JoeKool’s story: Long term HCG

Yes After nearly 4 years of suffering, I have finally & fully recovered from Post Finasteride Syndrome

All my symptoms have subsided and improved with this method which takes a while but I am fully functional

It’s H.C.G (HCG) dosed at 250IU Monday, Wednesday and Friday only. I did this for 6 months straight but at the 10th week or so, the improvements were weekly.

That is 250IU, not a typo… so you’ll mix your 5000iu HCG with 5CC water and take 1/4 CC intramuscular three times a week using an insulin needle.

Penile shrinkage reversed and might actually be fuller than pre PFS. I have erections from stimulation, random & morning wood again. As well as nocturnal from different tests I performed. I had an injury due to weak penile tissue at the week of my crash in Oct of 2016 and that’s filled out too. I can feel the slight difference during an erection but it’s negligible and improving even while off HCG.

Overall testicular size is obviously returned with HCG treatment. The scrotal tightening that I used to experience is gone too. My genitals hang properly, are warm and have proper color. This area was the most recovery and reversal of symptoms.

The dosage needs to be low and steady, do not increase or add a day thinking more is better. Long term HCG treatment at high dosages can cause issues. (Read up on desensitization of Leydig Cells but don’t get nervous at this plan)

LH stimulation from HCG also improves all downstream steroid production like progesterone which then produces and replenishes neurosteroids. Allopregnanolone is a big factor here. My depression and social withdrawal has diminished as well.

Here are two interesting studies but understand the conditions of these patients were not PFS but helps with my research

Enhanced stimulation of 5 alpha-reductase activity in cultured Leydig cell precursors by human chorionic gonadotropin. - PubMed - NCBI

Penile Growth in Response to Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) Treatment in Patients with Idiopathic Hypogonadotrophic Hypogonadism

I was described this method by a great group I stumbled upon who showed me this video from Poland of a doctor’s clinical work:

My brain fog and memory have also recovered, and the doctor from the video (as well as my previous experience with HCG) shows this continues well after treatment stops.

I also used only:

Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A with a fatty meal daily.

Magnesium Taurate and Glycine before bed

These are support supplements, are OTC and inexpensive so I think it’s required. Do not ADD anything else. No DHEA, herbs, prohoromones, nothing else… HCG is LH stimulation and lets the body do the work.

I have one friend who’s trying the HCG treatment and has seen the most improvements of all previous attempts at recovery. We both now respond to supplements like pre-pfs, such as RANDRO & herbs (I highly suggest you don’t mix diff supps in with this protocol)

I’ve been off everything except the vitamins & amino listed above so I’m posting this to get the recovery out to anyone who wants to try.

Please post this anywhere and everywhere to help ppl with this debilitating syndrome. I have recovered and those that know me know my history. I’ve only ever wanted to be healthy again & help my fellow brothers. I have no sources of HCG & won’t link to any.

I will describe how to mix & inject safely so people who are concerned can rest easy, there’s no pain with insulin needles & recovery is worth overcoming the fear.

I deeply appreciate anyone who’s chatted with me. Get to a doctor who’ll listen and work with you.

I have more research links to post too. Good luck to anyone researching and anyone who’s already started. Slow & steady


How did you get a prescription for hCG? What kind of doctor did you talk to and what did you tell him? I assume hCG is not something you can acquire easily without a prescription?

Can you please post more details about your symptoms, duration of use of Fin, how long have you been symptom free and stuff like that?..It really helps and im happy you are feeling better

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This is an exact copy of my post on another forum from 3/3/17

As anyone can guess, I used Finasteride. not once but twice. never properly vetting such a strong drug for it’s side affects.

First was Oct 2015 thru Jan 2016, as much as 1MG daily. but the sides were too much so I stopped. and recovered nearly instantly with never a guess to search the internet.

Then April of 2016 came and someone made a comment of my hair line so back on Finasteride I went, but this time I was going to be smart. only take .25mg every other day. just to keep things at bay and save my hairline. in fact, someone commented after a few months that they saw a difference.

But Fin changes you. you don’t realize it. but it’s happening. we know about hardly being interested in sex and libido. but the brain fog sneaks up and you find yourself still poisoning yourself not knowing you’re poisoning yourself. then came sweat fits. no idea where or when, but drenched with sweat at the slightest inclining of anxiety

So I stopped cold turkey after 6 months. with a recovery about 10 or so days after. but that didn’t stick. and I noticed more of a shriveled penis plus a retracting feeling. so I searched. and was absolutely heartbroken at what I’ve learned.

I’ve tried several attempts but haven’t been right since Oct 10th. and I found this site which provided some answers and hope. I learned of the allo issues and my newfound constant state of anxiety. I previously learned of another recovery’s protocol which I tried and noticed some improvements .I believe those members are on this thread and I wish to be a part of this board for two important reasons.

Hope at recovery
Help for anyone I can

I actually maintained decent muscle and continue to hit the gym 6 days a week despite the side affects.

Edit: this is Just a cut and paste from 3/2017. This is not my present condition and there is no round 2 with randro, or anything like that.

Are you fully recovered or not? If so what’s the need for a ‘round 2’?

Omg that’s just a cut and paste from 3/3/17 when I was trying everything. That is NOT a present posting but it’s for the person who wanted my history

Sheesh I didn’t think that would be so misunderstood instantly

Ye its confusing, looks like you doing round 2 NOW

No no I put the statement at the beginning that was it was from 3/3/17 and then added a footer too to clarify.

There is no round 2. The first post is the important one, skip past my history if it’s helps clarify.


Prepare to get bombarded with questions :D…
I assume you can understand how desperate we all are for recovery stories…
One question is to me the most important…Did you have genital numbness and did you recover from it?

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Here’s a study that might be old news but shows hcg:

I had numbness @silentpain89 but things returned during the hcg and even continued after. Orgasm strength, for example, improved as the ability to use it returned. I compared this to having like an arm in a cast for months or longer, then you have to have physical therapy to get strength back.

And yes I’ll answer anything I can, there’s another thread elsewhere with a lot of info and i will try my best here. Hopefully some of the promising results of others can set the direction.


Did you happen to have any bloodwork done before and after… if so, any changes?

Glad you’re better!

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Unfortunately, blood work doesn’t tell the full story so after my initial crash, i did get a sex hormones panel and they were fine on paper. The issue, in my opinion, is neurosteroids that blood tests don’t properly show.

As many PFS sufferers have been told by countless doctors after blood work, “It’s all in your head”

Well, they’re actually right, but not how they think it is!


Sure, but have they changed?

Awesome to hear. Glad you’re doing better. I’ve pondered this hcg approach for a while.

Can I ask while you were taking hcg did you have to take an a i to combat estrogen dominance or see any signs of gynecomastia related to taking hcg?

And did you have any ibs symptoms( irregular bowel movements, inflammation etc) from pfs that subsided after starting the hcg protocol?

Thank you for your input and post.

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How often did you have sex/orgasm/masturbation during your treatment?

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At this dosage, an AI shouldn’t be needed and i didn’t use one while on this protocol. One user went to 200iu EOD and has some E sides so he went down to 150iu EOD. I like how my protocol gives you a day off (Sunday) to level out. Hcg is out of your system by hour 24.

While on hcg, I absolutely had sexual intercourse. I didn’t hold back for nofap purposes.

I never went back for bloodwork as it never told the story of pfs. It’s hard to understand at first but they’re not showing what’s active in the brain, so our test/dht is typically fine. In fact, I still get the question “My Lh is fine, will hcg work for me?”

We’re simply replenishing and repairing the neurosteroids destroyed by blocking 5aR. We’re doing so by gently nudging our numbers slightly higher than normal LH so as to not overwhelm receptors or cause sensitivity issues. That’s why i keep saying slow & steady. Nothing will repair months or years of blocking 5aR in 3 weeks. Still, don’t take my word for it, the studies I posted & other users are seeing results so wait for more ppl to share.


Are there any herbs available on the market that work on the LH similar to what HCG does? Ultimately i understand they wont be as effective but just to see any potential benefits before taking such a step

thank you for coming back to share your recovery. question: did you have IBS or irregular bowel movements during PFS? and did they subside after recovery?

Hcg does have some thyroid positive benefits but I didn’t have any ibs issues per se. With the newfound anxiety from initial crash, I certainly worked my best to avoid situations that would trigger anxiety issues that manifested in sweat fits and a rush to the bathroom. I don’t think it was ibs but I’m not suffering either issues any longer. Still, one thing I noticed and others have reported is we now respond better to other meds or herbs. So try to tackle things in steps, after hcg, if anything lingers like ibs (which may or may not be related to pfs but could be exasperated by pfs) , then we tackle that separate. You’ll be surprised at all hcg resolves. Watch that video, the man had muscle tremors that dramatically reduced. Not a pfs symptom but just showing it’s efficacy and breadth of uses.

Unfortunately, no herb will have such a profound effect on a pharmaceutical issue. Nothing will compare to hcg in direct strength and what it’s mimicking.

In fact, on this forum, a user reported he cycled a specific version of tribulus and that triggered a ton of use cases, none of which were successful. Everyone seemed to miss his first post where he took an injection that stimulates Lh in a very strong fashion, one I directly don’t recommend. It wasn’t the trib that helped him, it was the Lh.

@Chapman at this dose, 750iu weekly, the video had users on it for 2 years. So the safety and efficacy is more than adequate for our use.


Thanks Joe at least we know its safe to stay on it longer than 6 months if necessary.

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