Prep medication, reversing pfs?


I have had PFS for about 13 years now. I have good luck with vitamin supplements and self CBT therpay. I have also lost a bit of weight by fasting.

I am gay and a few years ago a medication commonly known as prep was starting to be prescribed to promisus gay men as those who are on it stop getting hiv as the drug kills the virus before it has a chance to replecate. In order to get the most feeling from sex I wanted to have condomless sex. As I was able to get hard ons but the feeling isn’t all there, so having safe condomless sex with guys is one that would give me the most feeling possible.

So I ordered prep through dynamix international and it arrived 3 days ago. I have been taking it for 3 days. Last night I felt horny feelings I have not felt in years. I wanked and came. I also haven’t felt depressed.

Granted it has only been 3 days and it could all go away again, it’s just I had a very intense orgas m last night, not fully normal but not something I had felt in years.

Does anyone that knows more about the science of finasteride and prep have any input on this. Yes it has only been 3 days but I feel better. I was hesitant to post this as all this could go away again and maybe it could be just me.

Input guys please.


I have no knowledge about prep and its interactions with fin but its great news you’re feeling better - 13 years is a long time with this crap!

Yeah, it has completely fucked over my life. I would just like to know if there are any other gay men that truvada or prep or would try it.

Hi @irishguy754,

Is this the Emtricitabine/Tenofovir combo? Please keep us updated regarding your symptoms progress. Is your case mostly sexual function? If you have other symptoms, if you could give a little explanation of what they are, their severity and how you feel prep has affected them that would be good too. Thanks for reporting.

This is not the first time I’ve considered reverse-transcriptase inhibitor. This is in regards to the RTI drug Nevirapine, used for HIV treatment:

"…the presence of the androgen receptor blocker bicalutamide, completely inhibited the ability of NVP to induce the AR gene, suggesting that the differentiating activity of NVP results in the reestablishment of sensitivity to exogenous androgens…These results suggest that the NVP-dependent remodeling of gene expression correlates with the reestablishment of AR signaling.

Thus, it is notable that NVP is able not only to up-regulate AR at the level of transcription, but also to restore the sensitivity of AR signaling to extracellular ligands. This suggests that endogenous RT may be involved in the regulation of genes responsible for the response of cells to extracellular stimuli."

Nevirapine restores androgen signaling in hormone‐refractory human prostate carcinoma cells both in vitro and in vivo

However I didn’t pursue the line of thought as it was likely to be carcinoma specific:

“There is evidence to suggest that endogenous RT, which is encoded by retrotransposons and endogenous retro-viruses, two classes of genomic repeated elements [8], is involved in the regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation [7] since it is highly up-regulated in embryonic, undifferentiated and tumor cells [9–11], while it is silenced in differentiated, non-pathological tissues. Indeed, both the down-regulation of endogenous RT expression by siRNA against RT-encoding LINE-1 retroelements and the inhibition of endogenous RT by pharmacological means result in the reversible inhibition of cell proliferation, arrest of the cell cycle in the G0–G1 phase and in the induction of cell differentiation in several human carcinoma cell models[12,13]. Efavirenz (EFV) and nevirapine (NVP), two agents used in the treatment of HIV patients [14], exhibit a differentiating activity in human tumor cells which is mediated by their ability specifically to reprogram gene expression, thereby restoring cell function lost during tumor progression [7,13,15].”

Biochemical characterization of a reverse transcriptase activity associated with retroviral-like particles isolated from human placental villous tissue



Interesting, so you thought about going down this avenue before. PFS has disrupted my ability to think cognitively, so I am not going to fully understand the research you just posted.

It is now day 3, all I can say is that when I took the first pill, I felt different. Last night I had an amazing orgasm and it freeked me out. I was going to wait at least 2 weeks but I think there might be something here. I really don’t wanna get everyones hopes up but after so long I need some hope.

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Sorry it is tenofovir emtrictabine combo. I forgot to confirm that

My symptoms are sexual and sivire cognitive impairment. Even as I am typing this message, my brain seems clearer.

Ha, you don’t need to understand - don’t worry. Straight reporting of reactions is the most useful thing. But yes, there could potentially some sense to in in regards to the science.

Yes, I’ve considered it (as in for PFS efficacy rather than looked into taking it myself) and talked with some of my moderators here about it before, but I found it lead to what I thought was a dead end. If I was wrong that would be nice, but as you say for now just keep an eye on things. Many things work for a time, so I’d be grateful if you’d keep us up to date.


Last night after being on the second dose. I took my third dose this morning. It is one pill a day. I began thinking about a guy (as I am gay) in a sexual way, that I have found attractive. I was a little bit freaked out at first and thought well it will be taken away. I had a long sexual mastrabation fantacy about him. I also began sweat as I was sexually aroused and I also came alot by the end of it. It wasnt fully normal but I felt more sexual feelings than I had in years.

Yeah that’s the thing. Even if this all goes away I was able to feel sexual for a time. Other treatments have worked for a time and then I have crashed

BUT this feels different. I really do mean that. Prep is very easy to get a hold of and cheap. I just wanna know if any gay men on here have tried it before.

You’re the guinea pig I’m afraid. One guy indicated he’d been on nevirapine and “recovered”, but he was on fin for about two decades and just improved when he came off, so that’s no data regarding a case of PFS, just likely resolving sides.

Where do you buy this medication or is it prescription only ?
Also could I ask if it has made any difference to your memory ?
I know its early days but any info is relevant…

another treatment on epigenetic lvl
this is getting better and better
luckely no one is willing to try anti-cancer and anti-hiv drugs so u all stay in the same spot

im looking forward to hearing from u again dude good job and good luck



please continue to give us thorough updates on this


Hello i would like to be given a link to these studies so i can further analyse them
U can PM me them or post them here
I need particulary about the first quote study link but also wouldnt mind for the second
Plz,it would be of big help if u give me these links


Interesting. Gay man also here, have considered prep before but I’m not incredibly sexually active (wonder why) and I also just decided to continue to be leery of ALL medication. Let me know how it goes for you.


Hey @irishguy754, obviously this is sensational news, perhaps you could share a link to exactly what you bought?


I believe the brand name is Truvada. Its a combination of two medications that regulate an enzyme called reverse transcriptase. In short, that enzyme is responsible for the multiplying nature of HIV infected cells.

More info:

@irishguy754 I’m curious, are you consuming anything else at the moment, albeit supplements, medications, etc?

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I’ve edited my post with citations. These extracts are from my notes - the main texts are behind respective paywalls (I have access through a university). Since their publication, a clinical trial did take place for its use in hrpc and if I recall was abandoned due to intolerable toxicity occurring far before the adequate circulating level could be achieved.

Do me a favour in return and knock this off please. Please review the FAQ for our community guidelines and stick to the polite bits of your posts, there’s no need to be judgemental. Thanks :slight_smile:

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the big question is:
-are the epigenetic effects reversible like the medication says,or mb in our case(hopefully) irevirsable after discontinuation??

we should elaborate more on the mechanism of action and theories around that here i think