Unable to sleep again

Guys. This is so worrisome. I was okay for a while now. Never had complete ED and sleep was good for like past 5 months and suddenly now I’m having sleep issues. Waking up suddenly with hot flashes and unable to go back to sleep. This all started right after I actually started going to gym, running and eating healthy.

I am so surprised that the symptoms returned when I started doing this cause this is supposed to elevate testesterone and make me fee better. Should I stick to it or stop lifting and running?

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It would make sense to stop those activities until sleep improves, then slowly reintroduce one of those and monitor. The other issue could be your diet and the types of food you’re eating.


Yeah right now. Eating healthy. So eating lots of veggies, chicken. Drinking milk.

But I don’t understand why running or lifting weights should cause this kind of change. There’s guys here who do this and actually feel better.

The added stress on your body from the exercise could be the issue or like you said changes in hormones.

Are you taking any supplements or vitamins at the moment?

Lifting weights apparently does similar things as the finasteride now.

There’s a lot of pfs guys that can’t lift anymore because they Crash again or get Symptoms like that.

So I should stop lifting weights?? But that will make me unhealthy and would lower testesterone

Yes. Just some multivitamins and a vitamin e capsule. Nothing too much

Drop them. These vitamins can get you worse, like I got worse from taking Vitamin K2 and other stuff. If you want vitamins just eat your vegetables.

it sucks, but others have stopped lifting weights too.

check out that thread, and read the irish guy’s posts.

he used to not be able to lift weights either. then as he took prep, it allowed him to lift weights with less and less crashes over time, until he stopped crashing.

not telling you to take prep, because it has unknown risks for us as well, but what im saying is, its common for folks to not be able to lift.

It could be something you’re taking, eating, or using that’s causing this sudden insomnia. It happened to me when I was eating large amounts of a health food. I’m still fucked from that.

What kind of supplements or medication are you taking? What is your diet like? Are you using any special soaps or shampoos?

Post the ingredients or labels.

With PFS, elevating Testosterone often makes people feel worse, not better. This is likely also why many crash coming off the drug, because quitting fin brings back DHT. Also, check those veggies. Some are anti-androgenic, which can also have negative effects.

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If you are waking up in the middle of the night with hot flashes and/or anxious / jolty feelings then its because your cortisol is too low and you are running strictly on adrenaline. Pop 10mg of hydrocortisone and it will help.

I’m just taking brocolli, spinach, lettuce and some mushrooms with chicken /tuna. And just drinking lots of milk. Before I used to have pizza and a much more unhealthy diet.

I think I’ll stick to gym/running and the diet for now. See if it improves or body adjusts with the change… At least I’m supposed to get healthier with this regimen.

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I had the same feeling. Specifically from running. Let’s keep posted on our progress.

Hey yes. Here’s an update.

A week into running, my body adjusted I guess, I was able to sleep again, about for a week I had good 8 hours of sleep.
But then I upped my weight training at gym, and this week I am unable to sleep again. But funny thing is even if i wake up after 3 hours of sleep, I don’t feel tired afterwards.

I’m just gonna stick to it, see how my body responds, see if my sleeping pattern and time improves within a month or so. Surely I can’t be doing anything bad by working out. As for diet, having lots of skimmed milk, vegetables, fruits and meat. Not avoiding anything specific and not taking any supplements.

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Why skimmed milk? Saturated fat is kinda good for you along with cholesterol, if you wanna pump up that endocrine production of yours.

Also, perhaps the weight training is tacking a toll of you because of your taxed adrenals - maybe it’s not necessarilly the androgen receptors. You seem to do well with cardio, so try to do HITT.
If I were you I would also look into the Wim Hoff method.

Same for me. Waking up after 4-5 hiurs of sleep and not tired until midnight of next day. Last week I stopped all sport - slept 10 hours. Strange pattern.

Yeah, that’s me most days. But at the same time I’m too exhausted to be doing anything.