Update of my pfs symptoms 10 months

Hello guys! It been 10 months since my initial crush ( i had many small crash after) , my initial symptoms : sex drive loss , penis shrinkage, muscle waste , change in my face, skin problems , brain fog insomnia… so far worse year of my life.
Now after 10 months :
Sex drive : little better ( i can get hard when i watch porn).
Penis shrinkage: lately my penis got bigger like 90% of my old days+ my ejaculation and orgasme like before
Muscule waste : no change so far.
Brain fog : got lot better.
Insomnia: i can sleep 6-7 hours now .
Skin : still dry.

That my condition after 10 months .


Sounds like you’re recovering congrats
Just DO NOT experiment

Keep what you put in your body as clean as possible. No crap ok

After I crashed I only had eggs, water, chicken, a little bread…very simple
Let your body heal

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yes it seem i’m recovering :slight_smile:
you’re totaly right when i took supplements i got much worse and i had many crash with suppléments ,now it been 5 months without any suppements and i feel much better.

Congrats Adam!
You overtook me in recovery :slight_smile:
This is a great sign and a proof that natural recovery is possible for some individuals
As it is for me at some degree (i still have to recover from penile and scrotum atrophy these are my last sides)

Keep us updated Pleass even if you feel 100% recovered

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Hello Andra ! I like to share with you my situation l’m 80% recover , my libdo strong again i get hard just by watching a beautiful girl and my shrinkage penis recovered too and i can build muscul in the gym so i’m back to life again :slight_smile:

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Hey bro, thx for sharing! Its always great to see someone recovering!

Happy for you! Meanwhile i can report big progress too, as of a bit of libido, better ejacuation quality and improved stamina

We all can get our lives back

Did you do anything like diet or exercise?