Support Group for carnivore/ketogenic diet

Here, we can support each others and talk about the difficulties on getting started, the benefits once we’re in ketosis and share the results as they occur.

Please post to make everyone aware of our numbers. Even if it’s a short post, the more people supporting each others, the better.

The diet has yielded excellent results in my case, I’m eager to see the benefits others can get. Most people I know who has tried it seriously has had at least some benefits but it’s unclear to me how much and in which way precisely from lack of communication. Are there people out there being almost symptom free like me but they don’t tell anyone, did people quit ? I’ll never know so this is what this thread is for as well as giving support to each others.

I wish good luck to us all !


Heres my story and where I am so far:

I technically started keto in February of 2019 but I was still eating pork rinds covered in hot sauce until February of this year. I wasn’t improving so I decided to cut out the pork rinds and hot sauce and I think my anxiety got better. I was having panic attacks and because of covid I haven’t really been able to be in public to test my anxiety now. My therapist and parents think I’m doing better anxiety wise but I also have schizoaffective disorder and the diet is supposed to help with that too so I’m not sure which disorder I’m improving in.

Recently tried pork rind covered chicken and it totally fucked my gut up meaning pork rinds were almost definitely hindering any progress I would have been making over the past couple years had I not eaten them.

I’m now on the strict carnivore diet and have been for about 2-3 months maybe. Most recently I started waking up with morning erections if I slept in the fetal position on my side. This is a huge improvement because I never got morning erections before the diet. And I’m not talking about weak erections I’m talking about rock solid ones. The erections usually subside once I start moving around but about 2 weeks ago I woke up with a rock solid erection EXACTLY as hard as a morning erection before PFS and I even had to piss to make it go away like it was before PFS. So I’m confident that the diet will work. I really hope it starts working on my anxiety because that is my most debilitating issue. I think with time the diet will reverse everything.

I did get vaccinated for covid 4 days ago and while I am no doctor and quite frankly I think getting a vaccine is a great idea because covid can be lethal, I think the vaccine may have set me back a little bit. Haven’t woken up with an erection since I got it but I might not have gotten one anyway. Also my penis felt shriveled and hard the day or maybe 2 after. Either way, back to the diet and I’m expecting good results!

EDIT: Developed PAS in February of 2009 for anyone wondering

EDIT: Also didn’t realize this was a public post I thought it was only for a small group. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up because I’ve occasionally gotten a few morning erections. While I am happy to experience them I am still very far from being recovered or even confident in saying the diet will lead to recovery.


If indeed our problem is autoimmune as so many here have speculated, the carnivore is basically the most potent thing you can do for that. This diet robustly addresses two major potential explanations for PFS: that we have epigenetic damage and that we suffer autoimmune problems. Two birds with one stone.


Exactly. I’m cautiously optimistic about the diet. Haven’t had morning erections in the 12+ years since I got PAS


I just hopped back on a basically carnivore diet after a brief vacation and hope to go for at least a couple months

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Best of luck on the diet it’s definitely tough to get started on it without cheating until it becomes second nature

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I starting right now. A friend of mine who has no PFS said that carniviore diet increased the quality of his erections.

Bought ketose test stripes, Ghee and Nicotinamide Mononucleotide.

I will start with beef, Ghee and sea-salt only. Supplements: Probiotic+NNM.

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Funny you say that, I had Erectile Dysfunction and no morning wood after I crashed. I got them back somewhere along the way, maybe 4-6 months in the diet, but recently I’ve had really hard, really long lasting morning erections. Like 3 hours…I find it very annoying because I like to sleep on my belly and it’s kinda sensitive and wakes me up. This is abnormal. It didn’t use to disturb my sleep nor last that long. To me, it’s a sign that something is changing and as always with this disease it’s not balanced and disproportionate.

Maybe my Androgen Receptors are not so silenced ? Speculation and I will never know. It seems to be less extreme for the past few weeks.
Anyway. Just wanted to share…

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The longer the better. It takes 3-6 months to become fat adapted and around 9 months to get results on sexual symptoms, according to an other guy who have tried and my own experience… (Data is ver limited as you can see)

Guys, don’t forget to eat lots of animal fat. 70% of calories from fat and less than 4% from carbs to be ketogenic.
Being carnivore is good. Being carnivore AND ketogenic is better.

But don’t push too hard. Better go smoothly than break and give up.

Cant understand How its possible that only 4% of my diet can contain carbs, and not to over eat on proteins when i need 1900 calories a day…

While it may be uncomfortable, I love getting morning erections I feel like they’re a great sign. I don’t get them too frequently but maybe every few days I woke up with one. I can’t really remember the frequency before the vaccine but I’m hoping to get back to that level and then continue to get them more frequently than that.

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Forgive me for asking but what is the science / theory behind carnivore diet?

I understand the idea of keto, as in: the intentions and possible benefits of ketosis. I can look that all up and read about it.

But why abstinate from plant based foods and the many nutrients / minerals / vitamins they have? What is the supposed benefit of that? Just extreme carb reduction?

A carnivore diet is 0 carbs. A ketogenic diet is 70% calories from fat.

If you eat more than 4% calories from carbs, you’ll get kicked out of ketosis. Hell, I eat 8 gr of carbs and I’m out for at least 4 hours… So what’s to understand is that the body does not produce ketones (BHB) in the presence of insulin, which you produce when eating carbs. You need ultra low to zero insulin to produce ketones.

As for overeating proteins, whenever you do eat proteins, your body produces mTOR which ages your body. I try to eat protein just once a day and the rest of the time, I’ll just eat fat.

By the way, 1gr of protein or 1gr carbs will give you 4 calories. 1gr of fat will give you 9. So when you need 1900 calories a day, It’s easier to get them from fat.

@Wintermoon :

Read the articles on the top post here: Tricks to repair the Epigenome

Beside, I do know the theory behind all this but anyone can make theories about anything. I’m judging from the results others and I get. Results are in the body, theories are in the mind. Most of my symptoms disappeared after a few days on the diet. It’s anecdotal but it can hardly be a coincidence.

Plants fight predators by producing chemicals that makes them harder to digest. Lots of people here have leaky guts, allergies, inflammation etc… By not eating plants, you eliminate all allergies and inflammation due to them. Also, plants energy mainly consist of carbs, so no ketosis there. Meat have lots of nutrients, compare !

Because the diet I’m doing is both carnivore and ketogenic, I take vitamin and mineral supplements.
But I’m noticing a skin reaction to the coconut milk I put in my coffee. When you eat mostly animal fat and meat and so little plants, it’s easy to notice what plant causes allergies.

As a trick to all, the brain need 30gr of carbs a day which you either get from carbs or from transforming 60gr of protein into 30gr of glucose. I find that if I eat close to 20gr of carbs a day, I don’t get any carbs cravings and if I’m purely 0 carbs, I get cravings a lot and dream about carbs.
Eating almost 20gr of carbs means 40 gr of protein that won’t be converted to glucose. If you try zero carbs, you need at least 145gr of proteins to keep you muscle mass, with the ketogenic requirement of 20gr of carbs, you can lower protein intake to the suggested ketogenic 130 gr. You need a minimum of 85gr of protein + filling your brain glucose requirement either with carbs or protein to not lose muscles.
Because we are eating mostly fat meat, you need to eat more to get that 130gr. Also you can overshoot. But the more meat you eat, the less fat you’ll eat and the less BHB you’ll produce.

BHB and NAD+ are key to this diet as it will make all the tricks work better. But without the tricks, you won’t produce sirtuin proteins and those are the ones that repair the epigenome.

The tricks are:

  • Exercise (It also creates more muscle mass and more androgen receptors: weight lifting, legs exercise)
  • low carbs or almost zero carbs or zero carbs
  • Higher fat to replace the energy deficit from cutting carbs.
  • Fasting 1-3 days. Some do more
  • Calorie deficit for a period of time, like from a few days to a week or two. Repeat periodically
  • Intermittent fasting: eating only in a window of 1-6 hours. Outside this window, only water.
  • Carnivore / ketogenic diet helps with the 5 points above and has extra benefits
  • Cold shower and/or hot saunas
  • Exercise while glycogen deficient. (at the end of a fast or while being in ketosis)
  • Get out of breath exercise (cardio until you’re out of breath)
  • Take melatonin as a food supplement
  • Maintain a strict schedule: eat always at the same time and sleep at the same time.
  • Take NAD+ boosting supplements like Nicotinamide MonoNucleotide (NMN) and NAD+ boosting plants extracts
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On paper there isnt much science on why carniviore diet is healthy, according to most dietians it is even considered to be one dimensional and bad.

There are some theories I came across though.

  1. The things that ozeph said. That it basically creates a enviroment which is beneficial for correct gene expression and signaling.
  2. There is some strange theory that the water that is used in the body through low carb metabolization is actually different from the water the most consume orally. Basically the water used by ketone pathways contains less deuterium. Here is a study:
    and here is some information:
  3. Carniviore and low carb work because they are just bascially an elemination diets and certain people develop different food intolerances and allergies. Thats why people with autoimmune disorders may have greater results…
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Right. Well I’ve been interested in trying keto diet for some time as I am a mild case (only sexual). I wonder if ketosis may result in healing of the sexual sides. This is all based entirely on the assumption that finasteride did in fact cause epigenetic changes in the CNS causing the symptoms, rather than simply CNS-localized hormonal or signalling imbalance.

I’m not sold on carnivore personally, but keto seems worth a shot. I’ve been progessively excluding carb foods from my supermarket shoppings. Currently working towards a meat-eggs-dairy-veggies only diet with water and some low-carb milks like almond and coconut. Maybe some black coffee now and then in the mornings. I’ll see how it goes.

Main thing I’m worried about is constipation, as I’ve always noticed constipation whenever I went with low fiber foods for a few days.
Is there any zero/low-carb-high-fiber food that works wonders for constipation?

Yes there is: cold potato starch mixed with cold water. It’s a resistant starch unless heated to high temperature. It will not be digested and is all available for fermentation by bacteria in your guts. I take it with probiotics.

Inulin is also a soluble fiber. The problem with it is it will be very readily available to bacteria in your upper digestive track and they will consume it all before it can go down the track.

Yes, it can apparently be a godsend for people with autoimmune conditions. It’s very possible that PFS has a significant autoimmune component. That’s on top of its epigenetic repair strengths (though apparently it’s also possible to get those without being meat only for example David Sinclair’s diet)

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This group was started 4 days ago. I takes 2 days for the carbs reserves in our body to be depleted.

Surely someone must be struggling with intense carbs craving, sudden fatigue, diarrhea or something ?

The group has been formed to give support for those specific cases. After we’ve all pass that point, we be sharing things like “it’s boring to eat the same thing everyday…” (and yes it is)

Of course, we’ll also share results !

Don’t hesitate to share !

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Just got over the initial hump of fatique and carb cravings and feels good to be on the other side :slight_smile: Felt some pleasant libido while doing yoga this morning. I hope everyone is doing well.

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