Almost completely recovered

Hello everybody,

Most of you know me by know, I have been suffering from side effects since february 2005. If anybody wants to know more about me, please just read all my posts from the past.

I can say Im almost 100% cured by now.

Since I have been sure about my adrenal fatigue problem (two months ago) I have been making huge steps towards recovery.

The most important thing you must understand is that I have done nothing and taken nothing to regain my health. In fact, I stopped taking all the Gaba, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, I was having until a month ago, and from then on I started feeling normal again little by little.

The solution for me has been knowing for sure what my problem was, and most important, knowing that it could be cured with time and care. After having a perfectly normal hormonal profile (like most of you) I realized I still was having sleeping disturbances, mental fatigue in certain hours during the day, lack of concentration during certain moments, craving for chocolate and other sweets, low libido, shrinking penis, etc.

All of those were signs of adrenal fatigue according to Wilson. That and the fact I always have failed at the flashlight test with my pupils (which I still do) really have convinced me about the adrenal problem I have.

According to Wilson, a huge part of recovery deals with not being obsessed about the problem itself. Obsession leads to constant thinking about your issues, and thus leads to depression. Depression is not good for recovering from any disease.

So first thing I did was to stop the perfect diet I was trying to keep. Second, stop taking supplements except for Vitamine C and magnesium.

Those two things made me take a huge step in recovery. I began having very strong nightime erections which I could perfectly keep after I woke up, my penis looked bigger and thicker all day long, erections were easy to achieve, and libido has risen very much. I just need a few seconds of visual stimuli and my cock goes up.

There is nothing else I have been doing. In fact I have done many things during these past 2,5 years but never could I during this time stop from being obsessed until now.

If any of you that read my post have a normal hormone profile, and also still have side effects that could fit the adrenal fatigue theory, first thing I recommend you to do is to leave all diets, supplements and any other rituals you may have.

That will help you a lot, for sure.

I have been 2,5 years suffering with no libido at all. Now I’m almost there. And I say almost because I still sure have some adrenal fatigue which I will have to take care little by little, but the news is that I have ZERO depression now.

Take into mind that as more severe and strict my diet was, less libido I had. When I started eating everything again (I mean also pizzas, beer, sodas, and ll kids of meals) my libido returned little by little.

I have done nothing else. And dont ask me about percentages of recovery because I cannot say. I just can tell you that my dick is alive again and I can ejaculate several times a day like before and still wake up with a hard dick. I need barely no recovery time from one ejaculation to another.

Not every day may I wake up the same way, maybe I fail some days in having a morning wood, but that is normal people. So dont expect to have every single day a wet dream or to wake up with a Big Ben because that only happens when you dont think about it. If you miss one day dont get all freaked out.

So try doing what I said here and Im sure you will notice improvements.

Good luck!

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I completely agree with you, and this is pretty what I have been doing and am recovering. As a matter of fact was about to make a post with much of the same advice for others as well. Not obsessing and depressing, and just letting your body react and return. I only take a multivitamin and try not to drink too too much coffee or animal fats until my cum and prostate are fully reconditioned. I may start taking little zinc and magnesium just until my prostate really returns to normal (can still feel some irritation sometimes).

But anyway the body, it often returns to normal, just as you are saying, and most doctors will say both western and eastern practitioners.

I would have to say I’m about 80% healed. Here and there I have my minor setbacks, but as soon as I remind myself to stop thinking about it, I usually am fine. I can get it up when I am around a woman, flirting, and thinking about sex everytime, so this is a true guage. The fantasizing erections I’m sure will be able to come back as well.

And also to all you other guys out there who think age has so much to do with it, I have talked to many many 40-50, 60 year olds who have erections and sex regularly.
All you guys can heal. Age doesn’t matter. I’m 30.

Thank you very very much Jon for posting this. I was going to do the same but just didn’t want all the haters trying to disagree. Personally I think the whole hormone game/shuffle is a little out of hand, no offense.
That is great great news! How old are you if you don’t mind my asking!


Im 29! Good news that youre having positive results with the same method… keep on!

It was hazy and cloudy out yesterday. Nobody was out. At about 7pm I decided to take a little puff a weed and go for a long long walk down on the track, alone. It helped me tremendously!! In about three hours I was able to work out a lot of the qi stagnation I still have around my dick and prostate and could get erections by the time I was through. There is still some qi stagnation that I still have to work out more, but I am very very happy and on my road to recovery! I went out last night and had a blast.
So I will be hiking The Long Trail by myself in July and this is when I plan to be fully recovered.
I haven’t smoked in about three weeks, and it usually tends to get me anxious, but this walking alone, without my glasses on, focussing on just letting this fall from my body, this discomfort, congestion, and stagnation just fall out of my body has helped me tremendously on just one night. I plan to do it regularly now. First clear up any loose baggage and stress or unfinished business over my head, simplify my life, and then do it.
Guys you have to treat your symptoms, eat tons of broccoli, take hot baths, do whatever you can to just NOT let this condition run your lives, and then work on just letting it fall from your bodies. Actually I used the pro-state masager just once the day before and I think this has helped move the stagnation, and I think I will be able to get rid of it completely once I have more time to put into this and focus on just my recovery.

I think the big city is what has hindered my recovery thus far too and this is why I can’t wait to hit the road in July!!
Happy recovery guys. You can do this too! Don’t wait. Do it now!

I hope you are doing well. I feel like I am still recovering definately.

Can I ask you an important and detailed question though? I am interested in your recovery and some of the tell tale signs.
First of all, can you be completely honest, what do you feel, what is the problem with you still? Do you have like that one little cold spot, stagnant spot, something inside is still bothering you at times or something?? The title of your post is ‘almost cured’.
? So what is the feeling that makes you wake up still thinking you aren’t completely recovered yet? I really want to know jon, We’d all like to know,
and do you experience what I am also experiencing still?

I’m desperately trying to kick this, and feel I am almost there, but still have this cold spot, this… it almost feels like congestion behind my dick sometimes and in the lower abdomen sometimes still, and this is what intermittently still flares up and still causes blockages down there which then causes symptoms occasionally… I pretty much know this is a prostate problem in my case. … caused by whatever…

For me, its just I still feel that cold spot, and I’m trying to get it out. You know what I’m feeling? Be honest with me. What is the problem in your case, specifically.

By the way,
Please chime in anyone and reply if you have had any of these symptoms as myself as well.

John, where do you have your test results listed? I to have had test results come back ALL within normal range, yet effects continue to persist. However, recently I have had some encouragement. Although I do feel like I’m on a roller coaster one doay things will seem fine or improving the next 3 will be bad, then another good day, then back again. I was told at this point it is probably pyshological, but I’m not going to lie…I have a hard time buying that, but at this point who the hell knows!

I too experience the rollercoasters. Somedays I’ll feel normal other days the side-effects return. But I’m having more good days and less bad days.

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I was wondering what side effects you guys have and also if you have low T. I came off of Fin a year ago and started taking T in Sept. I still have No libido and no sensation in my dick. I can get it up while on T. I have been seeing an Eastern dr… She is weaning me off of T and gives me herbs, althought I am super skeptical. I went through a period of severe depression / anxiety but that is over now. I’m wondering if like you said if I just came off of everything maybe my body would normalize.

Do any of you have the complete loss of sensation.

please help.

it looks like inneedofhelp has the same symptoms I have. I kind of wish we could split up this web site as far as our symptoms go. When i went to the doctor he said that sex is split up in the brain sensation libido on one side errections on the other. I wish we could split it up by that cause i dont really have errection problems its more of the numbness and libido. If it was split up that way we could be able to help each other out better.

Boston what do you mean by qi stagnation and what do you do about it , do you go for acupuncture treatment and does it help ?

which prostate massager do you use ?

Sure many of you remember me. Started to have sides back in january 2003 and recovered towards the end of 2007. No meds, just patiente and everything has returned back to normal. I sure did have some adrenal fatigue, anxiety, no libido, etc.

Followed Dr. Wilsons book and got cured. No more to it. Good sleep, lots of veggies, and great erections (night and day). I can sure masturbate again 5 or 6 times per day if I wanted to (just dont feel like doing it so many times :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work and best wishes to everybody.


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i’m assuming that you were one of the guys who more or less just had sexual sides from the stuff. i too believe the adrenals are a key factor in all of this, but from what i’ve heard doctor wilson is a big time fraud so i don’t know how far i can throw him.

John, Thanks a lot for checking in man.

Can I ask you just a few quick questions, for peace of mind?
-Did you have the pain, urination, and feelings of prostate issues, along with the ED and libido issues?
-And did it just feel like it took time -did you feel just slow slow progression, almost like things were just slowly clearing up over time? I.e. like ejaculate slowly getting better, stronger, etc. And urinary slowly decreasing?

Thanks a lot man.

You breath a lot of hope into MANY of us, and I will speak collectively for a majority of us.


ps. but can you answer those questions specifically? Thanks

Any opinions on this?

well another cure it seems.

Had coleman and Boston written a signature with their symptoms i wouldn’t need to ask this question:

Any of them experienced numbness? That was resolved I assume?

What happened to your last cure? Ozone or whatever?

Numbduck- I told you my numbness is almost completely reversed. Libido is lagging now, my condition has gradually changed, lately my newest improvement is my penis is almost back to normal size (not shrunken and cold all the time) and now most times after I ejaculate my penis doesn’t shrivel up like it use to, it stays engorged for much longer now

The common thread in this story is time. People just recover with time.

I must say I’m surprised stopping the diet can help. If I stop mine, I can’t sleep, I have anxiety and down I go.
But I don’t understand why I would stop it, I have an athletic body, I feel lots of energy and all my ailments, related or not to pfs have disappeared. I intend to keep the diet, pfs or not, it’s a great way of life !

Anyway, it’s good to hear time heals us and I agree about not stressing or freaking out about being sickl. My personal approach is those are the cards I’ve been dealt, so that’s the game I’m playing now. First I was angry, now I’m beginning to be grateful. Sometimes it takes destruction to build again something better.

Ok. next story.