Totally better


Hi Guys.

Today I Recieved an email from a member asking me how I was doing and remembered about the forum! I’m happy to say I feel totally recovered.

I used 1 mg of generic fin for 5 years with no break.

Some of my sides on the drug were prostate pain, trouble urinating, became a recluse, had urges to harm people who came close to me in social situations, total impotence, lack of interest in women.

I after I quit I crashed, you can read in my previous posts. My tesicles wasted away to almost nothing, I had bad penile shrinkage and massive fat gain. My eyes had black bags under them for about 3 months and I was basically a walking zombie, people thought I was a drug user probably. I couldn’t sleep more than about four hours a night for about a year and thought I’d never recover.

Now I have no sexual problems, no prostate problems, no sleep issues, generally I feel on top of the world.

I’d like to help anyone who wants advice.

Some pictures of my body now.

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Hey, how did you recover? Please tell us. Thanks.


You have an amazing body shape! Like me before pfs crash!
What have you done? Please reply. Thx.


Hi Guys. So recovery…abstain from any sexual activity for prolonged period of time to try and somehow give your system a break. At some point get in the gym and force yourself to train (I know this might seem impossible but you have to) training must be circuit style/high intensity intervals on cross trainer etc (use caffeine preworkout). Need to eat clean (high protein low carb) and no smoking or drinking. I’ll be honest I started an Anavar cycle when these photos were taken, that’s why I look in great shape. I’m now using TRT (200mg test E) and SARMS (Ostarine and cardarine), similar effects (I think after the testicles have been fried by Propecia some sort of hormone replacement is the only solution) (I got this idea from another member who used pro hormones in a similar fashion and had success). Three years on I have no issues apart from PE (use dapoxetine and cialis) and long refactory period.

Hope this helps…

Veteran question: How many people has testosterone supplementation helped
Where are all the recovery stories?

Thank you very much for your reply.
It’s very appreciated.
One question: after propecia have you developed weight gain and pot belly?


Yes massive weight gain and belly…that’s due to hormones being out of sync. Try the things I recommended…good luck.

Lack of sex drive = lack of motivation to live

Sorry… What does it mean PE?..
Thank you!


Impotence, DE i understand.


Did you have any neurological sides or all sexual?


PE = Premature Ejaculation.


you have PE from pfs ? me too …


Firstly i would like to thankyou sincerely for coming back to this forum with this information.
I’ve had the same issues as you had for years now due to steroid use i started taking finasteride to combat hairloss being caused by testosterone and dianabol.
I was cycling testosterone enth deca and Dbol and using 1.25mg of Finasteride.
As soon as i started the finasteride along came major issues penile shrinkage numbness total lack of desire zero libido impotence ball ache etc
I was a fool and listened to the hairloss guys saying don’t worry it will soon pass just stay on Finasteride things with level off needless to say they didn’t so i took the next step of advice take viagra until things get better but yet again nothing changed by this time 3 or 4 months had passed so i was worried that if i stopped Finasteride my hair would shed faster than pre finasteride as this is what the hairloss forums tell you so i ended up with a decision on my hands option 1 take finasteride keep hair and use viagra to compensate for some of the sexual issues or option 2 stop Finasteride and lose hair.
I stupidly took option 1 and stayed with finasteride in the hope that things would sort themselves out eventually.
Years later I decided enough was enough i couldn’t bare all of these side effects and the yoyo effects of steroids it was time to stop steroids and finasteride and try to get back to normality.
To my shock after strict pct i was still stuck with genital numbness impotence etc
I tried clomid tamox hcg etc but nothing seemed to help I went to a doctor which was quite a negative experience with no real answers.
I decided to continue to lurk this forum for a few years trying various ways drugs and supplements to make things better.
To be honest nothing really helped I’ve tried most of the protocols with no real improvement.
I’ve now gone a full circle ended up back at my doctors with no real answers from them again so i asked if i could see a urologist.
First visit to urologists i informed doctor of issues and mentioned the steroids and Finasteride I then had the physical examination and was told I’m suffering with secondary hypogonadism the urologist thinks my system is not producing enough testosterone he said the combination of steroids and finasteride has basically crashed my system.
I had some blood tests they found my testosterone levels low im currently due for another blood test to check levels again then I will be starting TRT.
Your post has definitely made me feel very positive as to this maybe the road out of this mess.
I show all the signs of low testosterone i.e
Low libido erectile dysfunction impotence muscle loss extreme depression and anxiety tiredness memory issues painful joints and back pain etc
Keeping in mind these are all symptoms of pfs too its all very much a mess that I’m never going to walk away from without medical help.
Since joining this forum recently I’ve been keen with pushing people back towards doctors and urologists as i feel many people may put themselves through all the drug and supplement trials pointlessly if they haven’t already had blood tests and spoken to doctors to at least report symptoms.
Without blood tests we are in the dark.
My hope is that I have the same success that you have had and I will be able to come back to this forum with the same positive story / outcome and help other people out of this awful mess before they waste years of their lives stuck in this horrible situation.

Don’t give up on doctors if you get thrown from your horse dont be disheartened climb back up on it and try again.
It’s highly unlikely anyone on this forum is going to find a cure to these problems medical help is the only sensible way forward.
Rule out every single possible acknowledged medical cause before you condemn yourself.
Stay as positive as you can


Sign me up, lol. I’d take that over it being extremely difficult to finish a lot of the time.


what do you mean ? :sweat_smile: my english is not so good sry


but i think not many here have PE except us


I meant I’d almost rather have PE than the opposite. It’s extemely difficult for me to ejaculate unless I wait 3-4 days between each time. It sounds good… being able to last forever, but in reality it sucks


I have to teach my doctors what pfs is. I might as well go see a dentist, he wouldn’t have a clue just the same but at least he could check my teeth.


I cant imagine teaching or more to the point trying to teach a doctor is going to be productive they are set in their ways.
What we have to do is work with them
Explain our symptoms voice our opinion and then let the doctor have his opinion heard.
Going in their with PFS on the brain isn’t going to get us anywhere we are basically asking a doctor to agree with the self diagnosis of a syndrome that has next to zero medical acknowledgement in todays medical world
Unless we see a doctor that specializes in PFS the outcome will be the same everytime.


We have to make the best of what we have mate.
Unless you have thousands of dollars and a ticket to fly out to one of these famous doctors your stuck with what’s to hand.

Either way any medical help has to be better than zero we can sit hear tapping keyboards reading studies trying to make sense of things or we can put that same amount of effort and time getting out their asking for help.


I prefer zero medical help. But that’s my choice. Doctors will rarely ask you what you’re eating. they will ask very few questions, response with uhum, uhum, not listen to you and then prescribe you drugs. Drugs are not meant to be in a human body (if they did, the body would produce them). They mess things up.

6 weeks after I crashed, a friend of mine told me I could fix everything with diet. Turns out he was right. I changed my diet to a no carbs, high saturated fat, high protein diet, eating things that have only one ingredient (like steak or kale) and everything is fixing itself, 95% of it has been fixed already.

Ketogenic diets fix most diseases with time, including heart diseases, vascular disease, diabetes, some cancers (cancer feeds on carbs), arthritis, epilepsy, seizures, autism, Parkinson, obesity, traumatic brain injuries (the brain is made of saturated fat), multiple sclerosis, fatty liver, Alzheimer, migraine / headache, colon ulceration, gastric reflux, anxiety, depression, insomnia, food allergies… the list is long and it includes many pfs symptoms.

An additional anecdotal story: I had macaroni and cheese for dinner yesterday. I though I’d be doing a “carbs reload”. As a result, I didn’t sleep all night and I’ll have a messed up day. I broke the diet, I got my misery refunded to me. Today, I’ll go zero carbs and full on protein and saturated fat. Tonight, I’ll sleep good and tomorrow I’ll have a symptom free day.

You go to a doctor to get drugs. Then you discover new ways of being sick. Doctors are expensive drug dealers that works with pharmaceutical companies. They get bonuses, free trips etc… from them.

That’s just my opinion and thank God I’m not a medical practitioner.