I'm cured

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I haven’t been on this site in quite some time, and that’s how I like it. But I still get the odd email here or there for topics I’ve subbed into all those years ago, and that is what prompted me to write this short message. I’m not going to go into minutia because my methods are very well plastered all over this forum. Almost 1000 posts worth.

I just wanted to say that I am at 100% after a long and torturous road. I’ve been well (100%)for almost a year at this point, so it’s safe to make this claim. I thought about coming back here and posting after about six months or so, but figured I’d wait it out to be sure.

I’m done with all of this mess…FINALLY. There were a couple things I’d do different if I had to, but thankfully I don’t.

I hope this gives some of you hope to keep going. I was very, very destroyed by this poison, and I’m better. It’s not easy, but my god is it so worth it.

I’ve been in a relationship for almost a year and am happy and content. We’ve moved in together and have started a life. Life is good.

Out of respect for all this forum did for me when I needed it most, I’ll answer some questions if necessary, but have no desire to argue and try and prove my point whatsoever. I don’t need to…I’m healed.

Way to go, cdnuts! And thanks for dropping by. I was browsing some of your posts, but you posted in so many threads I couldn’t figure out what were the main things you did to be completely healed today. Can you just mention what was crucial in your regimen, supplements or medications, just to guide me a little in my search?

Good news, many congratulations, very happy for you. Would be useful to have some information on the road to recovery, e.g.:

  • How long you took it for
  • When you gave up
  • When you started getting better
  • Anything you did which you think helped

Congratulations again, and thanks for posting some good news.

Hey awesome man… what great news! Based on the improvements I’ve seen over the last two years, I feel like I could get there someday too so this is very inspiring to me. What did it!? Time? It seems like your last post you talked about that electro-machine that helps with anxiety/depression/insomnia. Did that help? Or do you think it just happened naturally over time?

Thanks for coming back to report. I am so glad to hear you are better.

Started in 2003
Stopped in 2007
Healed (100%) summer of 2012

I’m not going to go into all of the things I tried that had minimal results. I’m just going to give you the meat of it.

Fast. Just once, for two weeks or more if you can.

If you can’t fast for any reason then do a juicefeast. juicefeasting.com for a month or more. No need to do the whole 90 day program unless you care to.

You need to cleanse before you start anything. It will make your body so much more receptive to positive change.

Diet and lifestyle are absolute cornerstones in recovery.

Eat a paleo type diet and carb back load at night depending on your exercise regimine. Carb backloading is fantastic for manipulating hormones. If you’re not sure what it is, google it.

Avoid gluten…this one food is so problematic I can’t begin to go into it.

Lift heavy weights three times per week, but don’t overdue it if your really in the shitter…

Do HIIT once per week at first, then go to twice per week. I did sprints.

Cycle testosterone boosting supplements as outlined at boost-your-low-testosterone.com . As a matter of fact, most of what I did to recover can be found in one place at this site. He also goes into carb back loading.

****I also did several cycles of a DHT compound from primordial performance which helped in increasing the active enzymes that were wiped out by propecia. Unfortunately they have been shutdown by the FDA. There are other DHT based steroids that you could use, but I am not familiar with any others then androhard from primordial. Don’t just jump into using these products unless you do your research. You don’t want to end up worse then you are now. I had access to the producer of these drugs and he spent alot of time going back and forth with me on the science of how they work to increase active 5arII. It’s a can of worms I’m not going to get into but didn’t want to fail to mention it as I attribute the use of androhard and successful post cycle therapies to my overall recovery.

Meditate. You have to quiet your mind. You have to stop focusing on your problems. Focus on anything other then what is wrong with you. If you need to, stop coming to this site and reading the horror stories. You understand what happened to you, now move on. This one thing will set you in the right direction and make a HUGE improvement in your life. This will also help with sleep.

Take: B complex. Magnesium complex (the kind you dissolve in water works best) Fish oils. Take everyday at first, then go to every couple of days.

Stay hydrated.

Avoid intoxicants of any kind. You will be able to indulge again one day, just not today.

All of these things done consistently over TIME will yield you results. It can’t not work. You just have to be diligent. How much do you want it?

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Makes life a bit easier knowing someone has recovered from this hell.

congratulations cdnuts.

congrats cdnuts and thanks a lot for coming back and post this good news! please post what you did to recover! the more details, the better.

And please post your history and symptoms. I could not find them in your previous posts.

I’ve read a lot of your posts. From what I understand you cured yourself via fasting and healthy diet?

cdnuts – congrats!

Can you please, at the very least post an outline of what you believe was instrumental in your recovery for all your depressed, hopeless, confused, brain fogged, PFS’d brothers?

There’s no need to respond to anyone who challenges/stresses you, but the rest of the diplomatic sufferers out there shouldn’t be punished due to the negative naysayers.

Hope you at least come back to give a rough outline. If you stick around just a little (before understandably putting the forum and PFS completely behind you), to answer a few follow-ups, even better.

Thanks, and congrats again!

Forgot to add “mineral complex” to the vitamin list.

CDnuts- you may have left out the most important thing you did…time.

Each month I am gaining more and more libido, sexual thoughts, sweating more etc. I have been off for 14 months. Did you find your recovery to be a slow upward incline, slowly but surely?

Thanks, and congratulations on feeling better!

Awesome post! Thanks for the info. I have a few questions and will appreciate if you could reply-
1.Can you provide some more information on DHT compound?
2. Also, what offered you the biggest benefit over time(fasting/testosterone supplement/DHT…)
3. Have you experienced anxiety/light headness post propecia? How you resolved that?

Thanks again:)

Congrats. I’d like to think that time is probably the best cure

Thanks a lot:)
I have a few questions-

  1. Please provide some more info on how to select DHT compound? Can creatine help in 5AR2 activity?
  2. What offered you the highest benefits- Testosterone supplement/exercise/fasting…?
  3. Have you suffered from anxiety/light headness? How you recovered from these?

cdnuts, what symptoms did you have? Sexual, physical, mental, …

Time definitely heals all wounds, but you have to create the right conditions to put time on your side. I certainly didn’t forget it…it’s one of the last things I said in my outline…"All of these things done consistently over TIME will yield you results. It can’t not work. You just have to be diligent. How much do you want it?

I actually wrote it in all caps.

All of them.

Really pleased for you, hope you live a fulfilled happy life now you’ve overcome this nightmare.

Do you know if Proviron is a similar steroid to AndroHard? I’m wary of using steroids as there’s a chance of shutting down parts of your endocrine system that are functioning OK. How did you ensure your production of DHT persisted after stopping treatment?

Congrats man! Can just imagine how happy you are!

-How much weight did you lose during fasts?
-I think I remember you doing IR saunas and raw foods diet. Do you suggest either?
-How bad were your sexual side effects?
-Base on your history/recovery…what do you think 5ar inhibitors did to us?

Thanks for coming back and sharing with us. It means the fucking world if your info can even give improvement to one single person!