Totally better

Hi Guys.

Today I Recieved an email from a member asking me how I was doing and remembered about the forum! I’m happy to say I feel totally recovered.

I used 1 mg of generic fin for 5 years with no break.

Some of my sides on the drug were prostate pain, trouble urinating, became a recluse, had urges to harm people who came close to me in social situations, total impotence, lack of interest in women.

I after I quit I crashed, you can read in my previous posts. My tesicles wasted away to almost nothing, I had bad penile shrinkage and massive fat gain. My eyes had black bags under them for about 3 months and I was basically a walking zombie, people thought I was a drug user probably. I couldn’t sleep more than about four hours a night for about a year and thought I’d never recover.

Now I have no sexual problems, no prostate problems, no sleep issues, generally I feel on top of the world.

I’d like to help anyone who wants advice.

Some pictures of my body now.

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