good news (for me at least)

hey guys i took this drug for six months and had terrible sides…(gynecomastia, e.d, brain fog, twitching, lowered body temp…etc.) i guess you all know what the sides are. it’s been three years now and there was zero recovery then a couple of months ago everything started going back to normal. My sex drive came back, the gyno cleared up in a couple of weeks and my mind is clear again. i didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. i didnt even see a doctor about this. i was too afraid he’d screw me up even worse. just so you all know there is light at the end of this freakin’ long tunnel dont lose hope. cheers.


Can you elaborate further on this please… what changes did you notice? Have you been taking any supplements, do you have any bloodwork?

How much gyno did you have? Actual hard lumps of fatty breast tissue or just minor puffy nipples? Usually gyno takes awhile to resolve, even with drugs… a few weeks seems pretty quick to have happen naturally!

So you’re saying your body just one day started “regenerating” itself on its own after 3 years? Glad to hear it, I’m just curious how this could be possible… those 3 years must’ve been pretty miserable. Are you back in the saddle sexually speaking? Feel horny in your head, can get it up no problem, etc?

Yeah, who are you man! Sorry, but its kind of a little strange that you would just come on here now and make JUST one post. Tell us who you really are please. There are many skeptics here on this site, as you can probably understand!

im not really sure what to tell you guys… this isn’t a joke (i wouldn’t joke about something like this) but after three years my problems just started going away…gyno started reversing a couple months ago and decreases everyday…(thank god no more sweaters in the summertime) sexually im back in the saddle and my mind is clear again. i’ve never posted on here because i didn’t have anything helpful to add. i didnt have any blood work done and havent spoken to a doctor on this because until recently i didn’t leave the house very often… i have BDD which is a body image problem and that’s why i took this stuff in the first place… so after all these problems started i became a full on recluse. but ive been to this site many times b4…as for what ive done to accomplish this i havent the slightest idea…the only changes in my normal routine was sleeping more often (due to depression) and i decreased my sugar consumption after reading a bit about ‘leaky gut syndrome’ in an article somewhere on this site. other than that i dont know anything ive changed. i understand that some ppl would be skeptical but i promise im on the level…i had a nervous breakdown and two suicide attempts because of this garbage…i just wanted to tell ya that it’s not hopeless but if you have any further questions you can email me directly at

p.s. for the guy asking about what kind of gyno i had…i had full on breasts not just puffy nipples…i could grab a handful of my chest (and b4 i started hiding it under sweaters many other ppl grabbed me as well. (big joke eh?) cheers.

if i was to guess what did the trick for me …my gut says it was the sleeping. as things got worse i couldn’t stand the idea of facing the day and i would force myself to sleep.(until i was sore and sweaty) until i just couldn’t sleep anymore… but after these marathon sleeps i would see some improvement in libido/ gyno…even tho the sleeping was making my depression worse physically i was improving…as for the sugar reduction it did make me feel better but i dont think it was the cause…because my recovery started long b4 that…anyway hope this helps… cheers.

Hi Jon Doe,

Just a quick question: Are you Spanish?

no im not Spanish…im a 33 yr old French Canadian

i feel like a jerk coming on here and telling ppl to sleep more but that is really the only thing that helped me i think…the truth is i wish i never see this website again…this place helped me when i thought i was alone and now that im better i don’t want to leave it without at least trying to help someone else. i can’t say for sure it was sleep or just time that helped me or if it would help anyone else for that matter but i had to at least tell ppl what worked for me…best wishes

Jon…Thank you very much for letting us know about your case. Thanks! You give hope to all of us.


Yes, it seems to be true hope. I e-mailed with a guy who claims he recovered form sides after 2 years. Same as John Doe,this guy did nothing to improve his situation because he sensed some progress over time and feared to worsen his situation by getting to doctors.

Hi everybody, Im also someone who currently doesnt read this forum barely. I have told you I have recovered already, and it is true. However, recovery does not come one day and from that day on you feel always totally recovered. It is also a slow process. You start getting some sex drive back, you have more alertness, etc… And every week you feel better, and your sex drive is better and better, and that is how it works.

However, you also have some drop backs that last little time (couple of days) and then you keep improving.

At least that’s my case. And I can say that SLEEP is very important for recovery. The more you sleep, the sooner you will recover. Sleep and a positive attitude. Once you know you are really recovering, the confidence you gain in yourself makes the recovery process even faster and before you are aware of it, you are again that guy you once used to be.

But as I said, be carefull and dont start partying all day long and drinking much alcohol because you will have bad days again. For me, the best test to know If I feel ok or not, is the flashlight test.

For the first time in two years and a half, I dont fail at that test. However this is not constant. I still have some bad days in which my pupils dilate even when light is hitting them directly from my flashlight.

But that is normal. As I said, recovery is slow and not every day is better than the one before.

So keep your mood up and face this problem as something you can easily overcome!