.

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The picture is clearer now why guys here have had so many problems, it has taken me 25mg of Aromasin 4X a day to use a 200mg 1cc shot of testosterone enanthate, the doses will decrease as test and estrogen decrease towards the end of the cycle week. I was concerned about those doses till I read the studies, it was studied on women in doses up to 800mg a day with no problem. However, if testosterone propionate is used, or perhaps half the test enanthate dose, then 25mg a day would probably be enough. With PFS you must learn what estrogen is, feels like and understand it is the crash you feel, once you get that concept down and have Aromasin, you simply increase your dose or decrease depending on your estrogen. Our regulation of estrogen is damaged (our DHT), so it must be done manually. I have other goals than most guys, most here should be ok on 100mg a week with 1000mcg of hcg to maintain natural testicular function and 25mg a day of Aromasin. Though I highly recommend daily injections of testosterone propionate instead at doses of 10-50mg a day, whichever works for you. There is no 1 set dose, all people have different situations, that is another way people have failed here.
Some of you just may not cut it without adding DHT into the mix, some of you just won’t produce enough DHT, that is when you have to add andractim gel or masteron, or primobolan. Though I recommend using Masteron without testosterone, just with 1000mcg of hcg a week as masteron does not aromatize. I am typing all this here so after I leave this forum others can benefit from my research and experiences. I do not believe anyone has reversed PFS 100% before with hormones (that I know of).

SOURCE: … ations.htm

Clinical trials have been conducted with exemestane given as a single dose to healthy female volunteers at doses as high as 800 mg and daily for 12 weeks to postmenopausal women with advanced breast cancer at doses as high as 600 mg. These dosages were well tolerated. There is no specific antidote to overdosage and treatment must be symptomatic. General supportive care, including frequent monitoring of vital signs and close observation of the patient, is indicated.

A male child (age unknown) accidentally ingested a 25-mg tablet of exemestane. The initial physical examination was normal, but blood tests performed 1 hour after ingestion indicated leucocytosis (WBC 25000/mm³ with 90% neutrophils). Blood tests were repeated 4 days after the incident and were normal. No treatment was given.

In mice, mortality was observed after a single oral dose of exemestane of 3200 mg/kg, the lowest dose tested (about 640 times the recommended human dose on a mg/m² basis). In rats and dogs, mortality was observed after single oral doses of exemestane of 5000 mg/kg (about 2000 times the recommended human dose on a mg/m² basis) and of 3000 mg/kg (about 4000 times the recommended human dose on a mg/m² basis), respectively.

Convulsions were observed after single doses of exemestane of 400 mg/kg and 3000 mg/kg in mice and dogs (approximately 80 and 4000 times the recommended human dose on a mg/m² basis), respectively.

I want to update, I had said that testosterone enanthate could be taken, no it cannot. NO form of testosterone other than testosterone propionate can be taken so long as you have PFS (unless your system recovers more and can handle it). Testosterone propionate is the lowest estrogenic testosterone, it releases the least amount of estrogen as it clears your system in 24 hours.
The reason no one has ever had consistent results is because injecting standard forms of testosterone releases more estrogen than I have ever been able to control. At one point my system recovered where I could handle the longer acting form, but that was before I knew about Aromasin.
In time your system will get better and better with test propionate, I took DHT for about a month, so I made the choice to go off and let my own system take over with testosterone. Doing that set me back where I think if I had not I would have been able to handle testosterone enanthate on Aromasin.
My point being, that you do recover slowly over time if you keep the androgens flowing, but you must start with testosterone propionate. Dr Jacobs was not familiar with that form of testosterone, none of the doctors are, it is not practical for most use, but it is for this condition. I have been using testosterone propionate all along for that reason.

This is the only protocol that will work without DHT

Testosterone propionate 10mg a day (start at this dose and you can increase from here)
Aromasin 25mg a day
HCG 1000MCG a week (to prevent testicular shutdown and keep your own testosterone pumping)

If this protocol fails to work, then you must go into the world of DHT replacement,

Masteron is a good start, start with 30mg every other day of Masteron Propionate, up it from there till you find a dose that works. There is a longer ester Masteron Enanthate, but you can wait to switch to that. You may want to go on Masteron without the testosterone first and see how you do (with aromasin and HCG) since Masteron does not aromatize (release estrogen).
There will not be one set protocol for everyone, but these ingredients will reverse the condition, without Masteron your system in time may recover, I am not sure with Masteron if it will. Masteron is suppressive of DHT, when you replace DHT you make a long term commitment, you are suppressing DHT, that is why I chose to give my system a shot first, since I did not know about Aromasin before I started DHT and I have reversed the condition with my protocol.