Thin circle emptiness in the erected penis+ Flaccid Hourglass Anyone?

Hello all, i am going to take a break from this forum for a while, this is my last thread. I was experiencing some flaccid hourglass like penis shape changes this winter, fortunately and lately it is reduced. However, today i looked closely to my erected penis in light and saw this circle ‘‘inner lump’’ at the middle of my penis. Exemined it with my finger and that part felt ‘‘caved in’’ (what word can i use in English?). It may be a calcified scar tissue, but why.

It is not so obivous but it is still there, this wasn’t a surprise for me because i was experiencing hourglass ‘‘flaccid’’ penis that comes in goes in few minutes especially before taking a pee or passing a stool. However, i never noticed it on my erected penis before! And this freaked out me a little bit. Its not Peyronie’s Disease, it is too small for this but why this happens to me? I never experienced this when i was 16 or younger. I just want an explanation or hear some similar personal experiences.

  • What is the reason of this tissue change? Is there any correlation to androgen hormones? Can hormonal changes create Peyronie’s like diseases? Why my penis goes to hourglass shape when flaccid and has a small dent on middle when erected? How can i cure this?

  • If anyone experienced this same thing, please contact with me.

Goodbye to all.

Anyone experiencing this?

I have it. Yes it is from androgen deprivation. I did an ultrasound of my penis and I have some holes in my penile tissue

Jesus christ… really? You have bending and curves in your penis too? Is it like exactly what i described? Most important, you have flaccid hourglass penis too?

Holes in your tissue? Can you share a picture of the ultrasound?

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So you are saying that this device completely cured your penis tissue problems? Please check out my new and last thread, leave a comment please. Happy to hear you doing good. I need more data on this subject.

It happened one or two times cause was small sized condoms. It was scary looked exactly like you described.

So faded away completely? Have you done any ultrasound of your penis tissue?

It’s like you describe but only sometimes when flaccid

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Its weird that i don’t experience similar severe problem as yours. What are your symptoms exactly? I hope this is not related to Accutane… im asking all of my healthy friends to make sure they don’t have this.
Please if you have a friends like that ask them, sometimes the things we consider as symptoms turns out normal because of our trauma.

I experienced that… the curvature is weirdly concentrated in the center of shaft… which makes it foem like hour glass when it’s bit erected.

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Did it resolve now? How visible was it? Did you experience right after the crash? Or some years after it? Any curvature on erected penis? (Sorry for asking a lot, but i need to collect data in this thread.)

For other people, please give more information and details. Also, please share your ultrasound tests if you did it.

i still have it as im not fully recovered, but it’s definitely better than before. I knew exactly what you’re talking about. Theres no curvature when my penis is erected. My penis is full when it’s fully erected.

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You should do a penis ultrasound. I will do it soon too. Have you seen an urologist?

No emotions, no libido, memory loss, genital numbness, shrinkage, full body numbness, severe sleeplessness, loss of taste and smell, dry, thinning skin. Those are the biggies.

Have you tried things to recover? Jrums?

Im leaving this forum for a good time, i don’t want to think about this anymore. Please participate in this thread and let me know if you have this empty thin lines in your penis? Maybe a mild Peyronie’s? Who knows? Goodbye to all!

if you have an hourglass in the middle, it may be because of fibrosis/scar in the septum of the penis. You need to take an Elastography (this will measure the elasticity of the tissue).
Normal echography or MRI won’t help in this case. You need the test named Elastography.

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