Who fully recoverd from penile shrinkage?

I want to know which users have recoverd, and how severe their shrinkage was.


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I’m asking because I have severe bone loss in my jaw and chin. Maybe, hearing that someone recovered from penile shrinkage… from 50% to 100% or something, may give me some hope, that jaw shrinkage is also reversible.

Im really unhappy about what has happened to my face, that i dont want to see myself in the mirror anyomre. Fat loss is one thing, but bone loss in the jaw and chin is another.

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Jaw shrinkage is reversible… Trust me i had temporary recovery. It is propably muscle loss not bone loss

Notna please try to not obsess your apereance, i know it sucks but it could be worse, like me. I dont care my apereance or sexual problems anymore i am totally fucked up.


i wish it was muscle loss. But its safe to say, its bone loss. I can feel it with my hand, that the bone has lost mass… It also hurt really bad, when I lost the bone. Besides that im 100% sure it is bone. there are other users reporting less pronounced cheekbones and jaws :/, there is even a user whos dentist confirmed bone loss (martinM).

that you say you had this too, but you say its muscle loss, means that you dont have it. If you have it you KNOW that its bone loss. So your recovery means nothing for me unfortunately.

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Has it stabilized? I have flaccid shrinkage. When fully erect it looks normal. Lost sensation so regardless it’s difficult to enjoy sex.


is there any user who fully recovered from penile shrinkage?

at least 1 inch longer erect…

im having erect shrinkage… more than 1 inch

im not saying i dont believe you lads who say you’ve had shrinkage,in my own experience my penis does look a little smaller flacid and erect,but on the odd rare occasion when i take viagra it goes back to its former glory,i think in my case its because my cock has no feeling in it and doesnt get fully engorged with blood like pre fin,so does look an inch or so smaller…

Mine is definately smaller erect and flaccid !!!


I get what you think the problem is: you think that its smaller due to libido or blood flow. But its not.

My penis is not smaller flaccid, but erect it is much smaller…thinner and shorter. Fully erect, with highest libido and best bloodflow it is much smaller, so its not a matter of libido or blood flow in my case.

is the not anyone who recovered real penile shrinkage? If not, this means that the physical sides arent reversible`?

Once shrinkage happens then it’s final, not reversing

That’s my experience and belief

bump, is real penile shrinkage even reversible?

Did you not read my comments above !!!

No I personally DO NOT believe it is reversible.

I’ve had fucking horrible shrinkage, flaccid and erect. I’m 18 months off with ZERO improvements, maybe slightly getting worse over time.

I know you dont belive its reversible, but im askin everyone here. Is there noone that has recovered penile shrinkage?

Well the lack of response should give you your answer… NO

It is reversible, just like every other symptom of our bodies’ inability to use testosterone.

If you cut off a man’s testicles he would have every problem we have, but if you put him on TRT most or all would go away quickly. Our problem is we don’t respond to testosterone whether our own or externally applied. Fix that and you should just about be able to fix everything. The genital shrinkage, muscle loss, fat redistribution, brain fog and everything else would disappear.

That’s why it’s vital that everyone is either taking part in studies or making good financial contributions to the research. I find it difficult to believe that this can’t be sorted out once sufficient time and energy is devoted to it.


Luckfax, thats just it though, as of right now IT IS NOT REVERSIBLE. There are no treatments or cures. Show me 1 guy who has recovered from shrinkage?

Its way too complicated and what you say here about the ‘FIX’ The ‘Fix’ may never be discovered so I repeat as of now, shrinkage IS NOT REVERSIBLE. I’ve had it gradually get worse over the past 18 months.

Chi recovered from shrinkage.

He’s very unique Chris. But also very doubtful but I’m not getting into the whole Chi theory. You know my take on it.