JoeKool’s story: Long term HCG

Check your sources.


At this dosage, I didn’t experience any shutdown but the negative feedback loop is more so involved with estrogen than Lh.

I’ll get right back on the D3. I’m 99% positive it’s the building block and I still believe it to be needed on the cycle but I’ll get the data on the creation of hormones shortly. I could have sworn I’ve seen dozens of charts showing the metabolism of D3 to prog, etc. I can’t find that data now so I’ll stand corrected regarding that unless I can find it.

Hi joe, sorry for my english.
How would you rate your orgasms now to pre-pfs % now?
Did your erection quality returned 100% back to normal?
Did your penis size and semen volume returned back to normal?

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So what’a your long-term plan? Are you going to use hcg forever?

I’m not on hcg anymore and haven’t been since end of Feb 2020.

@yedek1 yes , but with newfound return to use, it continues to strengthen and improve.

Check out my first post so you see my information

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Please correct me, you are saying you take only 2000IU of VitD3 on Sundays only, No VitD3 in other days. And this has been going on eversince you took the last shot of HCG on Feb, 2020. If this is the case then there there is something strange in your case. I cannot skip my VitD3 for any day.

Why exactly?

Yes that’s correct I no longer take vitD3 religiously like during the hcg cycle. If you decide the run the 6 month HcG protocol, I wouldn’t expect you to still be reliant on VitD3 but it’s safe to continue.

I won’t speculate too much on that point as it’s a great vitamin so continue after, if you decide to go this route

@Joekool Thanks for relaying this to everyone, and thank you again for what will likely be a litany of questions… We’re all stuck in this mire, but so happy that you managed to find a way out.

A few quick questions:

  1. Libido: I haven’t heard anything about libido yet. Did you suffer from no libido and has it returned to normal? This seems to be the most difficult symptom to fix across all recoveries.

  2. Exercise: Did you exercise normally, a lot, or not at all during the 6 month regimen? Concerned that exercise while on HCG might push the system too far and ruin any progress the HCG is doing.

  3. Diet: Fatty meals seems to do the trick and provide fuel for hormone production. Did you also do anything else such as fasting? Paleo? Avoiding gluten etc? Or just high-fat meals?

  4. Doctor vs. Online Clinic: Do you feel it is required to see a doctor for all this and get consistent tests? Of course it’s recommended to have doctor supervision, but that is exceedingly expensive, even with insurance. Do you think most online clinics will help provide the 5000IU of HCG with little fuss? New to this.

  5. How to mix correct Dose: How exactly are you mixing the appropriate 250IU dosage (from the 5000IU prescription) with water? This seems like a delicate procedure that you wouldn’t want to mess up.

Thank you again, and could not be more appreciative of your help.

  1. yes my libido returned during the cycle but I now realize it continued to improve as more and more balanced out. Estrogen sensitizes the male androgen receptors and it’s where we get our libido. Please watch that video I posted to see what happens after cessation, when the doctor is referring to andropause (that’s not PFS but it’s the area regarding how hormone levels remained healthy after stopping)

  2. I did workout with weights as usual. Hcg will boost your testosterone too so you’ll see nice results in the gym but I’m not a competitor or anything so just basic 3 or 4 days a week in the gym. Light cardio but nothing specific like HiiT. I actually think you’ll do well to add a healthy workout and not avoid it for fear of overdoing it. It helps build an appetite and makes you want to eat healthier. Keeping fat down will help keep estrogen low too.

  3. During my hcg cycle, I ate fairly clean but no keto nor fasting. I didn’t eat fast food. I really didn’t take any special dietary steps. The vitamin D3 was whenever I was having a meal with fat. Burger for example or bacon on salad. Nothing special here.

  4. I truly don’t know what’s best, I prefer ppl have proper guidance as this might be uncharted territory to many. I can offer an underground tip. After mixing your HCG like I’ve described below, put 3 drops on a cheap pregnancy test where the woman would urinate. If it comes back pregnant , then you know you have real HCG. I have no sources and won’t link to any but if you acquire it on your own, this test validates the product.

  5. You’ll need these supplies to run this:

30CC of bacteriostatic water
4 to 5 HCG packs (They usually come with 1cc of water but I didn’t use it)
100 insulin needles.
a 10CC sterile but open vial (has a removable rubber top)

I drew 1CC of water and reconstituted my HCG in the vial it comes in, then put it in the fridge to completely dissipate. then drew that 1CC HCG liquid and placed into the 10CC vial that’s empty. Added 4 more CC of water and put back in the fridge to completely dissipate again. I didn’t see any differences in the liquid but 4 to 8 hours should be enough. Reconstitued HCG lasts 60 days in this form but I drew 1/4 CC Monday, Wednesday & Friday only. Swabbed my side delt with an alcohol swab and pinned straight in. Pushed the plunger down and waited a few seconds to remove. I didn’t feel anything and saw no blood. I think I have some YouTube videos on reconstitution that I’ll post ASAP.


I am curious to see your blood reports for pre and post HCG. I am sure you will share them. I want to see how your blood parameters changed after HCG treatment. For example I have all the blood reports for my VitD3 treatment which show how my blood parameter changed in response to VitD3 treatment.

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@Joekool, please see the forum rules regarding making prescriptive statements:

Do not exert pressure on members to pursue self-medication. Patients differ dramatically in their symptoms and the severity of these, and significant further harm has been reported from following other users’ therapy suggestions. We understand the slow pace of scientific progress leaves patients in a difficult position, but this does not make DIY therapies any more safe or broadly effective. There is no known treatment for PFS.

PFS is not yet understood medically. Do not make definitive claims such as “PFS is this” or “Do this and it will cure you”. Instead, consider using language such as “I believe…” or “This has worked for me”. Please do not simply append “I believe” to a declarative post to evade this.

Contributions are most informative when you provide detailed accounts of your personal experiences clearly separated from inferences or theories. If you want to hypothesise or speculate, please ensure that it is clear from your post that you are presenting your personal opinion and the basis for that opinion. Do not make declarative statements regarding the etiology of PFS, or assert things without significant and specific evidence. Take care not to present your thoughts in a way that could be taken as medical advice.

The rules were left to slide a bit in your case because you are new to the forum and because you were directly asked to refrain from giving medical advice and simply share your treatment and results, but this is becoming more egregious as time passes.

I apologize. I truly stated ppl should get a doctor. I see the edits made and I’ll use the first person to describe my experiences and not as advice.

Thank you for sharing your experience to date. You got me to join the forum today.

To be clear, you came up with this protocol yourself, so we would have to convince an endo or a urologist or someone to implement it, correct? If they’re willing to prescribe HCG, the low dose shouldn’t be to hard to get, I guess. Much easier than a weirdly high dose.

Hey, I’m in Austin too. I found this on YouTube…this doc is prescribing the exact dosage as in JoeKool’s protocol it seems from the video.


Very interesting… I’ll look into him. Nice to have another PFSer in the same city. Doctors here have been useless over the last 8 years. Thanks @hopeful2020

I have another question…You said that you have used an insulin needle and injected intramuscular???Was that a typo, becuz there is no way you can reach the muscles with an insulin needle???

If you read the paper earlier in this thread, one of the two cases (#1) discusses a patient who left Argentina and got treated with HCG + estrogen inhibitor by Baylor College of Medicine in Houston with positive results. The Baylor doctor was Dr. Mohit Khera, which I know for sure because I emailed the Argentinian doctor who was the corresponding author and I asked. I’ve been able to search through the board and find mixed chatter about Dr, Khera, but most of it centered on research project progress, not his clinical treatment attempts. The point here is just to give you an example of a different type of doctor in Texas who has prescribed HCG, though not according to the low-dose mono therapy protocol. But it was specifically for PFS.


How long after having PFS should I wait to try something like this? It’s been 5 weeks since I took finasteride and my testicles are still shrinking, alarmingly small at this point. I just hate feeling so helpless, I want to do something about it

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If your 5 weeks off fin it doesn’t mean you have PFS you have to wait at least 3 months if your still having sides then yes you probably have it.