Story from Jorden

Yesterday i got a message from the hospital: i have no more parasites in my system. I am very happy but i still have some work to do. They said that my gut is severly damaged from the parasite so i need to follow a regime that helps me to recover my gut health.

Here are the best ways to heal the gut … a%20repair … wbies.html

Thanks for the information. Coming tuesday i will receive glutamine from the hospital.

The above mentioned site ‘coolinginflammation’ is really good! It will take some time to go trough it but it’s worth.

I am now 3 years off propecia and i am doing good. I concentrated on healing the gut. For this i use: I don’t want to push any products but i find this formula the best for treating a dysbiosis. In the stooltest from propeciahelp and solvepfs you’ll always find some sort of dysbiosis. I’ve learned that all kinds of medication can cause a dysbiose in the gut. The best test to locate a dysbiose is to do a organix dysbiosis profile urine test. A comprehensive stool test will also be a good idea but is also very expensive.

Advise during treatment (6 months minimum):

  • build op slowly with the canxida
  • NO ALCOHOL! That means at least 6 months without…
  • no gluten
  • no dairy (some could tolerate it)
  • no sugars

Dysbiosis means that the good bacteria in you gut are (partly)killed which causes a disbalance. In this disbalance parasites, pathogens, bacteria etc can live freely (but that’s not always the case). Gut immunity will be affected.

As a support i take 3 times a high dosis vitamin C. You can also take a HC (hydrocortisone) as support but remember that it’s not so good for your gut.

When you’re gut is repaired than you can start with healing the adrenals (progesterone or hydrocortisone) and / or the thyroid. Sometimes only helping the adrenals and / or thyroid is enough to recover the gut immunity.


I just can’t seem to get rid of the fungus in my gut. I read that a low body temperature is the result of a dysfunctional thyroid. This low body temperature is a perfect environment for fungus/parasites/candida/pathogens.

I am going to work with a new protocol:

  • T3
  • Progesterone: I did that before but only with minimal results. Maybe it was because of the low dose i was using (5mg two times a day). I plan to use 20-25mg this time.
  • Canxida: i use all the 3 bottles. It is helping me at the moment but i don’t reach that great breaktrough.
  • Clean diet: paleo with some carbs. I eat carbs because i don’t want to stress the thyroid any further with low carb.

I have periods of recovery but PFS always comes back. This is after too much exercise and/or eating/drinking shitty foods/drinks and/or too much sex.

I have good hopes that this proctocol will help me further. I have already healed so much but i want a complete recovery.

And here my story goes on…

I’ve stopped with T3 and progesterone in the spring. It gave me a small boost but it wasn’t stable. I also read that T3 can worsen your gut health so that was mainly the reason i stopped using it.

I continued the canxida treatment with result. After a year i can say that my gut health has increased and i have more energy. Fatigue was my biggest problem and it had diminshed a lot. All the other symptoms are gone (libido is great again).

I still eat a clean diet and trying to reduce the carbs. I also use grass-fed liver from Blue River Herbs ( Works really great for me. I also use digestive enzymes to support my gut.

At this moment i don’t think much about PFS any more and don’t visit this website because i am too busy doing other things. I also learned that it was sibo i was dealing with (did a test). As a result i had a malabsorption because of a damaged and infected small intenstine (thats why i take these liver supplements). Working on the gut always gave me progress.

4 years ago i got PFS but i am feeling really happy and healthy. PFS did a lot of damage but also gave me a lot (sounds strange but thats how i feel). I learned a lot about health in general. Before PFS i drank and ate a lot of shit. I already had a messed up gut before PFS and along with this drug it was even messed up more.

I will update again some time…


Hey Jordan,

Are you low in PROG.

My blood test shows I have 1.3 <4.3, doctor said it was lower than normal. Idk if I should take it. Are you still taking progesterone?

I don’t have PFS anymore. I am healthy and doing fine. No issues that i had in the past. They are all gone. I still mantain a healthy lifestyle: eating, sleeping and no stress.


God bless you!

I’ve been feeling like crap today but this made my day. I am happy for you fella :slight_smile:


That’s what I’m talking about! This made me have a better day thanks for updating us! Your symptoms also seemed very severe from the check boxes I’m happy you recovered man! Enjoy life to the fullest!


I love to hear this!! Congrats!

And something you said a post or two back really stuck with me (and probably a lot of others on here) that in a way PFS gave you something positive. That’s a great way to view a really shitty situation, and I commend you for it. It’s true for me as well. I’ve learned more about my body and my health, and that knowledge has already helped me to help others with their health! Always try to see a positive if you can!

Again congrats and I hope you enjoy many PFS-free years of life!


Jordan you are lucky one.

Please can you fill out the survey for us ?

Even if youre ok , still its important

It’s great to hear that my message helps people. It’s also strange to see my old posts. Man, i was in deep trouble back then. PFS hit me really hard but like Darn says: i learned soo much about health and gut related problems.



Was reading this thread from top to bottom with that typical feeling of: well, maybe it’s all useless effort.

But for my very very very surprise, it wasn’t!!! That was great :slight_smile:

Wow Jorden congratulations
I am happy to see someone recover. It gives me some hope that maybe I’ll get there 100% one day
I quit in the beginning of 2009 so I have been fighting pfs for 12 years. It’s been really tough but I’m hoping there is a light at the end of the tunnel


This is great man!

Do you have any idea what caused your recovery or what helped the most? What would you advise other people to do?

Also you had parasites for sure then? Sounds like you said you were treated for them

I would advise people to work with a qualified naturopath. They get you tested: stool test, blood works, saliva etc. But it’s expensive…

I had parasites because my gut was a mess and the hormones off balance.