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How did you take it ? Orally or in cream on the skin ?


Orally and injected into the scalp. It was for areata.


Did it last after you stopped taking it ?


Yep, it was around 4 years ago. I would say i was 92% and now 85%. It is quite relative. Also i am older so…it am not in my 20s any more


Well it is relative. I’m 51 and I have the same body as when I was in my 20s, except with more muscle.

My single remaining problem is I have random bad nights of sleep, and no sleep at all without medicine.
It has to do with Cortisol, Adrenaline and Nor-Adrenalin (catecholamines). Just like adrenal fatigue, if I eat a little cheese before sleep, I avoid an Adrenalin spike after sleeping 3-4 hours for lack of Cortisol. Also I need to avoid carbs.

I’m now trying these plants: Bacopa and Schisandra and I’m thinking of Rhodiola Rosea. All 3 are adaptogen that raises or lower Cortisol according to our need.


I have no any issue for sleeping. I just need to stay in a room with no light and no sound. It is true that i do not wake up 100% rested.


Did you ever have issues sleeping before Corticosteroids ?


I read:

Iovieno et al. state that rhodiola is effective in treating physical deficiencies such as exhaustion, decreased motivation, daytime sleepiness, decreased libido, sleep disturbances, and cognitive complaints such as concentration deficiencies, forgetfulness, decreased memory, susceptibility to stress, and irritability.

Brown et al. note that rhodiola also can be useful in the treatment of anxiety, and a recent open-label study supports this use.

Is it just me or that describes a lot of pfs sumptoms ?


These are all symptoms of glucocorticoid insufficiency and adrenal fatigue.

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That’s what I think too. And adrenal fatigue could be caused by deficient GABA receptors.

I’ve been following the trail of Allopregnanolone and Tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone, the calming neurosteroids. Reading below, I see they act with Glucocorticoids to reduce stress.

They regulate GABA receptors and decrease Cortisol and all stress hormones. Both are produced from Progesterone with 5ar and 3a-HSD. Those two enzymes being destroyed by fin, the GABA complex is under regulated, meaning no rest, no calm, nothing to counteract the stress hormones.

If what down regulates Cortisol is off, Cortisol would then be on all the time until adrenal fatigue sets in.

I think the Adrenal glands, the thyroid and the GABA complex have to be supported and strengthened

In this one it says: “We conclude that cortisol metabolism may produce antagonistic GABAergic activity”


I think the problem is glucocorticoid resistance. The primary symptoms are the ones you’d find with glucocorticoid insufficiency like inflammation, keratizniztion, difficulty focusing, brain fog, low libido, skin insensitivity, high SHBG. The secondary symptoms from high cortisol which doesn’t feedback properly and it’s subsequent metabolism is things like insomnia, adrenaline, anxiety, ED, etc.

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In one of the story above the guy mention adrenal fatigue. I got the book he mentioned, bought some adrenal cortex pills, but they didn’t feel good for me.

I will study more the relationship between Glucocorticoid, Gaba and it’s regulators: Allopregnanolone and Tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone and the enzymes that produces it: 5ar and 3a-HSD.

If the un-stress side of the axis is broken, the stress side would also and vice-versa.


Finasteride stops the breakdown of cortisol and causes glucocorticoid receptor resistance, leading to PFS.

SSRIs downregulate the glucocorticoid receptor which is why they work for depression, and lead to PSSD.


No offence intended when I say that we don’t currently understand what PFS is so this is a theory, not a fact, as you’ve presented it.


It’s not a theory, it’s a hypothesis.

Do you have a better one?


I’m not concerned about wether it’s a theory or a hypothesis. The main thing is that you presented it as fact, which right now it isn’t.

As I said, no offence intended.

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I think the range of diseases covered by this forum can come from many angles.

There’s a guy here that got sick from taking 5-HTP right after stopping SSRI. I mean the next day.
He ended up with similar symptom to the rest of us and clearly it was from an accumulation of Serotonin.

Others have been talking about suppressed androgen receptors after suppressing DHT and suddenly releasing it.

The way I see it, we have an unbalanced endocrinian system. It can have different causes and does have a variety of effects within a common set.

I can argue the vagus nerve is unregulated, the acetyl-choline complex unbalanced. I think the GABA and its receptors are definitely involved and in disarray and the nucleus acumbens, where lies the dopamine receptors also has trouble. I could add the thyroid and the adrenal gland as well. Oops I forgot androgen hormones and receptors. Oh yes, and the food allergies…

Now I will look at Glucocorticoids as I’ve read of their role and how they can unbalance or be unbalanced by other neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes, neurosteroids etc… The more I read, the more weird words I have in my vocabulary.

My opinion and my approach is that not a single remedy works because we suffer from multiple imbalances. And that’s why I’m using a multiple approach regimen that in theory tries and balances different aspects at the same time. (with 20 supplements or more…lol)

So far so good for me. But I’m always afraid all those supplements will eventually accumulate or the body get acustomed to them and then I will have a major, maybe permanent crash.

But I’d rather stay positive and believe I will be relatively symptom free until time heals me.

Time is the most common healer in all those success stories.


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