My official post on my recovery

I have already spoken with a few on here. I have been what I would consider “recovered” for well over a year - closer to two. I am not a scammer of any sort. I am not selling anything. I do not want any glory or recognition - in fact I want to remain as anonymous as possible.

I have already interacted a little on a thread late last week. In the last year I have done very little reading on the forum, so my knowledge of the state of things on this forum has been null. I have done some reading this week though, and I see a general attitude of not believing recovery is possible, that people claiming to have recovered are just one-offs or lying about it, and of people not condoning trying certain supplements or whatnot.

If it lends any credibility to my story - I used to read on the SolvePFS forum and before that on this forum. I’ve been around long enough to remember CDnuts and Chi and their claims and incredibly strict diets and regimens. I used to be on here doing exactly what you are doing - looking for an answer or at least hope.

You can claim maybe I didn’t have full blown PFS. Well I took Finasteride, Dutasteride, and I’m pretty sure I even tried Accutane - all over the course of probably more than a year. I crashed hard when I stopped. I think I even recall trying the topical Spiro and even Saw palmetto.

I suffered from very low to nonexistent libido, really bad brain fog, numb genitals, and possibly other physical symptoms I wasn’t aware of - like not gaining weight or muscle. I think it took me over a year after discontinuing everything to understand that I was dealing with permanent side-effects.

I was here for all the theories that abounded over the last ten years and learned way more than I ever intended on the complexities of human biochemical and neurological processes. I had become convinced that we had probably screwed ourselves up in such a complicated way that it wasn’t reversible.

I tried a lot of things that were recommended - fasting (had nothing but water for a week). I became convinced it could be a pathogen and obtained antivirals. That was a long time ago and amounted to nothing.

I tried a long list of supplements for years. I started supplements like Acetyl L- Carnitine and Rhodiola (you can look them up if you don’t know what they are) almost more than 7 years ago probably. Acetyl L-Carnitine was first - and at one point upon first taking it I felt I was recovering. It went away though after a few months, but I kept taking the supplement anyway. I had built up a tolerance, but didn’t think that I could go without it for any period of time because I was convinced I depended on it for mental health.

Many years later, and after doing plenty of reading about the benefits of cycling supplements rather than continuously taking them, I decided to give it a go. I would take quantity x 2 500mg Acetyl L-Carnitine and quantity x 1 500mg Rhodiola in the morning - Monday through Friday for two weeks. Then I’d take neither for another two weeks. Then repeat the whole thing.

The two week periods that I wasn’t taking them I thought might be weird since I believed I depended on the Acetyl L-Carnitine to stay mentally even, but cycling even helped mentally. After around 3 months I was feeling pretty damn good.

After maybe six months I took the Rhodiola out of the cycle, but continued with Acetyl L-Carnitine. Then maybe after not including Rhodiola in the cycle for four months I’d include for one cycle again - then discontinue. The whole time I was cycling Acetyl L-carnitine. Hope that made sense.

I’m just letting everyone know what worked for me. It is not a temporary recovery, because like I said, it’s almost been two years.

I was on this forum when there was actually a “Recovery Stories” category. I see that is gone. I’m not pressuring anyone to try anything, but if someone else doesn’t try it we will never know if that’s what actually helped me - will we?

I would assume the admins of this site are some of the longest sufferers of this condition. You surely are familiar with Rhodiola and Acetyl L-Carnitine. Don’t block this info. Let people decide if they want to give it a go. Anyone can read up on these two things.

One important thing to note. If you are on an SSRI for depression, which many surely are, Rohodiola is known to interact with it - as in serotonin is boosted to dangerous levels - leading to serotonin sickness. All this tells me is that Rhodiola is effective in boosting serotonin and should probably be taken instead of an SSRI because Rhodiola is a not a toxic fucking chemical like an SSRI. A doctor would advise otherwise, but for many it was probably a doctor that prescribed you fin, and the majority of doctors don’t even believe PFS exists - so yeah trust the doctor.

Anyway, hit me with questions on this thread so I can hopefully answer others with the same question all at once.

Never give up.


I’m glad you’ve recovered.

Unfortunately, I have to avoid most supplements, as I have bad digestive issues with them.

Were you making any diet changes whilst cycling the ALC? List every supplement you were taking please.

What brand of Rhodiola were you taking? If you still have the bottle can you see if it had stems and leaves included in it?

Can you tell us the brands you use? didn’t you take it on weekends?

No diet changes. I don’t necessarily advise it, but I ate whatever I want and still do. Drank a lot of alcohol also.

Those were the only supplements I was taking that I attribute mostly to recovery. I also always took omega 3-6-9 and vitamin D. I didn’t cycle those though.

I prefer the NOW brand for both of those supplements. That product is an extract. I can’t really comment on if it includes leaves or stems.

The picture of the label is on Amazon.

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I did not take either on the weekends.

Healthline’s article linked above; pretty interesting herb. Seems like it is very well tolerated and the relative risk is low.

AS much as the idea of someone suggesting yet another fucking herb or supplement makes me want to heave myself out of my window, i really appreciate him taking the time to come back and report his findings. I’ll definitely be trying this before moving onto HCG.


Thanks for checking in with us @Livid171 many recoveries dip and forget they were once in our shoes leaving nothing but horror stories on here. Glad you found a way out of this mess. Can I ask, you said you had genital numbness but did you ever have pretty much no feeling from orgasm?


I’m think Rhodiola might be a 5-AR inhibitor or at least contains 5-ari fillers/waste. Because it’s a root of a plant. ACL is pro-androgen so this might be another 5-ar inhibitor + pro androgen recovery…


@livid171 i believe you. You are definitely onto something

I started l arginine and l carnitine and in 4 days i had a very very very very feeble but definite recovery which went away in half a day.

I have been wondering since then what was the reason for this recovery. That time I had thought it was pelvic relaxation exercises but I have been doing them since april and they have done nothing.

I have been taking l arginine and carnitine since april.
I would love your advice on how to proceed


Thank you so much for posting your recovery story. You’re a hero and I hope more people share their recovery story here, it gives hope and perspective.

To clarify, you had PFS for 5+ years then? And are recovered for 2 years.

And why did you choose Acetyl L- Carnitine and Rhodiola? Could you explain why you chose these two and not for example a more conventional supp like tribulus?

This user also recovered and was taking L- Carnitine; Recovery: Gym, L-Arginine, L-Carnitine Regimen


Good find indeed Das.

@Livid171 thank you SO much for coming back and posting. Please stay around as long as you can. I see you’re a veteran of the forum as well as recovery threads so I guess you know what’s coming… But thank you very much. Gives a lot of hope to a lot of people seeing folks cured as I’m sure you know indeed. :slight_smile:


i believe our problems mostly on serotonin. check this topic:

Rhodiola playing with serotonin system.

Gamma Irradiated Rhodiola sachalinensis Extract Ameliorates Testosterone-Induced Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia by Downregulating 5-Alpha Reductase and Restoring Testosterone in Rats

So yeah, it’s an anti androgen. This is another anti-androgen + pro-androgen recovery.

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@Lostinaustin Yes, no feeling.

@Das Sorry, I thought I stated that. I had PFS for literally almost exactly 10 years. I have been recovered for almost 2 years.

Hard to say why I stuck with those two supplements. I tried a lot of things and found those to help the most with overall “well being”. When I decided to start cycling them is when recovery started to occur.

Also, I left this out of my story - severe tinnitus! That is also essentially gone. I think everyone’s ears probably ring a little, but not like that.


Makes sense. Women during menopause take Rhodiola to help because they have low estrogen. I personally linked my PFS to low estrogen years ago and cured it with TRT. I just take a lot of testosterone which raises my E2 and I feel normal again. I stay away from anti estrogens wich bring my PFS back for weeks. I see a lot of people playing with anti estrogen medications all the time in here and believe it makes you worse. I have posted this many times. I discovered my problem after having an ultra sensitive estrogen test. It made perfect sense as the only time I felt marginally better was when I took things that increased estrogen. I also noticed I would be marginally better after long nights out with friends drinking beer which increases estrogen. Normal estrogen tests most doctors give are not sensitive enough for men. My estrogen test using the cheap “normal” test they give women showed as normal but My ultra sensitive always showed under 15 which is crazy low. Anything under 20 will give you every PFS symptom listed on this site. Eye issues, lifelessness, depression, a dick that doesn’t feel real. It made my cock cold and lifeless and tiny among a bunch of other problems that everyone with PFS has. I live in New York City and see one of the few specialists in PFS here. I’ve been told Low estrogen is a commonly mis diagnosed issue with men. Doctors don’t test for low estrogen in men. They give the standard test sometimes but it’s just not made for men. Everyone is different but that was my cure along with gym daily. Most men who fail on trt with PFS have failed because they took AI’s like anastrizole … I still have issues from time to time but it’s always my crazy estrogen


Do you still cycle L-Carnitine and Rhodiola? And if not, then how long were you taking them for?