New Victim! Feeling depressed [CRASHED] - Test results - 75% RECOVERED

the hair loss has picked up where it left like the pre-fin days slow but steady thinning/diffuse hair loss.

I had sometimes had an itchy skin pre-fin and the itchiness also is back like the pre-fin days.

nothing special really, just waited a long time. Picked up my workout routine, thats about it. No supps or anything else.

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Sounds like your body is going back to normal. Really happy for you.

I think my hormones still haven’t balanced out yet. My scalp rarely itches now and my hair grew back a lot.
But the good news is that I can do some resistance training without getting extreme shoulder pain the next day.

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Pretty much just sexual sides. Hypogonadal i.e. ED and low libido. My blood test showed my T below normal range so I’m hoping if I can get that up, I’ll be better.

Congrats man, really glad you managed a nice recovery!

May I ask,

  1. did you experience penile or testicular atrophy? Did any of those recover?
  2. did you get back libido?
  3. would you mind doing an endocrine bloodwork now, to show the community what values can indicate a recovered sufferer?

Thanks man

thank you brother.

I had penile atrophy, however it was on/off meaning some days it would be really shrunken while on other days it would be more of its normal size (without being erect). Nowadays it gets back to its full size when rock hard and is its normal size when flaccid.

libido is up for sure

I would if I could, but I dont think i can convince my doctor to do such a test. Since they do not believe in these horrible side effects, I payed for the hormonal tests myself early on…


@Casual, I read you got rid of your brain fog. How about emotional blunting, bro?

its all gone bro. No fog no blunting. brain functions like pre-fin days. I didnt do anything special, apart from excersise and diet.

How long you need until your sexual sides start to disappear and you had also a hard flaccid?

it took a long while. I guess around 8 months, where it was quite zigzagy. some days were better than others.

Wow I’m almost in my 3rd month after quitting saw palmetto, and my sexual symptoms like hard flaccid and ED still persist. Your story gives me a bit hope that this symptoms can improve with time.

make sure you do some exercise cardio and strength training and give it some more time. thats all you can do really.

Sure I have no choice. I can just try to live a healthy lifestyle and to pray day by day that this nightmare will end someday or at least improve significantly.

What diet, bro?

No specific diet. I just try to eat as healthy as possible. Foods like salmon, ginger, chicken, rice, sweet potatoes, vegetables, onions, garlic, lemon. I eat candy/sweets and chips only once a week kind of like a cheatday.

The only addition of supplements that I use every now and then is a scoop of L-Arginine perhaps once every two weeks. I do notice that this has a direct impact on my muscles (since I workout) and increases my libido even more.


Thanks, bro. Do you feel you can lift the same weights you used to before PFS?

Do not know to be honest. Since all the gyms are closed. I work out at home with some 2x 20kg dumbbells’ and a bench.

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This is SO encouraging. My husband went through much the same process, off Finasteride for 11 months, and has continued to improve. He is still in denial that finasteride was THE cause, as there were SO many problems. However, I sort of blame the drug for that, as well, because his abilities to reason, properly analyze, or form good judgments were certainly hampered. It is such a shame that none of the doctors that were involved in his care ever came to consider finasteride as the culprit. It robbed us of much, but we’re doing our best not to be beat. Keep on keeping on! All best wishes.


Thank you for the positive story and glad you are recovered

I have a some questions for you as Im recovering myself (2 months off Fin)

  • How was your libido before Fin?
  • Did your libido return to 1000% Pre-Fin levels?
  • How about visual libido (ability to get hard from women / sexual thoughts without the use of hand)
  • Did you regain full sensitivity to penis? What about erection fullness

(sorry for asking these types of questions, I just want some HOPE that these specific symptoms are recoverable as they are my worse, most annoying and amongst the only sides remaining.)

Sad to hear about it but good to hear that reading my story gives you hope.

2 months is still very very early. I am currently 10 months off and it took at least 6 to 8 months for my hormonal levels to get back to somewhat normal.

  • Libido before Fin was good, it depends on your age and cardiovascular fitness on how high or low it is though.
  • Yes it has returned a 100%. It did take about 8 months for it to become more steady. Before that it seemed to fluctuate on a day by day / weekly basis.
  • It came back, as I have noticed with dating. No hands needed to get hard XD
  • Sensitivity came back full as well as the fullness. This might sound weird but even after 8 months I’ve noticed major positive differences on the sensitivity and fullness department up to month 10 which I am currently in now.

Hope this helps you get through the upcoming months brother, safe.