Hot Water Therapy/ Diet/ Sun/Masturbation. 90% Recovered and climbing

Hello Lads,

After some time off this forum I have returned with some promising progress in my therapeutic efforts.

I have mentioned this before and I think some other users have been aware of this phenomenon -> Summer Libido!? I always notice my libido increasing in the summer time, which has gotten stronger and stronger in the last two years. I regularly spend short periods of time in the sun, bare skin, no sunscreen. Natural Vitamin D has a profound impact on my wellbeing, one I could never replicate with supplements.

In addition to this libido increase, I started spraying my upper legs and groin area with very hot water in the shower. This is due to occasional numbness I experience in my left leg since before even taking Accutane 6 years ago. I like to call this hydrotherapy, which is known to help nerve problems.

This is where it gets interesting:

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who over the years, has gotten into the habit of flexing ones pelvic floor to try and maintain an erection. The muscle you used to use to make your d**k jump or “flex”. This led me to develop PE a few years ago, which got to a point where I couldn’t hold it in for even a minute.

After focusing on deliberately not trying to flex that muscle, totally relaxing my pelvic floor, and adding the hot water to my groin area…I have made significant progress in sexual function. I am able to maintain erections for over 30min without the help of any pills or supplements (which I have eliminated from my diet as a whole).

The next time you masturbate I suggest you try it out. Totally relax your pelvic floor muscles and don’t try and force an erection by flexing. It will seem quite contradictory to what we have been doing for years, but it has brought progress like no other.

There is lots of information on the importance of the pelvic floor in relation to sexual function and I strongly advise you guys to have a look and explore your own body.

Current Libido: After countless trials and errors, I have dropped all supplements and medication from my regimen. Gym at least 3x a week. Diet rich in carbs and vegetables + masturbating once a day for 30 days straight = Libido is the best it’s ever been. I think about sex on a regular basis and had sexual fantasies I used to have before taking accutane. I literally felt the Brain/Dick connection come alive again more and more. The other day I was actually really horny again…oh man what a feeling. Morning erections are back like never before!?’s hard to believe really.

It may be time, diet or regular masturbation…but I’ve gotten back to 90% of my pre-accutane self. I strongly believe that I will soon reach the 99% if I keep doing the things that brought me to this level.

I want to thank this community for being a respectful and kind environment, which allowed me to express my struggles openly and honestly. This community helped me in a lot of my dark times and for that I will be forever grateful. Keep fighting lads, you owe it to yourself.



That’s great you’re feeling much better man

Did your brain/dick connection disappear and for how long before it suddenly came back?

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@Daytona Very interesting. Do you have or had any issues with your pelvic floor while sitting or lying on your bed?

I always thought eating carbs is not going to improve anything. I am now trying to masturbate everyday, 2-3 times gym per week and do the paleo-diet.

Hi sg8627,

The connection pretty much disappeared for a good 2 years before it started to come back. Only now in 2021, I have been getting erections consistently by fantasising and being in the presence of attractive woman.

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Hi Jonnas12,

I’ve had a few problems with my pelvis floor in the past. The most notable one is inability to control my toilet visits. I had leakage and the sense of weakness down there. Right now I have regained control and I am also able to control ejaculation, which was always a problem for me.

I also believed that masturbation and carbs were bad, due to diet trends and the infamous ‘no fap’ movement. However, sex is an important part of human well-being and it has helped me regain my sexual function. I must mention that I have done a few rounds of abstinence, the longest lasting about 2 months. Felt worse and libido went down to a near 0. Carbs also made a huge difference in my energy levels and libido, especially pasta.

@Daytona For now I am trying to go on with my current diet and if needed I will give it a try with eating more carbs.

Did you do other exercises for the pelvic floor issue beside the one you have mentioned already?

No, none at all. Relaxing it is all I am doing. Any other exercises I tried to do only made it worse. Especially Kegels. Do try and incorporate some pasta in your diet, it really made a big difference for me and I used to eat gluten free. Avoid things like bread and pastries.

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@Daytona Thank you for your advice. I am doing kegels since last week and did not notice any improvement, I would rather say it worsened in my case. In my opinion alcohol is reducing the pelvic floor issue aswell but just for a few days and than go back to “normal” state.

That’s exactly what happened to me. However, alcohol actually doesn’t effect me negatively, if anything it increases my libido the next day.

Makes sense, it tanks serotonin on rebound.

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Thank you for your hopeful message, Daytona. Did you also experience penile shrinkage and numbness?

Go live your life!

Hi Crembo,

Yes. In the beginning it was bad, but I believe it‘s due to the lack of proper blood flow to the penis. I don’t believe in the idea that one’s penis actually shrinks physically. Currently my penis is full nearly all the time and hangs like it used to. I also get random erections again.

Hang in there man,


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Very encouraging, thanks. I’m really trying to reassure myself there’s no actual tissue loss, even though it looks and feels so messed up all the time. Stories like yours give me the strength to continue.

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I have also had improvements in orgasm by totally relaxing the pelvic floor. It is very counter-intuitive if you have been tensing your pelvic floor whilst masturbating. Worth a try.


I had the same shrinkage and still do from time to time, but overall the fullness has returned. It’s taken a few years and I attribute it to time, natural supplements, exercise and lots of prayer.
Hang in there.


I thought the same thing Crembo, it really seemed like I lost size but I‘m fine now. Remember, your penis will naturally shrink temporarily…especially during sport etc.


I know. It’s completely different from the shrinkage I used to get from sports or the cold, though. I know what that’s like. This is more like a structural change. Anyway, thank you for reporting back!


Hey Daytona,

any update on how you’re doing?

The not ‘flexing’ pelvic floor does seems counter-intuitive for sure. What made you think to do this @Daytona? Is there any documentation or support or therapy that had recommended this? How long did you do this for?

Were there other exercises you tried or recommended?

Hi there,

The therapy I mentioned above has continued to benefit me and throughout the summer of 2021 I felt the best I’ve felt since my accutane days.

I do however have to emphasise the importance of mental health in synergy with this protocol.

I’ve had some rough patches in my private life which diminished my mental state. Uni work and relationships get ya. When I’m down it definitely doesn’t work as well. However, my erections are still consistent… even if the libido tanks sometimes.

Started using arginine and citrulline again, which are hands down the best for hard wood.

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