Ozeph Carnivore/Ketogenic Regimen

I post again my regimen on a separate thread so it can be easily accessed without having to scroll down 100+ posts.

After 2 years, I’ve lowered most supplement and became more strict on the diet.
Please focus on the diet, which I believe can help many of us, more than the supplements which are more specific to my case. The diet did most of the work. The supplements are just there to, well, supplement the diet which might be missing vitamins and minerals. That’s except for the sleeping supplements. Insomnia is my only remaining issue so the following is optimized to get rid of anxiety and get some sleep.

Here is my complete regimen:

Upon waking up:
5-HTP 50mg (Do not take with SSRI or anti-depressant or if your disease is related to anti-depressant)
Tyrosine 500mg
L-Dopa 350mg
Half pill of most Vitamin B (1,3,6,12, biotin)
Nicotinamide MonoNucleotide (NMN), a NAD+ precursor.
Sex herb of the week, which I cycle: Pine Pollen, Trubulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed
Careful, some have had adverse reactions to these. Try little and wait before increasing to normal dose. If you have bad reactions, stop.

Coffee with coconut milk, no sugar. I use 0 carbs sweetener, it may not be good for all.
3 tbsp Ghee, pinch of salt
Blend in a jar with an electric whip.

Right After Coffee:
Half Multi-vitamins for men
500iu or 1000 iu of vitamin D3
25mg of zinc (half a pill)
One day I take Boron 3 mcg
The other day I take Vitamin A 5000iu
Careful, some have had adverse reactions to vitamin A.

I do at least some exercise every day. Exercise is mostly resistance training but also some cardio.

3pm on empty stomach:
Vitamin B3 Niacinamide
Sex Herb of the week.

Pre dinner at 4pm
Often, I will eat two time within a 1-2 hours window.
The first meal is meat with 1 duck egg and ghee (some low sodium salt)

Dinner around 5pm, sometime only meal of the day:
Fat ground beef 150 gr (or some other fat cut of steak), 4 tbsp of ghee, 1 free range duck egg, 50gr of steamed spinach and the equivalent of 1 tbsp of dry lentils, cooked into a puree (I make large batches and freeze), lemon juice and low sodium salt (60% potasium, 40% sodium)
Fat can also be partly lard or tallow.
I first melt the ghee with the lentil puree with lemon juice and low sodium salt. I whip to a cream and add beef and spinach.
I eat with 100 gr of unpeeled cucumber, 12 olives and often 1 can (50gr) of mackerel (tomato sauce drained). I always sleep better when I ate mackerel.
1 glass containing 150ml of the magnesium mix below, and sparkling water.

After 6pm
I don’t drink any liquids so I don’t have to wake up and pee at night. That really messes up my night and the next day.
I only drink the morning coffee, the magnesium mix and water. Nothing else.

I need 3-4 hours to digest the food before taking sleeping meds or herbs or they will mix with the food and mess up my night

3.5 mg Clonazepam (sleeping pill)
20 mg Hydroxyzine (anti-histamine)
10 mg Melatonin (also fixes epigenetic damage by itself)
1000 mg Valerian extract
500mg Lemon Balm extract
500mg Passion flower extract
500mg Hops extract

That won’t even make me yawn or sleepy until I take:

Before sleep and at least 30 minutes after taking the previous pills:
2 tbsp Oatmeal (Rolled Oat), 2 tbsp of water, 1 tbsp of ghee, 1 tsp of Inusitol (vit B8)
Facultative: 0 carbs sweetener and/or vanilla, pinch of salt
Mix than add ghee, Microwave 30-45 seconds and mix again

This raises insulin and lowers cortisol. The insulin and drop of cortisol usually knocks me out and I barely have time to do my evening meditation before falling asleep.

I keep 700mg of Inusitol in a pill, and 250mg of Chamomile extract, 250mg of hops extracts in another pill next to my bed. When I almost inevitably wake up after sleeping 5 hours, I take those 2 pills and go back to sleep. I’ll finish the night dreaming and waking up a few times. This is not the dreaming zombie state of tossing around and barely dreaming surface dreams close to reality. What I get is derived from that but it has gotten much better over the years. It’s actually quite pleasant to have all those dreams every days.

Also note that despite taking lots of sleep meds and supplements, I didn’t build up tolerance and sleep quality is improving with time. I intent to reduce those meds and herbs when sleep is good enough

Magnesium mix :
In a 1.5 liter bottle: Magnesium Chloride 10 gr, Potassium Chloride 5 gr, Creatine 5 gr, 150 ml apple cider vinegar, fill with water to the rim. I take no more than 150ml a day, before 6pm so I have time to urinate the extra magnesium. mix with soda water to fill the glass. It’s delicious.

As you can see, I am not cured. But all neurological (no more anxiety), physical and sexual symptoms are gone except for slightly lower sex drive but still above others of my age (I’m 53) and insomnia which is kept under control and stable with the meds and herbs.
I have a good quality of life and could live the rest of my life like this. However, I see slow improvement in sleep so I believe within 2-3 years I will be better yet.
Is there a cure ? I don’t know. But I found a way to make my life normal and be alert and productive during the day and sleep at night.
Also note this regimen is adapted to my symptoms: I have heavy insomnia and nothing else aside from minors inconveniences that won’t last long. If I had mostly sexual symptoms and no trouble sleeping, no doubts the supplements would be different. The diet would be the same though.

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God help us. You’re consuming more supplements than food. I’d get anxiety trying to remember to adhere to this ‘accurate’ and finely balanced lifestyle.


Nice of you to contribute with positive information people can use !

I take a larger number of supplements than the number of food items I eat. But by weigh, there is much more food than supplements by far. Most are vitamins, minerals and amino acid found in food. I can cut those without an immediate effects but I feel better if I take them. No doubt some of those could be cut out completely with no bad effects.

I’m pretty sure the same, exact food I keep eating every single day does not provide me with all vitamins and minerals I need.

The only real strong things I’m taking are the sleeping meds and herbs. I’ve had insomnia 5 years prior to crashing and it is by far my worst symptom. I was completely sleepless after I crashed, could not even sleep 3 hours.

It’s also my only remaining disabling symptoms. I had all the PFS symptoms and I now have only one !
I’d rather take vitamins, amino acids and minerals than all the hormones and hard medicine others are taking with seemingly little lasting results, for most of them anyway, and many crashes resulting from those experiments

Correct me anyone if you actually did find something that looks like a cure and has healed you 95%.

Last note: you do what you want, I’m only sharing what I did and keep doing to live a normal life.

Best luck to you !

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What does Vitamins, amino acids has to do with hormones?

Suppliments crashed people here more than hormones.


They don’t. They have to do with my very restricted diet which doesn’t bring all I need. Also notice how many vitamins I cut in half or take every two days.

The vitamins, minerals and amino acids are specific to my case. My point posting this is to show people the diet I’m following. The vitamins, minerals and amino acids did nothing to take away the symptoms. Not that I know of anyway. But 72 hours in the diet and most neurological symptoms were gone so clearly the diet is the main thing here.

It’s not hard to take a lot of vitamins daily when you just use pill boxes and set them out for the week every Sunday or whatever. Requires no thought whatsoever, really. The other pills he takes aren’t for the diet but rather for his insomnia.

When I tried a keto diet it was very good for removing brain fog. The problem I have is sustaining the diet - family meals, friends, holidays. The diet is very disruptive to any sense of a normal social life.

As soon as you eat more than a tiny amount of carb, all the fat going round your blood stream is going to stick straight to your artery walls.

Perhaps keto is a price worth paying. I haven’t found much else that consistently keeps the brain fog away.

By the way, as a note for anyone who Accutane - be careful with supplementing vitamin A. You can end up making a mess of yourself.

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That’s certainly not what happens.

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Incorrect IMO. low density cholesterol, short threads, stick to the arteries to fix damage done by stress. Nothing to do with carbs or insulin. Ketogenic diet does fix arteries and remove the need for cholesterol to fix damage.

Ketogenic diet produces high and low density cholesterol, but in long threads. Does not clog arteries as much as carbs.

Taking carbs will raise insulin and put all that fat into your cell and fat cells. Eating carbs and fat together makes you fat. Eating fat alone makes you thin. Eating carbs alone makes you fat (lots of it converts to fat)

I can give you tricks to deal with those: on airplane trips, I bring tubes of ghee and dehydrated meat or I fast.
On family reunion, I eat the non carbs items or I fast.

When you’re fat adapted (3-6 months in the diet) it’s always easy to stay 1-2 days without eating.

I kept the diet for almost 3 years. I intent to do it all my life.

Here are some extraordinary claimed benefits for normal people:
(I won’t link the science behind so research it if you like)

Counters diabetes with claims of reversing type 2 diabetes.
Great for fat loss. Makes people thin and gain muscles
Greatly lowers heart diseases
Greatly lowers chances of getting strokes (I don’t even bruise anymore)
Greatly lowers chances of cancers, most of which feed on carbs. (but a few on ketones)
Reduces chances of Alzheimer, dementia and cognitive impairment due to age.
Gain IQ points ! (2 pts apparently). Makes the mind noticeably sharper.
Makes skin beautiful and even removes freckles with time
Reduce or reverses the damage done by aging. Extend life.
Most of all, makes 40+yo people not feel age. I can be fit until I hit 90 then suddenly die… I don’t need to be sick from 50 to 90 (if I ever reach that on a normal diet)
Fixes all joints. I have no more joint pain and I’m not cracking anymore…
Removes belly pot, reveal six pack behind, reduces dangerous brown fat.

Here’s me 3 months ago. I’m 53yo, no grey hair, no wrinkles, no glasses, people gives me 30+:


congratulations, spectacular body,
only advice I would give you is to try to reduce melatonin,
in Italy it is forbidden to prescribe more than 5mg, they say that below 5mg gives drowsiness, above 5mg gives restlessness and reduces sleep,

Interesting. Thanks for the tip !

I know a psychiatrist who says sees a lot of patients that have become dependant on Melatonin and will just go up and up and up on dose and it loses all effectiveness as sleep aid. Just another thing to keep in mind. No judgement on Melatonin, just sharing something one might be wary of.

Melatonin heals the epigenome. I’m not taking it to sleep.

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I see that you use clonazepam, is that only for insomnia?

A year after i quitted fin, i became addicted clonazepam and it almost went wrong for me. Its a strong sedative benzodiazepine, i think many would argue that this would slow the recovery time from pfs, what do you think?

I actually felt alot better on clonazepam and my sex life was better. But i strongly advice people to not use this drug, specially if they also have anxiety problems.

Yes it is. My insomnia is so bad I have to fight it with all kinds of things. I don’t think it’s good but it’s better than not sleeping. In that aspect, not sleeping would slow my recovery much more than taking clonazepam IMO.

I don’t see what clonazepam has to do with the epigenome, the body’s ability to fix it or the androgen receptors. Maybe you could clarify in which way clonazepam interact with PFS and slows its recovery.
We don’t lack ability to produce GABA IMO, what we have is a poly-glutamine toxicity which increases to toxic levels of all glutamine metabolites. Relevant to my condition: Glutamate, the stimulatory neurotransmitter which also antagonizes GABA.

In 2018, the disease disabled me. I couldn’t work so I had to find a way to be functional. All in all, I’m maybe just kicking the can down the road. I’m 53. I have a factory in Thailand and right now we’re producing at full capacity to provide goods for the newly printed money. I am not building any tolerance to clonazepam so I can probably go on and extra 2-3 years, by which time the printed money scheme should have imploded, I could shut my factory and retire with enough money to afford being disabled with 3 kids.

Meanwhile, I’m doing all I can to heal the epigenome. From the success stories, it looks like it took 4-6 years to those who recovered. That’s 3 years from now for me, with most symptoms currently already gone… Maybe I would have time to recover from the poly-glutamine toxicity and then deal with the clonazepam addiction without having extra high Glutamate to prevent any GABA from manifesting itself ?

Wish for the best and plan for the worst. Meanwhile, in my experience, Things are not as bad as the worst I can imagine and not as good as the best I could wish for so I guess I’ll have something in between in the future.

I cant clarify that at all, it was a thoughtless assumption.

Don’t worry. In order to move forward on a disease that has very little study behind it, we have to make assumptions. We just need to keep in mind that they are assumption and be careful…

Congratulation for your success in symptoms relieve and your body :slight_smile:

Are you doing some weight lifting or is this a natural body transformation with your diet?

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