asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis!

Why wouldnt we have some sort of prostate disruption?

Another potential for not clearing out a chronic prostatitis case is the calcifications built in the prostatic parenchyma from the ongoing inflammation. Once prostatic calcifications emerge then bacteria may start lingering around them or inside them and can be VERY VERY difficult to treat.

So, and because i know that prostate inflammation after finasteride is one serious issue of my ED, i bet that most if not all people in this forum can get a possible prostatitis picture if they get an ultrasound exam.

The way to treat however chronic prostatitis restistant to antibiotics could be injections along with massages. I tried treating hormonally with locally applied testosterone on testis, it only works for a few hours and then comes back with a vengeance.

I am thinking of treating with testosterone gel and hydrocortisone applied on testicles to see if the inflammatory markers diminish a bit.

Plus all this time i am on anti-estrogens, but still NO change.

  • by the way if i sit on a chair or ride a bike for a while my penis gets numb, no blood passes through to it…

I also have the feeling that something is clogged on the pelvic floor. I have this feeling for years.
I went to many different urologists, they told me that everything is ok. I have heared that people can have prostatitis and it cannot be seen in the blood (blood test). There are different forms of prostatitis: (chronic) bacterial prostatitis, abacterial prostatitis etc. (I dont know if its written correctly, I am German)

Can you please tell me which antibiotics you have taken. Can you recommend some antibiotics for prostatitis?
Thanks for your help.

The prostate is basically a big muscle. This can be caused by a weak prostate, one that isn’t strong enough to hold the pathways open, no?

Maybe everyone of us has prostatitis as a PFS symptom. That could explain why Genetix or Chi had temporary recoveries after prostatitis treatments (antibiotics or pelvic exercises). Unfortunately, since our prostatitis are symptoms, they can only be temporaryly resolved unless the underlying condition causing the problem is resolved. So the unknown root cause in our body works again in inflammating the prostate another time.

this is how the prep irishguy uses atm is helping pfs
thats my opinion at least
the prep works on prostate and relieves those problems

the same with this guy

what u think?

I was on penicilline (Sultamicillin) for about 1 week and every single symptom was cured, even taking finasteride didnt change anything. I suspect that I have / had a prostatitis aswell.

I dont think that pfs is irreversible if you can go from these symptoms to normal healthy within 1-2 days.

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u should try the prep mb if u have improvements like that

What do you mean with “prep mb”?

I think he’s referring to the above, @hopeless94 . I believe @zadig777 has placed an order for Prep.

It’s very interesting.
Also my three recoveries lasted for a week.
However I had success with hCG and anastrozole.

Guys, this thread needs some attention. I too also diagnosed with Prostatitis. And guess what, a PAS sufferer friend of mine experienced the same thing. I think he anonymously reads this site. He told me that his sexual problems instantly resolved with an antibiotic prostate drug.

Anyone else tried these antibiotic drugs and experienced recoveries? Please write it.

Btw, he used the drug “Klamoks”


Maybe blood flow. I dont think this inflammation needs to be localized to the prostate.
Hell you can look at gingivitis, periodontal disease, sinus inflammation, brain, eyes, skin,scalp,stomach.

Its systemic, dont stop at the prostate.

Why don’t you use klamoks then if it worked for him?

I will, but i doubt it would be the cure. The cause is hormonal that’s why it is inflamed in the firt place.

Also can i ask the same question, why don’t you tried an antibiotic yet? @Lostinaustin

Time to try antibiotics soon, I’m so sick of this shit.


I have been to a urologist and they said it’s inflamed and gave me an antibiotic and it did nothing

You can’t cure your prostate unless you fix your hormones man. @Lostinaustin

Why should the prostate not function again when the inflammation is gone?

Are you serious man? I think if a lack of hormones inflames the prostate again, it can’t recover.