Who fully recoverd from penile shrinkage?


Did your erected size and girth were completely normal again?


Can you describe a little? So you experienced full size recovery? My erected state looks more thin and soft. Length seems fine but girth seems decreased although im not so sure. It is been 4 years and i didnt notice anything on my size when i first noticed my semen problem.


I see, even if its temporary it is a indication that our condition is not permanent. It can be reversed, somehow… what did you do for this recovery? And is your erected penis hardrock again?


@Cooper you make a great point about this being reversed. No it’s not hardrock but it’s back to what it was before the crash so I’ll take that. This week I ate sweet potatoes twice a day instead of once not realising they are dht inhibitors. I’ve now gone back to one small serving per day. The only thing different overall has been a switch to full Paleo since the 21st April, I’m following Sonics diet plan and order of eating, fruits, salad, raw veg then cooked food. I was eating raw foods for about 4 weeks before my improvement, however I ate grains for breakfast and didn’t eat in Sonics order. I also noticed this week that my stool formations improved and became more solid since my crash this happened the same time as my penile improvement and coincides with ditching my breakfast grains. And if all else fails “They’ve got a cherry pie there that’ll kill ya.” :slight_smile:

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I will say that in some positions my erections are stronger/fuller. For example when lying on my side. Less so lying on my back. I have noticed improvement in that very recently so I hope it will continue.


Unfortunately the shrinkage came back today for no reason. Leading up to this I had a few light pains in my frontal cortex on and off over the last few days. During the reversal stage my sleep really improved, time will tell.


Sorry to hear kinda feel like I jinxed you


Dudes its hormonal and there can be tissue loss is my guess. Tissue loss can happen when ur dick is never erect, this damage can be permanent but be countered by a penis pump. When i am in my down periods or crash due to a wrong supplement (in one right now), my penis looks like a damn hourglass. When erect it has this dent. When i feel better again it goes all back to normal, i wouldn’t say its tissue loss cause the change can happen overnight. If u have a dick that never goes erect within time tissue loss can appear, but that’s something different from the hormonal shrinkage.

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Wait what!? What dent? Check out this thread please, pm me if possible.


Sorry my dent isnt like that. Its more like a curve . As if one side of my penis is made thinner causing a visual dent.

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I have that exactly too! When did you start to experience? Right after your first crash? When erect there is a thin line on my right side, and this winter i experienced flaccid hourglass penis problem time to time. My dent is very small and thin. Check out this one then! Why this happens to us? From lack of night erections?


Its hormonal dude. After my first crash i didnt get it, just sometimes. It would go together with feeling very down and anhedonic. When feeling better it would reverse. After my second crash due to taking a supplement called betaine (which is a methyl donor, dumb me) for a week, bam, immediatly full hourglass penis. I had experienced it before and i knew it was hormonal, not atrophy, and that when feeling better it reverses. Doesn’t happen due to lack of erections. Ur hormones determine ur penis structure, when hormones are fucked this can happen. I don’t worry about it too much because i know it goes back to normal when I feel better. Btw buying something like a bathmate is a good idea though. Not having an erect penis for a long time is bad for ur penis. But this hourglass stuff is something different.

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