Who fully recoverd from penile shrinkage?


i wonder if anyone had his penile tissure regrow… for me its not blood flow, its penile tissue loss


yes i can easily get erected thank god if some girl do some interest on me if i feel on public areas for example . after 4.5 years
think positive solve the mental issues if you have.

i remember my dick reduced in size and it growed again keep calm stay positive , just check your levels periodacally… watch whats happening, dont use any other inhibitors after cessation like AIs


This is what I believe happened to me. The shaft of my penis is definitely thinner and my penis looks different both flaccid and erect to how it looked as nature intended. Like notna says, it’s as if there has been tissue loss, like a layer is missing or something under the skin. I don’t know if this is in any way related to the subcutaneous fat loss I’ve experienced to my face. I tend not to look at my penis these days as it just depresses me, but I had a look today and there is no change. To the guys who talk of shrinkage where some days are better than others I’m really not sure if this is the same thing as what I’ve experienced as it’s like the damage has been done and that is that i.e. it is not a blood flow issue for me. It’s like different guys have different kinds of damage. I would love to believe that somehow this will change for me but it seems like a pretty tall order for guys like myself.


That’s really positive news and does inspire hope.

I know you’ve posted bits and pieces here and there about what you’ve done but I was wondering what you felt worked for you as I’d been keen to trial this.



At least I have ONE good thing to say !

I for one have recovered 100% from shrinkage. I have posted this before, but I used a penis pump called Bathmate. It is designed to increase penis size (girth and length) and it absolutely works. 15-20 minutes per day (or when needed) allows for full penis erection and helps maintain it’s health. I have used it a lot in the early stages, but not so often anymore. I still do it a few times now and then when I feel like I don’t have strong night time erections. I can say today that my penis is probably longer and thicker than what it used to be Pre-Fin (although erections are much softer, of course…). The penis pump doesn’t only help for the length, but helps tremendously for the “fullness” … I have also noticed my penis becoming “pencil thin”, but this has been restored as well. Hope this helps.


Great news mate thanks for sharing.


It’ll be 3 years off the drug since I crashed in April and I’m still 40% less my original size in length and girth


Have you tried the penis pump?


Yes I tried that, it works but it’s not sustainable and I still have the shrinkage


Sorry to hear that.

On my side, I have continued pretty consistently. At first, about 4-6 weeks in a row (20 minutes daily), and then a few month later, another 6 weeks. As hard as it was, I noted that the benefits were better when I went in erect before pumping (takes some porn and alot of stimulation though!).

I have also noted that if I don’t do the pump for some time, shrinkage will kick-in again … kind of like if something was pulling it in from the inside, as if it wants to go back in that state. But as long as I do it once in a while (about a week every few months), I was able to maintain a good size. It probably also helps that I barely ever masterbate (twice a month, maybe).

Man, this whole thing blows …


Is it in the same size as it is used to be while in the erection state? Also did your orgasm sensivity and intensity came back to normal?
Thanks very much… im asking a lot of these questions to many members here lately…


shrinkage reversed

abilty to maintain erection still varies from impotence to normal

go though ups and downs


oh…hi did you 100% reversed your shrinkage? Is it in the same length and girth when erect just like pre-PFS?
Also, sorry, i don’t know you. How long did you suffer from PFS? And how did you reversed it? Did you reversed another things like sensivity too? Please hit me back. Thanks :slight_smile:


2.5 years… not recovered unfortunately, but have improved a good bit, although my recovery seems to come in ups and downs

for first year and a half I had shrinkage and that damp sensation, as if i had just been swimming in the sea

I did electoshock therapy and daily cialis for a year andthat definitely helped with shrinkage, back to normal size now, although can reverse when Im in a “down phase”

My biggest issue is the ability to maintain an erection which is still poor without ed meds


I think that shrinkage is caused by some bloodflow problem caused by some hormonal imbalances due to pfs.

I had a phase when I was 100% cured by taking antibiotics, and my penis was bigger than ever, 1 week after it shrunk again.


Has anyone recovered from shrinkage without supplements or hormone/trt even after getting off trt ? It’s been 5 years since I been on no Trt & supplements. If my system was shutdown completely wouldn’t this have happened 5 years earlier


My dick size is normal, no drugs, no meds.
My libido is lower, however. I was hypersexual.


@Tomas But did you have constant shrinkage after the stop of taking the drug? Please be descriptive or detailed so it can ease my mind


I has a crash, when i tried to see my dick it was nothing, like if i was an 8 years old boy.
0 response after touching, ugly feeling.
That is what you mean?


I also notice my daily shrinkage normally happens in the afternoon & at night it tends to hang looser but still smaller than before.