Story from Jorden

Did you get an upward swing? How are you doing?

  • I feel better mentally (anxiety/depression) but i still have a lot of brainfog after exercise.

  • I no longer have an extreme reaction when it comes to food. But i don’t know if that’s because of the progesterone…

  • Frequent urination has diminished. But returns sometimes.

Maybe i wil try progesterone again. I read that it will not have if you have any stress. I think i exercised too much (cycling is not good because it raises cortisol).

Still on the protocol of cutting out sugar in my diet and healing the colon.

Almost forgetting: my sleep had progressed in a good way. But i still have days when i wake in the middle of the night. But they aren’t that frequent anymore.

I added:

  • digestive enzyms
  • probiotics (tablets)
  • colloidal silver

Jorden, I am interested to know your progress on digestive enzyms, probiotics and Colloidal silver. Please keep us updated.

I have added weight lifting. In fact i try to exercise all the parts of the body: legs, arms, chest, back. I am doing fine after 1 year off this drug but i still have a long way to go. Brainfog, loss of libido, axienty/depression are still there but it had diminished. Anxiety and depression have decreased a lot but i still could have a day when i am feeling bad but this doesn’t last long. I can bring myself back to normal (no anxiety/depression) quite fast. After eating sugars or processed food the brainfog kicks in pretty fast. So i am still following the protocol mentioned in my post but i am way stricter than before. It’s helping me a lot and i think this had also helped with my libido. I no longer crash that hard after an ejaculation. I don’t totally lose my libido. I have also learned that you need to be consistent.

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Jorden, what kind of probiotics are you using bacterial or fungal?
Do you see any improvement from them?
How about colloidal silver? any improvements from that?

I don’t know if my probiotica are bacterial or fungal. This is the one i use: … acturerId=

I have some improvements but i don’t know if they are key. And that also counts for the collodial silver i use.

I think that this disease needs to be worked on from different angles. I just read the story of Belikewater and i will try some stuff from his protocol.

Overall i am doing good. Less brainfog (but very slowly)/ less loss of libido/ and almost no depression or anxiety anymore (just very very little sometimes). But i still have big problems with sleeping. Can’t get in that REM sleep but i don’t wake up 3 times at night or so. Just 1 time and then i have to pee (i still have frequent urination). I consider the brainfog with it’s constant fatigue as the greatest problem i now have. Especially speaking to persons is difficult and exhausting. And there’s still a long list of other symptomes i still have.

But i will not give up. My recent improvements have given me even more determination to push on and one day i will be recovered!

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I had a question from Braziliandude and answered him with this (he asked why i came to the conclusion that not only the gut needed to be healt).

[i]It’s just a little tought of mine. I have been reading all these health-books and to regulate the hormones it all comes down to general health. But the gut is very important i believe. These are some of my sources (not going to print them all): … 011509121/ (she wrote many books about the gut / parasites and had a investigation practice in Holland) … 011234779/ (so many good tips but not a real sollution) … index.html (liver cleansing)

But is still don’t know if these protocols work because i am not better. But especially detoxing made my pfs-symptoms diminish a great deal. And i am still getting better. But it’s now time to back off because the detoxing is a great stress on your adrenals. So i take a break now (i am building off and continue to take probiotics because this is key after a detox) and begin again in february or march somewhere.[/i]

Any updates?

I’ve started a 3 month course of symprove as recommended by my microbiologist for gut heath. Three weeks in so far so will report back at the end of the course

I am doing good but I need to get even healthier, better and stronger. I have learned a lot the past year and I am using this to get better. Cleaning the gut is really helping but I think it is just a part of a bigger puzzle. At the moment I work on adrenal fatigue. I am still very fatigued. And I am using Vitex now. Hope it helps a bit.

Nice to hear that you’re doing fine. What are the remaining symptoms now? Are there any sexual sides persisting? Thanks

Libido is still that of a 60 year old. It is better than it used to be but it needs to be a lot better. I don’t have frequent urination anymore and my digestion is a lot better. I still have a mild anxiety but only now and then . I also learned how to subside the effects of pfs somewhat. I am getting better but so very slowly and with ups and downs.

I know your problems have to do with having taking finasteride for 4,5 years. You are doing it well, and you are “lucky” for not having ED. However have you quitted from doing mountain biking? That sport is not good for your sexuality and prostate.

I have ED. I quit mountainbiking because it was making me worse.

I’ve decided to do an extensive pathology test. I am just so curious if i have these pathogens and a low klebsiella. If not than that’s another possibility of my list. I also have a blood test coming.

Overall i am doing good but this brainfog comes back now and then and it’s a real bother with work. And that brainfog combines itself with that awful fatigue. I hope i will be rid of that in the future altough the times that i have it become lesser. It’s when i am under stress that it comes to the forefront. Also if i am longer awake than i should be that it occurs. That’s why drinking alcohol has also been scrapped of my ‘fun in life - list’. I now find pleasure in work, family, my vegetable garden (never ever thought i would do that) reading and watching movies. My ‘fun in life - list’ has just changed. I don’t have depression or anxiety anymore (lost this especially after using probiotica with lactobacillus casei) but i am still thinking about PFS every day.

My libido / ED is still there and i can’t reverse that like the other symptoms. Maybe with better sleep because my sleep is still awful. But better than it was. I just just need to keep trying stuff. I have days (no longer that tow or three days) where i feel completely normal and i want more of those days. But when i make a mistake (like eating ‘wrong’ food or exercise too much) than PFS comes back pretty quickly. However i don’t have these total breakdowns anymore.

I will post the results of the tests when i have those. In the meantime i start doing what i did and that is: eating well, work on adrenal fatigue and exercise.

This is what i posted on
Just got back from my orthomolecular doctor. I had a pathogen test done. I came out +4 for the dysbiosis. That means that my gut flora is seriously disrupted. My doctor never saw such high numbers (she is a doctor for twenty years). My numbers for mucous membrane in the gut was exeptional high. Normal is between 510 and 2040. I had 7500 (she was astounished about these numbers). She said to me: what did you take again? Well finasteride i explained her.

Further: my e.coli numbers were the lowest. And the enterobacteriaceae groups were high (they need to be low) and contain citrobacter freundii.

I asked her if this has anything to do with my thyroid or cortisol levels. She said that they could be severely damaged by these bacteria.

I had to pay 350 euro for this test and i had a test done for parasites and candida and they both were negative. I have no parasites or candida. In a normal hospital my gut would be perfect but i had it done by one of the best labs in Holland.

I am really glad that i finaly found something. But she also explained me that it is difficult to restore the gut in a short time. I have to come back and set up a program with her to bring back my gut in a balance. She said it could take a year with my numbers. She explained me that some people heal faster because their mucous membrane isn’t that damaged or isn’t damaged at all.

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And as an answer to a question:
I thought the test was done at prohealth but that was the food intolerance test. The gut-test was done at RP analytic and the dysbiosis in this test range from 0 to 4.
I also have digestion problems and my gut needs a lot of energy to digest the food. There is no energy left for my other organs. And i don’t take up vitamins from my food either. All my good bacteria are gone according to the test. Only lactobacillus was somewhat present but i suplemented that with a probiotic (lactobacillus casei killed my last part of depression).

I got three pages full of the therapy i have to follow. Also a list of symptoms that go with this dysbiosis: mucous complaints, allergies, CVS, hormonal disruption, weight loss, low body temperature. My therapy takes about a year or more to restore. But for some it can be faster she said: depends on the state of the mucous. Some don’t even notice because they have strong mucous.

When i have solved the gut than i will start to restore the adrenal and the thyroid. But i want to test FT3, FT4, rT3 and saliva 24 hour first before i do anything. I wanted to start this all at once with the gut test but my doctor advised me not to.

My advise: get the help of a good doctor that keeps searching. I went to the hospital and i got these simple tests and all of them said i was a healthy man.

My stool test results from mai 2015: