JoeKool’s story: Long term HCG

@Joekool Thanks for the update Joe! I wish you all the best. I’ll probably try your protocol in the
near future. Damn you got me excited :smiley:

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Are you still taking VitD3? if yes what is your dosage?

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Thank you for sharing this @Joekool, would you wake up exhausted every morning and do you sleep great now?

Thank you for posting JoeKool, and for answering my questions on raypeat. If anything, the hope you have given me with this recovery protocol has pulled me through in the last couple of months. When I needed it the most.

Currently I’m trying some other, less invasive, stuff, until I consult with my andrologist/endo professor in January. I’ll discuss this protocol with him. At least he has heard from PFS so I hope he won’t be dismissive as all the other docs I’ve been to.

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If you would be so kind to provide a genuine member story, that would be great.

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Also what other forum were you on?

Here’s another study of 5aR activity, though in a lab:

I continued to take vitamin D3 fairly reliably for about a few weeks after my last hcg injection in late Feb 2020, but now I’d say I’m not reliably taking it. I’ll do 2000iu vitamin D3 on a Sunday if I remember. Remember that is the cholesterol that all hormones are built off of like test and progesterone so you want a good source of it, though it does build up in the body.

@Wintermoon what do you mean member story? My own or other users on here currently on the protocol, with promising results thus far.

@Lostinaustin pfs seems to hit everyone with many similarities but some levels of each symptom differently. One of my new friends I met from this issue had full insomnia. So far, he’s got about 3 weeks left of the protocol but has stated his insomnia is gone, he’s properly tired at night and wakes up ‘normal’. I didn’t have insomnia but I also used glycine which does help with sleep. I don’t use it anymore reliably. I also use caffeine. I sleep normal now and naturally wake up without an alarm clock but during pfs, it was a secondary issue I had. I didn’t have great sleep but it wasn’t a major ailment for me. One big issue of mine during pfs which may sound similar was the inability to focus and multitask at work. So that manifests itself, for me, in a lethargy and depression. So waking up wasn’t a “Let’s tackle this amazing day!” feeling during pfs as I knew what I was in for. Maybe that’s similar to what you’re asking but not exactly. One person who just started a couple weeks ago, posted he already had sleep improvements even though it’s early going, to which he said “I’ll take it! “ meaning it’s a big step in the right direction for him.

@pokertje you can google my name and the condition but please , please , note the thread gets messy in the middle when a false guru shows up and tries to discredit me. He’s been banned there twice and also here, twice. So most ppl see through it and many call him out on it. Fortunately, enough ppl both here and there are on this protocol seeing results so you can ignore his gibberish.

@Crembo anytime man! We’re all in this together and I’m psyched and hopeful for the results thus far. There is one user on the other forum, I won’t call him out, but he’s the furthest through the protocol and is stating everything is going great. He just did a cleanse recently and it’s helping him too. I didn’t do that but I will say myself and others respond better to supplements again post hcg. But even here, there’s a cpl on the protocol so I’m praying for them.


Find a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy clinic at least that is how here in Canada Ab. They will pretty much write you a script for anything after you sit down with them. You ll get it from a pharmacy, a little over $100 a month for the protocol and you can trust the hcg is safe.

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This forum has provided a few steps that it likes new users to take.

Among which is posting a ‘member story’ according to a specific provided format to provide a clear and concise picture of the person, history and symptoms. I know you’ve described details of your story and recovery trajectory and methods in your past posts but if you went through all the steps in the linked thread above and formatted your experiences in this established format, (rather than have it spread out over several posts and threads on different forums), that would be great.

It basically makes it easier for future victims to find and read your story and recovery trajectory without having to spend hours and hours on the internet putting all the pieces of the puzzle together from seperate forum posts, you see?

It also helps as a data point for researchers and doctors when the information is presented in this manner as they have a clearer picture of patient profiles and experiences. Having them formatted in similar ways helps them establish accurate data.

I know it may be a bit of a hassle the first time but I think many people (especially forum admins/mods) would appreciate the effort.


Understood @Wintermoon I will do it

For the record, I did have a brief chat with a mod regarding my survey. I was working through it but wasn’t sure if it was best to answer as if I was still in the midst of PFS or how functional I am now. So I know there’s a lot of trust on my shoulders by posting without that info but I felt it was important to get this out sooner than later, as ppl here and on another forum are seeing results. In fact, another person just posted he’s 4 weeks in and has some ‘appreciable’ mental improvements, which I’m truly happy for.

I’ll definitely work on that @Wintermoon and answer anything I can. I’m hopeful others will see results and provide continued support for one another.


Do you recommend this for individuals with all pfs sides except sexual sides?

And how did you taper off when you finished six months of hcg treatment?

Yes 100%. This protocol is all for the neurosteroid benefits. This has helped anxiety, depression, ability to focus at work, sleep. That’s not just my results, that’s several other’s who are on it.

There is no need to taper at this dosage and protocol. You simply take your last shot and that’s it.


What do you think about 250iu every second day without 2 day offs ?

Joe, Did you take any AI while on HCG? If not, did your estrogen spike at all?

It was decided the survey is for those currently experiencing post-drug symptoms, as implied by membership here. Thanks for being truthful in your discussions about this.

However, if you could fill out the member-story outline (with completed symptoms checklist as if you still had PFS, dosage and duration of use, treatments, and time-frames of symptom development and recovery) it would be much appreciated by the staff and other members. The symptoms checklist is independent from the survey and not being analyzed in any official way, so it’s cool to do this as long as you provide a brief explanation.

I’m assuming there is some confusion between the long post-drug symptoms survey and the brief member story outline/checklist because a member story is a strict prerequisite for the survey. The forum software should actually be restricting access to the survey to only those who have completed a member story.

If you would like, I could attach the posts in this topic to your member story topic after you have completed it. Just PM me when it’s done.

I replied earlier that, at this dose, an AI shouldn’t be needed as the low dose shouldn’t aromatize enough to cause estrogen issues. I’ll also add, estrogen is needed for men in proper balance and it’s actually what sensitizes our androgen receptors which is where we get our libido from. DHT is then “uptaken” to take physical action on the libido. So you actually want the estrogen that may aromatize from hcg to continue to get your body to balance itself out. By adding an AI, you add yet another chemical into the mix and cause side effects.

@slick1 I honestly can’t speculate on that dose. I mentioned I liked my protocol because it gave Sundays off as the Friday HCG injection will be out of your system in 24 hours.

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How is everyone in the US getting ahold of HCG? Most doctors I’ve seen would roll their eyes at me if I tried to self prescribe this


I was reminded by a great fellow supporter who’s also on hcg & seeing results that the Vitamin D3 requirement should not be overlooked. I listed it in my original post but the importance may be overlooked

Edit : I’m putting this following line in () as I may be mistaken regarding Cholecalciferol but the D3 remains an important factor. (The D3 is the cholesterol by which all other hormones are created so we want to ensure adequate amounts.) @trav & anyone on HcG. Please ensure.

Edit 12/2/2020 2pm until I can validate D3 pathway.

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I was able to obtain HCG from a hormone replacement doctor in New York. He generally provides TRT as treatment, but I asked for something requiring less than a lifetime commitment, hoping to get hCG, and he provided it. I didn’t share with this doctor that I have PFS because of the typical responses we normally get.

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I have been on VitD3 only for the last 10 years with great benefits.
When I see people mix up VitD3 with other things then it is very hard to decide what is doing what. They wrongfully attribute their success to other stuff when indeed it is VitD3 which is doing all the job. Logically HCG can benefit you but on the same time it will suppress LH and FSH through negative feed back. After prolong use LH and FSH will become very low. Have you measured your LH/FSH any time during and after stopping HCG?