Tricks to repair the Epigenome

It appears to me that what all people on this site have in common is a deregulated epigenome that does not allow the DNA to be read properly, thus creating myriads of symptoms including problems for the cells to form proteins properly (including hormones, neuro-transmitters etc…)

I’ve had success fighting back PFS and getting my life almost normal within 3 years of crashing while following the methods below. I went from being disabled to being functional and efficient 97% of the time, with the remaining 3% being just demotivated and lazy.

The only annoying symptom I have left is insomnia, but I don’t get anxiety during the day (less than pre-crash). Sexual, physical and neurological symptoms are gone, again except insomnia which I keep under control with meds and herbs. I live a normal life with a strict diet and I’m in better shape than any other time in my life.

Because I’ve been asked often and I want a reference point for the suggested epigenome fixing tricks I’ve read about, I decided to make a thread on precisely this topic. Please do read the articles. It’s about longevity, aging and NAD+, but aging has been shown to be accumulated damage to the epigenome: what will keep you young will also repair the epigenome and from my experience, maybe our disease too. My story is anecdotal, I have no proof of what made me better. But here’s what I did:

Here are the tricks I learned that are suggested for fixing the epigenome:

  • Exercise (It also creates more muscle mass and more androgen receptors: weight lifting, legs exercise)
  • low carbs or almost zero carbs or zero carbs
  • Higher fat to replace the energy deficit from cutting carbs.
  • Fasting 1-3 days. Some do more
  • Calorie deficit for a period of time, like from a few days to a week or two. Repeat periodically
  • Intermittent fasting: eating only in a window of 1-6 hours. Outside this window, only water.
  • Carnivore / ketogenic diet helps with the 5 points above and has extra benefits
  • Cold shower and/or hot saunas
  • Exercise while glycogen deficient. (at the end of a fast or while being in ketosis)
  • Get out of breath exercise (cardio until you’re out of breath)
  • Take melatonin as a food supplement
  • Maintain a strict schedule: eat always at the same time and sleep at the same time.
  • Take NAD+ boosting supplements like Nicotinamide MonoNucleotide (NMN) and NAD+ boosting plants

You know you’re in ketosis when plain water tastes sweet. This is because of the presence of acetone in the saliva which only occurs while in ketosis.

Those are from Epigenome researcher Dr. David Sinclair, among others.
(I don’t suggest Resveratrol, Metformin or Trans-Pterosstilbene as he does. The last two may work for people not on a ketogenic diet Idk, The first one doesn’t seem to go well with PFS)

Here’s a good article on the topic:

And another one:


Great post , thanks for the tips and suggestions. I am implementing alot of the diet tips into my routine .

Other than the ones listed, do you have any specific recommendations for a guy who’s ONLY symptom left is ED and low-ish libido?

I feel like I am so close to being “recovered” but the ED is the last missing piece and it is really fucking me up.

Also how do i overcome the fatigue and lack of energy from working out fasted? I cant seem to hit the gym until i have had at least SOMETHING to eat

Congratulation for the near total recovery.

You have to become fat adapted and then you always have something to eat (your own fat). It takes around 3 months on a ketogenic diet, but better 6 months. My sexual symptoms started fading away after 9 months on the diet. Fixing the epigenome is a slow process.
There’s no way to be glycogen depleted without being in ketosis because of fasting or being on a ketogenic diet.

I’m cycling Pine pollen 1 week, Tribullus Terrestris another and Horny Goat Weed the third week. I hear Tonga Ali is good too, I haven’t tried.
Some people react bad to these. maybe better take a samll dose and wait a few days and if it’s ok increment from there.

IMO nothing beats the diet and tricks above. But what do I know aside from my experience ?

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It would be tremendous if we could get 10 guys or so to commit to adopting this routine for a solid 12 months or so. Count me in if 9 other guys would be willing to make such a commitment. As far as I am concerned it’s both the most theoretically promising approach we have to “cure” our condition and the least experimented with so far. All pills and injections have failed a million times over.

Doing this is a large commitment but, even if it only had something like a 5% chance of working, it’d be a million times better than losing your life and money chasing all the other things on here that never work. I’m thinking 90% probability of some improvements, 60% chance of very noticeable improvements, 25% chance of life-transforming improvements, and 5% chance of “cure”. Or something like that.


That would be great ! I would support the group but I can’t help with the recruiting. I talked much about it already and I’m always surprised by the lack of interest. Actually, I understand: we’ve been brainwashed that meds and pills are the way to heal the body. As if our body can’t do it and we MUST inserts extra chemicals. Idk. Whatever the reason, I’m surprised people are not more interested.

I’m planning to open a ketogenic / fasting Clinic in Thailand using exactly the method mentioned above. The real goal would be to help people with epigenetic diseases but truth is, about everyone can benefit from it. Any 40yo+ would.

I may have to give the option between Vegetarian/normal Keto and Carnivore/Keto although I don’t believe in the vegetarian one at all. I just can’t imagine social media letting me publicize a Carnivore Clinic.

Anyway, a test group would be good before investing money.

Count me in. I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle 2 weeks ago. Started with 48 hours of water fasting. After that i have almost only eaten proteins and vegetables, and drinking nothing else but water. Ive also been in constant calorie defficit. Will soon start to work out as my body still is struggeling with the changes.

It would be nice if we could make some kind of group to talk, share experiences and create commitment to eachother. For me it would be easier to share this with someone in my own situaation.

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Hi, Ozeph

Congrats for your recovery and motivation to help others!!

But sometimes after recovery you say your sexual sides are still there, sometimes you say they aren’t. It’s a bit confusing. Do they come in windows and waves?

It would be nice if there was a way to get almost if not all of the benefit without being totally carnivore. Of course, Sinclair does mostly plant based, if I recall correctly. I would probably have 1/10th the difficulty sticking to it if one meal a day could be “regular” in the sense of having some vegetable and starch like rice. Say having eggs and seasoned beef most of the time but one meal with carbs would actually be pretty easy for me.

Calorie deficit is good but cannot be maintained without slowing down your metabolism. Not a good idea. It’s better to fast and do calories deficits for a few days and then revert to full calories. Also you can barely eat any plants on a carnivore/ketogenic diet: 70% of calories from animal fat, 26% of calories from animal protein and 4% from carbs, which can be plants. For 2000 calories, that means 80 calories from carbs or 20 gr.

The diet is both an elimination diet to reduce allergies and inflammation (eliminating plants) and a ketogenic diet to produce BHB. You cannot eat carbs and be ketogenic. The best way to kick you body in is by eating only meat, fat, salt and water for the first week. Cravings for starch will occur, eat as little low GI carbs as you can so you don’t break the diet. Better cheat a little than give up.

We can do that as well: Support Group for carnivore/ketogenic diet

That depends on the date of what you read. It took me around 9 months on the diet for sexual sides to slowly recede. 2 years to be almost completely gone.
Currently, I have lower sex drive than before. I’m also 53 and have more sex drive than two of my 50yo+ friends.

During those almost 3 years of doing this diet, I tried different supplements, tried introducing carbs again and each time I felt worst for it. Those are the waves you’re talking about. When I see that, I revert back to the diet and things always become better for me.

Recently, I ate 2 ordinary low quality eggs a day and one sexual symptoms came back. Eggs and chicken fed with soy contains 9 times more estrogen. I switched to free range duck eggs and the symptom is gone.

The diet is best done eating beef and fat fish. The best fish is mackerel as it contains the highest omega 3 and also has some GABA. Farmed Norway salmon is to avoid because of its toxicity.

Here’s a link to a support group: Support Group for carnivore/ketogenic diet

We can chat there.

You can’t be carnivore if you eat plant. A Russian epigenetic disease specialist told my also Russian friend: “Eat only meat”. That’s his remedy.

Dr. David Sinclair has good research but it’s not complete IMO. He’s also not ketogenic nor carnivore. He takes pills to achieve his results. The research is good but he could do more to apply the results of his research to himself. Why doesn’t he eat only one day out of 2 ? He knows it expand mice life by a whooping 80% ?

We would all find it more easy if we could simply identify as ketogenic without doing the diet. But for your body to be in carnivore/ketogenic, you need to have 70% of calories from animal fat, 26% of calories from animal protein and 4% from carbs, which can be plants.

No pain no gain. Low carbs may make you feel better but will not repair the epigenome, if what I read is correct.

Yes, I agree it’d be a million times better than losing your life and money chasing all the other things on here that never work.
Let’s see the stats after we make the experiment. To get proper stats, we would need a control group and constant and identical variables for the test group. We will not get scientifically approvable results with the approach we’re having but at least we can share our results.

Here’s a link to a support group: Support Group for carnivore/ketogenic diet

We can chat there.

Here’s a link to a support group: Support Group for carnivore/ketogenic diet

We can chat there.

There is no way to get say 90% of the epigenetic reset effects of carnivore while eating a little more normal via supplementing with NMN or something? I’m just wondering if there are any ways to get the lion’s share of results with something that guys would actually be able to stick to for a year better than only eating meat. That’s extremely hardcore for most people (i.e., failure will be high).

I posted here my updated full protocol:

I don’t suggest people take all of those. I’m just sharing what worked for me.

No there is not. The Russian doctor specified only meat to avoid all the natural insecticide plants produce and which we react to with allergies and inflammation. Also you can’t be fat adapted, ketogenic, produce lots of BetaHydroxyButyrate and lower your NAD+ consumption if you eat carbs. Aceto Acetate requires 0 NAD+, BHB requires 2 NAD+ and carbs requires 4 NAD+. The more NAD+ you have available, the more they can work with sirtuin proteins to fix the epigenome from what I read (article on the first post above). Old people are defficient in NAD+, it’s part of aging.

That being said, I do eat some plants if you take a look at my regimen. But I’m also much better than most here so I’m not reacting much to normal food unless there’s lots of carbs.

Failure is high. It’s reality and I don’t control it. Most people who are not sick can’t stick to it. Half of those who are sick manage to prefer the diet to the disease. As time goes, I cheat less and less often. If you do have to cheat, do it in the morning, do it with as little carbs as possible and exercise that day to burn those carbs. Insulin make them first on the list and you won’t produce ketones until the carbs are out.

You said it yourself, people have tried tons of things with no results. What I’m doing is not easy but it has yielded results. It is better to have one hard way of getting better than nothing at all.

Got it. Yes maybe benefits will start to appear soon enough to make it much easier to follow. I suppose it might be like going to the gym or something. Lifting weights isn’t easy but when you see results you are happy to keep doing it anyway.

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Yes, it does that !
I had headaches almost 24/7 and gastric reflux so bad I needed to “sleep” at an angle to not drown in my stomach’s content. It stopped after a few days in the diet. I also stopped having speech slur and cataplexy within a few days (or something like cataplexy. I felt so week at times I couldn’t walk). I was disabled, couldn’t work, drive or even watch youtube videos and make sense of it !
Have you ever had absolute zero sex drive ? when a pretty sexy girl makes you feel nothing at all, the same as a dog or a phone pole ? All of a sudden I asked myself why I was working, I didn’t care about my children or even about myself anyway !
A huge chunk of my misery got lifted away on the first week of this diet. And I knew if I ate carbs again it would come back. Like I said, I preferred the diet to the disease !
I don’t know if it will do the same for others but surely I must not be alone ?
And thank God I found this diet (by coincidence). I was really thinking of ending it !


Yes, here I am having already done all the fun and silly things of youth and only pathway forward is to settle down and start family, but can’t feel anything with dick and girls are less arousing than my car.

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Ha ha ha ! There you go. My motorcycle is definitely more sexy than any girl I’ve seen this year !