Success Stories Compilation


I, for myself, after 8 months of being ketogenic / carnivore, find I sleep better if i eat half a potato at dinner.

A little carbs around 6 pm is helpful to me. (we’re talking 20-30 gr. of carbs in the evening only, none at all during the day)


I have definitely seen improvements with this diet. My digestion is pretty much back to normal, I am leaner and stronger than I was pre-pfs and my sexual health has greatly improved.


That seems to be a, if not THE, common thread in nearly every improvement story I read. I wish I knew why. Low carb / paleo style diets.


works for me. I’m also thinner / stronger / heathier than I was pre fin.
And no more headaches (I had 5 times a week) or stomach ache almost everyday.
Not to mention pfs symptoms are almost all gone.


Yup. Your results are one of the ones I remember as well


Here is what you need to do.

I have reason to believe that there is a glucocorticoid receptor dysfunction. The idea is to resensitize by increasing cortisol and reducing progesterone.

Take baking soda 5g/day
No carbs
Exercise to failure
Coffee in the morning
Iodine 1mg/day
Take corticosteroids (if necessary)

This is a cycle, not more than a week on/week off.


makes sense. when I’m playing poker, I feel hornier and I have better erections! I believe it has a relationship with the released cortisol when it comes out with the game …


Interestingly enough, I was just reading a posts on HS of yours talking about GR issues from like 5 months ago… strange.


Yes, glucocorticoid receptors transrepress nf-kb in places like brain and genitals which are causing inflammatory proliferation and reduced neurotransmitter or nerve (NO, acetylcholine, NOR, ATP) signalling. You will find everyone with PFS in a constant state of inflammation and allergy. Look on the underside of the upper eyelids and you will most probably see papillary conjunctivitis. Shutting down the immune response for a short time may stop the whole process, which is the idea behind water fasting for example, and the reason how most recovery stories come into play, strong and short immunosuppression that breaks the cycle.

Many PFS people including myself also continue maintaining their hair as if they are still on finasteride. This is because GCR transcribe PGD2 receptors which causes MPB. PGD2 is also involved in superficial skin sensation.

That’s my theory.


Very interesting. And yes, I’ve barely lost any hair since quitting almost a year ago now… I do get a little bit more shedding than before, but the only times I’ve really had a lot were the few days I’ve felt almost normal (right after trying Tribulus and R-Andro), but neither of those lasted more than a few days

I like the theory. Would that explain why prep, high dose steroids, fasting and low carb diets have all contributed to recoveries? I’m assuming so, but my medical knowledge is quite limited so I don’t want to assume.

I’ll check out under my eyelids in a little bit and see if I find anything interesting.


You might need an opotholomist, or a high powered camera to see it.


Understood. I like the idea / logic behind it though. Seems to fit quite well, at least on the surface with my limited knowledge.


Does this also align with @anonymous1968 recovery with large doses of methyl steroids?


Yes it does


Funny enough, I was just reading your posts regarding GR issues from ~5 months ago


Has this worked for you ? If so in which ways ?

I also believe we have allergies and inflammation all over the place. Hence the restricted diet and the multiple anti-inflammatory I’m taking. I was suspecting adrenal fatigue for a while, (lack of Cortisol) because symptoms are similar. It would make sense if the receptors are dysfunctional which would lead to increased Cortisol production to offset poor receptors, which in turn would lead to adrenal fatigue.

I have bovine adrenal cortex which contains both Cortisol and Corticosteroids. Do you think it would be beneficial ?


I think RU-486 is the only studied drug to my knowledge that antagonizes GCR and reverses GC resistance, it also has a number of success stories with PFS.

My thinking was high dose GCs in short bursts would achieve the same effect by activating the feedback mechanism.


Yes, but has it worked for you ?

It all makes a lot of sense to me. I knew we had inflammation and allergies, my Cortisol levels was tested as high, I just didn’t know why all of this.


I haven’t tried RU-486. I’m going to try corticosteroids on genital skin and orally, along with water fasting.


Corticosteroids bringed me back to 90% pre fin, so good try.