Who fully recoverd from penile shrinkage?

I’m 90% there as well, penis is full again and hangs normally. Doesn’t feels rubbery or light anymore, nor look like a frozen baby pinky. It’s pretty amazing what’s happening. It’s reversible.

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And these improvements have all come naturally?

No other medications or supplements?

A couple other Intersting things, now after I ejaculate my penis stays thicker and normal, months ago it would quickly shrivel up, also for 1.5 years after an ejaculation my face would flush and I would be really really tired, that has disappeared as well

I take 5000 vitamin C, 5000 iu vitamin D, multi, and 50 mg zinc

I worry about a lot of you guys, I feel like you won’t ever turn the corner on this syndrome. I never really knew what Chi meant until now. I can’t tell you how destructive your catastrophic thinking is, catastrophic thinking is:

  1. There is no way I will ever get better, I’m completely doomed
  2. I am the worst of the worst, no one has the symptoms as bad as me

It’s so easy to fall into that line of thinking but in order to recover you have to think positive, boost dopamine levels, RELAX, not obsess over the condition all the time, not obsess over Merck etc

I know it’s hard, might seem it’s impossible to do that, but a relaxed stress free environment and positive outlook will push you ahead. I too remember seeing Chi posts, or john Coleman posts and thinking it was bullshit but it’s not.


did you have erect shrinkage, flaccid shrinkage or both?

If erect, how long was your erect shrinkage? and how long was your flaccid shrinkage?

and lastly :wink: do you think you have regrown tissue or do you think that your penile shrinkage was due to blood flow?

Yes both types of shrinkage, it was horrible. I think it’s a blood flow issue for sure, a NO issue


Finatruth, I’ve pm’d you but received no reply. I am really trying to get help for pain.

For me when i have an erection, I have high libido and it feels like my bloodflow is high aswell… If you compare it with blowing up a baloon, it feels like the limit has been reached. So I think that its a penile tissue loss… Did you also think that, when you had shrinkage? Because for me it feels like my erection potential is at 100% already… doesnt feel like i need more libido or more bloodflow if you know what i mean. Im just wondering if you had the same

Its not positive thinking that cures your body. All that matters is what you do and you don’t necessarily need positive thinking to do something that has positive impact on your physicals. Positive thinking may have a little impact on your body but not much. I’ve eliminated all of my symptoms except low libido. I’ve done this within a very short time range just by doing something. I can even have sex already but my orgasm often sucks. Its not positive thinking that cured a big bunch of my symptoms. And let’s be honest: I don’t remember a single day in the last 3 years in which I didn’t think about killing myself at least 10 times.

Eliminating the sex life of someone is like taking away his natural heroin shots. We removed a VERY HUGE thing from the positive side of the scale and we put a VERY HUGE thing to the negative side, do you expect a positive result?. Expecting him to “think positively” out of nothing is just another expectation on top of the existing ones (like going to work for nothing 5 times a week). Long ago some of my friends told me that we live to fuck. I was laughing at the time but now I know that it was true. Without lust you men care about nothing. If you don’t want to bang chicks then you don’t want social status, and you don’t want to work or do anything for it.

The only thing that counts as positive for most on this forum is the hope to get cured of this shit. We know that most people didn’t get better in any way and some of them have PFS for ~15 years so I’m not surprised that some have a negative outlook on “life”. There is no surprise that people get depressed of PFS after a few years. Not because of the classic clinical depression but because of constantly having a crappy life and becoming more and more hopeless.

If the rest of you body is totally screwed up (you are fatty and you have boobs, bad sleep etc…) then don’t expect your body to repair your cock with high priority. It has other important things to do (like keeping your screwed up body alive). If you have crossed the line badly with PFS (like most of us) then your symptoms will get worse and worse (like my symptoms did) if you do nothing. As a first step try to get into a better shape by removing the fat from your body and building some muscle mass. Just by succeeding in this you get a huge positive impact.

I had a 5-10mm bump on the base of my penis and after getting rid of my fat deposits and getting into a better shape the bump has almost completely disappeared and healed within 2-3 weeks. That bump was a bit painful (but not much) when my cock was erect. My erections have also improved to the original (also the ability to achieve erections) and now my cock is about 2 cm longer when erect compared to what it was about half year ago. My guess would be that this difference is not the result of some kind of penis shrinkage and its healing but simply the improvement of erection quality. Because of my bump I completely believe if someone claims that his cock has been destroyed by pfs. Some papers say that sexual organ tissues and sexual functions in general take months or years to restore even if the rest of your body (your general health) is OK. If the rest of your body isn’t OK then its time to change everything that makes your health better. If your body is in very good condition and your body doesn’t have much work to do elsewhere then your cock gets higher priority.

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what did you do?

I completely agree with you Finatruth, sometimes I worry about coming here too often, there is so much negativity and the thinking that you can never recover is starting to weigh on me. I seemed to be doing great before I started posting a lot here and reading a lot of negativity, it is starting to mess with my mind. I do believe in negative energy and thinking, and manifestation, and I believe that all of us are manifesting good and bad things here. The good is getting PFS recognized, the bad is that the placebo affect could be causing some of us symptoms that otherwise we would not have. It is a powerful concept, in studies done with Finasteride BTW, a significant percentage of guys had lower DHT levels on a placebo! How do you explain that? Believing you are on a drug that lowers your DHT and your DHT lowers? Read the studies, so we should all be careful about that. Sounds like BS, but as I have gotten older I have learned that these things are true.

I have got improvements with my shrinkage but not completely reversed it.

Getting my testosterone levels back up in the health range Improved my shrinkage while flaccid almost completely. Sometimes when flacid it looks completely normal however other times it looks shrunk still. But I deff contribute the improvement in its flacid state to fixing my testosterone levels. Everyone here in my opnion should get their T levels back in the healthy range (700’s) regardless of what it takes to do so or what symptomd do or do not improve. Even if getting your T levels back in the 700 range makes you feel worse it’s still somthing I think everyone here needs to do.

As far as my shrinkage while erect I have not been able to get the level of improvements while erect by getting my T levels on the healthy range that I was able to get when flacid.

However recently with DHEA and prodtodiscion from high quality trib and aspargous I have got improvements in shrinkage while erect and just overall improvements in erections period.

I contribute my current shrinkage while erect to just having a weak erection and not so much permaant shrinkage. By no means am I done until at least I regain 90 percent of erection ability. By that I mean sise, strength and ability to acheive and maintain.

The weak oragasm, wwattery sperm and loss of sensation I suspect in my case will never get better. But I will not live a day with out making that my goal.

I will be rubbing topical DHEA cream directly on my penis soon hoping that will induce 5AR activity in the skin of it because I believe that in my case the DHT inhibiter shut down 5AR activity in my gential skin and prostrate.

I don’t think nerve damage is causing my sensitivity I think its lack of 5AR activity in that area

I’ve fiction had it with this. This thing is so unrelenting and doesn’t allow any room for sanity. Slowly shrink a healthy well endowed man’s dick permanently. Also what the fuck is up with my pelvis?? It’s like disappearing or shifting!! I used to feel my pelvic bones below my abs now it is a pot belly and a bunch of soft skin. Very much like a woman’s pelvis. This unbelievable BODY MUTATION/METAMORPHOSIS DUE TO A HAIR LOSS PILL makes me want to lose my fucking mind. I want to start beating my head into a rock until I bleed to death I’m so furious and awe struck. I can’t be pushed and prodded much longer. This is not parallel with anything I’ve experienced in all my life. Never have I seen a grosser imbalance between cause and effect. It almost does not mentally register that this is reality. I’m very close to killing a lot of motherfuckers that need to die

The human body is a gross discussing fucking slab of fat and flesh. Better off dead and in the earth rotting than alive and living this discussing fucking bleak death of a life. I hate everything I see and everyone. I want to die my soul is dead my dick is dead my life is wasted. How are you soldiers still alive?!?! What on this earth makes you live? Fear of death? We are already DE AD FOR CHRIST’S SAKE. EVERY FINE PIECE OF SAS I SEE IS A REMINDER OF SOMETHING I’LL NEVER HAVE AGAIN. I READY FOR THAT SWEET SOUND OF A 357 IN MY MOUTH FIRING THEORY MY SKULL AND SPLATTERING MY FUCKING MIND ONTO THE GODDAMNED WALL. THE PROPECIA WILL CEASE TO EXIST FOR ME. THIS WILL NOT EXIST.

Yes LIFE IS READY THIS BAD. All those times I used to magnify my problems. Now I minimize this larger than life problem just to not lose my mind. But the reality is clearly fucking unresolved and unrelenting and merciless.

I am crippled by this shit. Can’t make it through a work day. Feel tired. Can’t walk right because my shrunken package hangs right between my thighs like a fucking obstruction. Strong desire to just chop it all off. Even if i don’t want to die, it’s like this thing wants me to do it. Pushes me down harder and harder and harder and harder every single mother fucking day. From the moment I pop my eyes open suicide is on my brain. How the fuck am I supposed to be positive about this? I constantly looking out for high bridges or places to jump from. Just on the lookout for a way out. My own way of saying fuck this bulls hit fuck you Propecia I’m not putting up with this goddammed shit. I’m done venting today. Tomorrow the misery will start all over again. And agan. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. No cure. No improvement. No hope. Death has turned from something scary to the most desirable thing I can imagine. Fuck me fuck this world. Fuck it all

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Brandon - I support you 100% but posts like these, one after another are not helping anybody, least of all yourself, your just spamming the board in an obsessive way. Might I suggest you go speak to your doctor about your mental state and see what they suggest? Nobody can help you here except read what you putting, hence why you’ve had no replies until mine.

Im here if you ever want to chat? You’ve got my number

I really don’t care they can kick me off this bitch. I don’t expect any help from anyone. And I’m not concerned with any of your opinions. Yes I take medication.

Leave my posts alone dude you are the fucking prop help police. Can’t be positive and hope for a cure, can’t fucking vent either. Not under TIGERS radar.

I’m sorry it was uncalled for I am just angry taking it out on anyone lately. I truly can’t walk through this life this angry. This is not me at all. I will kill myself this weekend. I am not like this.