Palmettohexed sexual recovery, my 3 things, and my crazy labs

First let me start with my recovery. Sexually, I fluctuate between 90-100%. Penile tissue changes have also gotten better. Probably about 90% in that regard too.

I still suffer from some depression issues but that also has much improved. 2 months ago I was strongly considering anti-depressants. Sleep is still the biggest issue with me.

As far as my labs… well, have a look:
Prolactin 16.4 (4.0-15.2 ng/ml) H
Free T3 2.6 (2.2-4.2 pg/ml)
Free T4 1.33 (0.80 - 1.90 ng/dl)
Vitamin D 90 (30-100 ng/ml
Testosterone 889 (300-1080 ng/dl)
SHBG 75.8 (16.5-55.9 nmol/L)
Free Testosterone 114.4 (47-244 pg/ml)
Estradiol 20.3 (<60.7 pg/ml)

I was surprised my prolactin would be elevated considering the short refractory period I have, and no, I didn’t “release” before the blood draw. I am taking a short course of Armour Thyroid to help kick start my thyroid. My T3 was in the low range, but normal. Maybe subclinical hypothyroid? Hypothyroid can cause elevated prolactin. The vitamin D level is without supplementing. Just sun exposure.

The question is, how can I have such a high SHBG but have a free test reading in the middle range? Seems contradictory.

My three things: The things I think that may have helped me:

  1. Xanax: Actually a really good drug if used responsible. Induces a favorable hormone profile. Increase GH, Testosterone, and lowers prolactin. I use it for sleep only. I’ll start trying to wean off soon.
  2. Glandulars, PMGs, peptide bioregulators, organ meats. Like heals like.
  3. Healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise.
  4. Faith. I know I said 3 but faith, hope is important.
  5. “The Avengers” movies. Kept that wanna be superhero inside of me alive.

I have started a prolactin and SHBG lowering protocol. Mucana Pruiens to lower prolactin (and yes, my balls increased in size due to this bean. It will be part of my permanent stack. I will rotate it. Boron, 10 mg in the am to lower SHBG. I will also restart the creatine because if my SHBG comes down, I want that freet to convert to dht.

I hope this helps somebody.

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Vitamin D 90 (30-100 ng/ml ?
how much VitD3 you are taking daily? it looks very good.
Also your total T looks good too? are you on TRT ?

he’s not on TRT nor is he taking vitamin d3

I dont think Boron lowers SHBG very much, I’ve used it before and my SHBG has been between i think 83 and highest was 105, not had it tested since last year tho. My Testosterone is very high last two times it was tested 28 and 35.3 (range 8.6-29) Had a handful of recoveries but none have stuck so far, penis is not always shrivelled up anymore and is also warm now and not cold. Libido is crap but, cialis works very well for me tho so guess i must have some libido, and seems to work better lately its almost like I’m my old self when i use it.

Here is a Paper describing how insulin injections lower SHBG shown to me on Solve pfs by m_c

what is your story?
Did you use Fin or SawPalmetto?
how long did you use?
when did you stop?
what were your main issues?