Recovery after 4 years

This was supposed to be posted on the recovery stories section, but for some reason I am not able to post anything there. English is not my first languangue, so there maybe some incorrect terms in the following text.
Well, I started using propecia in 2006 and had to leave it in 2012. At first, the low libido came but it just lasted about three weeks, then everyhing was normal until 2012. I used the original propecia the first year (which was very expensive by the time), so I have maybe the bad idea of researching on the internet about alternatives.
Then I found many post about using proscar (or any other generic) as an alternartive. I found also that many other users, like me, found very challenging tu cut the 5 mg pill perfectly into 5 pieces of 1 mg; so after reading the ‘most common solution’ I did the same: cut the pill into 4 pieces of 1.25 mg. That could have helped to make the problem bigger.
So basically one day of 2012 I realized that I had not masturbate for a long row of days (I din’t have a girlfriend by the time). I could not explain myself why. But when I tried I found the big problem: I was not able to have an erection. Watching porn didn’t make a difference, my penis was dead.
Immediately I remembered the side effects of the first three weeks with propecia, so I did what all of you have already done: go to Internet and look for information. There were not good news: propecia offical web site was down, and a lot information about permanent side effects were everywhere. I think that reading those things was the worst thing I could do, you’ll see later why.
So, here is the summary of my recovery story:

  • It took around 4 years to get totally recovered.
  • I think it could be less, but wanting avoid to be bald, every time I felt a little better I tried to take propecia back in smaller doses. Big mistake. DO NOT DO IT. I did this stupid thing at least three times. Every time I tried in less that two days I as totally screwed again.
  • None of the doctors I visited could give me a solution. They didn’t know anything about it. But there was one doctor that gave me a very good advice: a chemical problem can turn into a psychological problem and viceversa. So, once the poison is gone and you are 100% fine from the chemichal point of view, if you lost your confidence on having an erection and you think that your side effects will be permanent then you are screwed. That’s why reading bad things on internet about it is a terrible idea.
  • I tried almost everyhing to recover, but just to thing actually helped me to improve during the recovery: 1) Red Korean Ginseng (one per day) 2) L-arginine (2 gr per day). The first one boost your libido. The second one is basically a slow motion viagra since it send a lot of oxygen into your blood but in a natural way.
  • Using these two things help me to resurrect my penis. After some time I was able to feel my penis recovery, having some morning erections again. I could even feel the oxygen passing through my ‘dead’ penis.
  • Things like using a condon or having a girl on the top was very hard to do since you don’t get good erections. Nowadays I can do it perfectly.
  • During the recovery process there were ups and downs. So, basically there were good and bad cycles. During the good cycles I could have good erections, during the bad cycles I was screwed againg.
  • My final advice is 1) don’t lose your hope, the end of the poison will come 2) get out of the internet and try no think about that. I know it is very hard to do, but the more you think about it less confidence you’ll have. You need to relax and let the recover comes. 3) I’m sure you still don’t wanna be bald, well I have good news: there are new topical solutions that combine minoxidil + trichogen or minoxidil + saw palmetto. Minoxidil + trichogen has worked very good for me, before propecia I was turnig bald very fast. After 4 years withouth propecia I am not bald!

Hope it helps.



thanks for posting this. what Brand l-arginine did you use ?


It is a generic drug. Anyone is good. The important is the dose.

please, how long have you been under Red Korean Ginseng and L-arginine ?

Do you recovered from libido only?

I just had libido issues. So yes.

Of course, no libido then no erection.

Red Korean Ginseng it is a DHT inhibitor

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I do think maybe minoxodil is also affecting to the body with a similar effect that finasteride do. Being said that, i do think that maybe mimoxidil can improve the symptons. Post pfs, i was using it for years, and i was very recovered. I stopped using it around one and a half years, and i am very much worse. This guy also was using it and ensure recovery. So…

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Did you guys think these were fake since barely anyone commented on this?

Why fa fake? If anybody comments is not a fault of the gp

Dht inhibitors seem to work from tome to time. I think because everything gets refreshed once stopping

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Guys I think that this is a center that I will try to reach for answer, I do not relay anymore in Baylor study, I am going to find the way to get to the rot of our problem.

Please guys check the link and leave me your opinions


Nobody should touch minoxidil!!!
I took only this poison!!! Because i read, eberywhere: it is safe, but after 10 months of using i got pfs. I took nothing else. A recovery is very hard. I have pfs sinc 2,5 years. A recovery runs yet( i hope) but i have my ups and downs, like i read it a.lot of times from others with pfs. I believe: only our body can recovery from pfs. Give him a chance with sport, eating fruits.
No caffe, no alcohol. Sleep enought every night at least 7 hours. I tried l-argingin and everything. Now i drin 2 glass pressed tomatoe and other pressed fruied every day.


Minoxidil/rogain causes pfs too!!! Forget this poison!

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After pfs i was still taking it, and i was much better during years than i am now. I stopped one year ago.

I dont think You were better because of minoxidil. I used only minoxidil, 2,5 years ago i realised ed. I stopped and now i have my ups and downs. Ups are as good as pre pfs, dows are: hard to get erection.

Korean Red Ginseng is great for promoting Th1 Cytokines!

Ginseng (Red Korean or concentrated Siberian Ginseng extract) – increases IL-2, IFN-gamma and NK function.Researchers in Korea have found that an acidic polysaccharide (ginsan) derived from Panax ginseng promotes TH1 cytokines. Kim KH et al state “Spleen cells became cytotoxic to a wide range of tumor cells after 5 days of culture with ginsan in a non-major histocompatibility restricted manner and the activity of ginsan was 12 times higher than that of lentinian…. ginsan induced LAK cells were CD8± cells…ginsan induces the expression of mRNA for IL-2, IFN-gamma, IL-1 alpha, and GM-CSF….ginsan generates LAK cells from both NK and T cells…This property may contribute to its effectiveness in the immunoprevention and immunotherapy of cancer.” (Kim KH et al; Planta Med 1998;64(2):110-5).

@folister Hey, just wanted to check in, haven’t heard from you in a while. Are you still recovered and are you taking Red Ginseng and Arginine still? Thanks!

Gey Scott, did you (or anyone else on this thread) give the Red Ginseng and Arginine combo a try?