Can broccoli be the answer?

How on earth could eating broccoli be an answer to PFS which has such a wide array of complex symptoms?

Just think about that for a moment.

The cure will not be found on supermarket shelves, thats for sure.

Look at this recent news on HIV, to get some idea on how a proper answer to a complex virus/disease might look like:

The case of the so-called “Dusseldorf patient” was reported at a scientific conference this week, but doctors said their remission is still at an early stage.

It came hours after researchers reported a “London patient” was the second ever man to see the disease “cured” by a bone marrow transplant - which effectively replaces and reboots the cells of the immune system where HIV persists.

The London patient, who has decided to remain anonymous, has been off virus-suppressing drugs for 18 months and has no detectable traces of HIV, researchers reported in the journal Nature earlier this week.

Just food for thought, make of it what you will.

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That was huge news in the scientific world. If HIV can be cleared from a body, there must be a solution PFS.


I hate broccoli : (

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Indeed not. Luckily precision medicine is moving very fast. Ours is not a viral issue, but to illustrate further with HIV advances, crispr is already promising functional cures via targeted destruction of the proviral genome.

Medicine should hopefully soon have quite a different landscape.


I spoke with some PHDs in the biotech world who are working on CRISPR. He said the challenge wasnt effecting change to a condition but to effect only the change your trying to make. He said their seems to be a rubiks cube effect where you change one thing and some other bad things happen. So it depends what your trying to do. It is being worked on frantically though and tons of progress is being made.

If you think it’s not a viral issue then how are some guys seeing good progress with prep? I don’t think it’s a viral issue either I’m just wondering

Please see my replies here and here. Bear in mind the previous ten years of this forum, tissue specific findings in PFS and, as per my caution, later in the thread some trying it got worse.

They already have CRISPR Androgen Receptor activation/ knockout plasmids

HIV is a virus - we understand that. PFS is most likely a combination of many things (hence the wide ranging symptom profile). HIV can be detected, PFS can’t. PFS in my opinion is more like autism.

It’s too complex, getting other diseases, that also are aren’t curable, from PFS makes it too hard. Maybe a drug/method that improves androgens will fix some issues but it’ll probably just be a bandage.

Oh well, seems we got some clairvoyants here.


I wonder if it’s turning into a biotech race between US and China?