Who fully recoverd from penile shrinkage?


Do you have anyone in your life you can talk to?

Have you ever tried counselling to try and help with your feelings etc? I know that they can’t take what’s happened away - they might help however by providing an outlet and keeping your head above water.


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Don’t read my posts u fucking faggot if u don’t want to see the hell I am in. At least I don’t come on this board and talk about fucking asparagus vitamin IVs, methylation and shit like that. I hate all u motherfuckers I hate this website and I hate this fucking drug. So all u can go fuck yourselves.


I know you guys don’t like to hear what I have to say but I have managed to reverse PFS almost completely with testosterone propionate injections daily. It is a form of testosterone that induces high amounts of 5AR enzymes and DHT, Eden came to the same conclusions as me on this forum. Even if your testosterone levels are good it would help as it induces 5AR. What I don’t understand is why you guys aren’t trying DHT therapy, I have been on another forum of PFS guys using hormones and they are responding to DHT protocols. It just has to be done correctly with very low doses. I also want to add that alpha hard does work, I noticed huge things from it the first day I took it.
You guys aren’t losing collagen or bone I don’t think, it is probably muscle, this is common in guys as they get older (30s and up). I am sure it is worse here, but I have managed to reverse my muscle loss with hormones. To say PFS sufferers do not respond to testosterone is wrong, we do, but in low doses or in multiple low doses, like dosed daily. There is cosmetic injections done by a cosmetic dermatologist, I mean this is relatively normal these days, cosmetic injections, you can fix the cosmetic stuff at least for sure.
The penile shrinkage I am pretty sure can be reversed with HCG, has anyone disproven that theory? I have seen multiple reports of guys having physical results from HCG. HCG isn’t going to reverse or fix PFS, but it will improve the situation a lot.


Where do I get my hands on it? Prescription only? Read it causes cancer and heart disease. Willing to try almost anything as I’m Already considering death anyway


I think youre right, its not collagen loss, its muscle loss.
Btw i dont have finance to try hcg. Even though i had it my family wouldnt allow…


its definetly BONE loss, my chin is about 4 millimetres shorter… get that in your head. theres no doubt about it. ill post a new picture in a few days, with my ex-girlfriend next to my face, before and after.it will be obvious then.


Im talking about sunken face, hollow eyes etc. not your jaw.


Well if rats can get their normal penises back after castration, why not ex-finasteride users?




There’s more, if you really appreciate it. Visit my thread about the reversible side effects of the penis: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=7288


This seems really hard to reverse and personally most difficult for me to live with - hopefully it will get better


It reverses, it goes away


Oh give it up for fuck sakes!!!

Yes for you but my dick is still shrunken, over 2 years post drug now!!!


Not to take anything away from you but if it was as simple as a blood flow issue, I think we would have a lot more people saying that they’ve recovered


Lol, what do you want me to say? Mine is still cold and shrunken? It’s reversed, it’s warm and hangs normal. Good luck


Many people have recovered 90% or better, 3000+ join this site and a handful participate on the forum.


So why do you still participate if you’ve recovered 90% and your dick is back to normal? Very strange if you ask me. Only area I’ve improved with is mentally.


I am one of the RARE few people who stay and try to say positive things, give people hope that this is reversible. Am I 100-%, no, not yet, probably 90% resolved. I barely post anymore, I’m back out dating and chasing women and partying. Never thought 3 years ago any of this would be possible.