asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis!

well, i’m back after 6 months off this forum.
i have tried lots of treatment without any success. L.tyrosine, L.carnitine, L.glutamine, L.phenylalanine, all kinds of vitamins, progesterone cream, TRT, clomid, Nolvadex and HCG, ginseng, VIT c ,Magnesium, talanbit…etc- all without any beneficial outcome.

lately, i have been to a urologist to examin my prostate. i didn’t feel any pain in the prostate, but just went to check what the hell could be wrong. my blood work revealed elevated white blood cells (leukocytosis). the dr took a sample of the prostate fluid after a massage, and there was bacteria in the prostatic secretions, mainly E.coli. doctor told me that i have asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis and sent me on ciprofloxacin 500 mg twice daily, and hydrocortisone tablets 10 mg in the morning and 5 mg in the evening.

hell, it was only two days untill i recovered. there was like something clogged that started to resolve. dunno how to describe that, but i felt that there was a clogged thing in my abdomen and around my prostate that hindered the blood flow, and the clogginess finally started to resolve. it was the first time to sigh in relief after around 18 months of quitting the poison.

my sex drive came back, my testes grew in size and finally i could feel my brain “connected” to my penis. everything became ok, but alas, that was only for one week. i dunno why my prognosis stopped;but the doctor told me that i have to complete a 2 months course of therapy.

then the reason of all of that suffering was just a severly inflammed prostate? i dunno. but i felt VERY normal for one week. i have no idea why my recovery was halted.
i wish i find an explanation for that.

Curious, why did he give you hydrocortisone (synthetic cortisol) to treat a Prostate issue? Can you find out his reasoning as to why? Lots of guys around here suspect an Adrenal connection to their problems, it would be interesting to know what the doc has to say about that.

Can you outline the TRT, Clomid, Nolvadex and hCG protocols you followed?

You mention progress stopped after 1 week – does that mean you returned to your former post-Finasteride state and lost all form of recovery?

I find it very interesting that you would recover for a week, the problem is we don’t know wether it was due to the antibiotics or the hydrocortisone… regardless very good news, at least you experienced an improvement which should tell you this is NOT irreversible!

the doctor prescribed me a physiological dose of hydrcortisone. hydrocortisone is by the way a natural, not synthetic, cortisone. our adrenals secrete around 25 to 40 mg cortisol per day. cortisol is a synonym of hydrocortisone.

the dr said that such dose will not suppress the endogenous production of cortisol. furthermore, such dose will help the exhausted adrenals and will give an anti-inflammatory response comparable to NSAIDS. the interesting thing is that this doctor believed that chronic inflammatory conditions can really exhaust the adrenal glands cuz the body’s need of cortisol increase to fight the inflammation.

again, he said that i will taper off the hydrocortisone dose after 2 months course of therapy. he said that i can’t go on cipro for more than 2 months cuz of the sides, so he will send me on doxycycline after finishing the two months course of cipro if my case doesn’t resolve completely by then.

more interesting thing is that this dr, being a urologist, used to prescribe proscar for BPH. he said that most of his patients didn’t recover the sexual sides until 6 months at least have passed after quitting fin. he said that he doesn’t prescribe it anymore, and that Merck is lying about the percentage of side effects.

concerning the TRT. i was prescribed testoviron shots by an andrologist for two months without any results.(one injection every two weeks).
the same andrologist then sent me on nolvadex 10 mg in the morning and 10 mg in the evening together with clomid 50 mg in the morning and 50 mg in the evening, add to that HCG 1000 IU every 3 days. i completed a month of therapy and quit the treatments cuz i felt it was worthless.

and…yes… i really returned to normal, completely normal for one week. i could have sex 3 times in one day and waked up horny in the morning. i felt like the blood could flow again to my organs and that there is a clogged thing that is being removed gradually. i could feel that itchy sensation in my scalp again. i was just very normal. at least that brief recovery gave me a hope that there is nothing wrong with hormone receptors and that we can recover as soon as the inflammation in the prostate and abdomen resolves.
may be that inflammation that we have stands against proper blood flow to our genitals and prostate? may be. inflammation of any tissue causes the blood vessels within that tissue to dilate and the blood become almost stagnant within that inflammed tissue.

the problem is that i don’t know why the recovery stopped. my doctor can’t find an explanation either; but at least he believes that we are on the right way. he said that normalization of prostatic function is a very critical steps towards recovery.

mew, btw, i happen to remember a post of you here, it was long ago, when you said that you have a yellowish semen. this is by the way a very symptom of bacterial prostatic inflammation. i know that your semen could be normal now, but don’t you think the inflammation is still there?
i really thought my prostate was normal, but when i started the antibiotic and cortisol i felt the difference. there was a relief in the suprapubic area.
hope i could answer your questions properly


here i’m,back again…though not joyful as the song sounded.
i even forgot my password of my old account, and failed to retrieve it.
where to begin?
i can’t notice alot of changes on the forum. mew still inquire studies backed by facts,and Boston posted two recoveries,while all of us are pleading for one.

radical opinions like “gene changes” and “androgen receptor insensitivity” still have a place. have you guys seen enough doctors? do you think we are even qualified to treat…let me correct this…do you think YOU are even qualified to treat known medical conditions to go through a complicated situation like this by yourself?

in response to solon…i was prescribed TRT,Nolva and hcg BEFORE being diagnosed of prostatitis. i didn’t even know i have prostatitis. you know it depends on which doctor you visit, if you go to an andrologist he will consider your case from his own perspectives,and hence will manipulate his “tools” trying to fix your case. an andrologist will consider TRT and other modalities he is familiar therewith. an andrologist will not check your prostate if you tell him you have sexual dysfunction.

well,i posted this around 14 months i right?
i was sent on cipro and hydrocortisone for 2 months,then cipro and hydrocortisone were withdrawn and doxycycline was added for 6 months.still wasn’t enough! the prostate culture turned positive to amoxicillin ,azithromycin and metronidazole. you can’t use amoxicillin for prostatitis, so the dr added azithromycin and metronidazole for 2 weeks,then metronidazole was withdrawn. the culture turned negative to all of those antibiotics except amoxicillin,levofloxacin and ceftriaxone.i was sent on levofloxacin for additional 2 months then quit. why did i quit? because my liver enzymes went high because of all of those drugs. my ALT was 70 and my AST was 55. the doctor said i must stop the drugs.the doctor said that he has never seen such resistant case of prostatitis,at least for a 29 years old man.

the prostate is still tender,large and inflammed. two serum inflammatory markers are high ( ESR and C reactive protein) which means that inflammation didn’t resolve. the etiology of inflammation is unknown.
yeah,this can be an x file. or even worse.

all the possibilities were investigated. first: a decreased immunity. but that was excluded as my WBCs are normal (those were high before starting the antibiotics)
may be an autoimmune prostatitis? but if it was auto-immune,why doesn’t it respond to cortisol anymore?
may be a chronic granulomatous lesion in the prostate…who knows. i just stopped hopelessly.i honestly spent more than enough and my liver was fucked. i will wait for a miracle.

they say that sometimes you have to take a decision that may change your whole life . first time to know that this decision can be swollowing a pill for 60 days so you are in deep shit forever.

i ask everyone on this forum to go and check their inflammatory markers, and to check their prostate. the condition is simply precancerous. chronic unresolved inflammation is simply precancerous.our immune system can’t get rid of that infection.

i’m not telling you myths or radical theories.just go and check your serum inflammatory markers and your prostate. my dr told me that prostate is responsible for erection and libido,and old men who have sexual dysfunction due to prostatitis can’t get better by any TRT. that explains our case.

debunking the nonsense:
1-that finasteride switched off 5-alpha reductase gene: this can’t be true.most of us have normal DHT. even if you have low DHT and started TRT you will have normal DHT again. you can check for 5-a reductase activity by checking its metabolites in urine.

in addition.for a drug to change a gene it must work on DNA.finasteride has no affinity to DNA receptors of testosterone (science,not fiction).finasteride competetively inhibit testosterone binding to the enzyme 5-a reducatse so inhibiting the enzyme from reducing T. fin binds covalently to the enzyme,so the body has to synthesize another enzyme cuz the bond is irreversible.

for a drug to change a gene it must be mutagenic,finasteride was tested for mutagenicity as any drug before clinical trials. it is not mutagenic.

lets face it.we are fucked up for unknown reason! it couldn’t be easier to treat,nor harder. it couldn’t be easier to identify ,nor harder. i recovered in few days and lost my recovery for unknown reason.where does this inflammation come from? this is the million dollar question. if we find an answer,we will hopefully recover before we have forgotten what sex is.


All my inflammation markers are really high.

very very interesting, because my white blood cell count was high as well. My doc thought nothing of it though and I too have yellowish semen. Stupidly I forgot to mention this to my new doc. bah.

My white blood cell count was really high as well, which I believe indicates our body could be trying to fight off an infection.

Has anyone else had a sample taken from their prostate fluid as this guy had done? Logically, this does make sense.

What happened to this guy, did he recover? I guess we will never know.

This is quite interesting as I was on antibiotics recently for a week for a stomach infection (low dosage amoxicillan). During that time I noticed some improvement in erections.

Exactly, and the more that I think about it now, the more it seems like some sort of infection could be the cause. The weird thing to me is that in my case, my thyroid hormones are out of whack as well… Could an infection cause thyroid action to suffer? I tried doing a google search and couldn’t come up with anything.

On another note, perhaps this guy did recover and he hasnt posted since because so. Who knows really…

[Size=4]Anti-inflammatory effects of antibiotics[/size]

Some of the benefit of taking antibiotics for prostatitis may be due to antibiotics anti-inflammatory effects. Appreciation of these effects seems to be growing in the medical and scientific world. This page contains a number of quotes on the topic.

Dr. Daniel Shoskes Antibiotics (as all drugs, synthetic and “natural”) have multiple effects beyond their “intended” ones. For example, I have used ketoconazole to treat fungal infection, metastatic prostate cancer and to increase blood cyclosporine levels in kidney transplant patients. Remember, Viagra was developed as a heart medication!
Antibiotics will, by definition reduce the inflammation associated with bacterial infection if they kill the bacteria. I am aware of literature on direct antiinflammatory effects of some tetracyclines (through inhibition of nitric oxide synthase pathways or IL-10 production) and cotrimoxazole (a component of Bactrim/Septra). There is however no proven “effect on prostate cells” or “cortisone-like effect”.
These antiinflammatory effects are quite mild compared to those achieved with steroids or non-steroidal antiinflammatories (Daypro, Naprosyn etc).

Another possible reason why some people see improvement from a/b

I’m not sure how much stock I put in this person’s theory. However, I also have this sensation of “clogginess,” in the pelvic (?) area above my penis. It feels stagnant, as if the blood down there isn’t flowing correctly. My hair down there also has a weird sensation to it.

Why wouldnt we have some sort of prostate disruption?

Another potential for not clearing out a chronic prostatitis case is the calcifications built in the prostatic parenchyma from the ongoing inflammation. Once prostatic calcifications emerge then bacteria may start lingering around them or inside them and can be VERY VERY difficult to treat.

So, and because i know that prostate inflammation after finasteride is one serious issue of my ED, i bet that most if not all people in this forum can get a possible prostatitis picture if they get an ultrasound exam.

The way to treat however chronic prostatitis restistant to antibiotics could be injections along with massages. I tried treating hormonally with locally applied testosterone on testis, it only works for a few hours and then comes back with a vengeance.

I am thinking of treating with testosterone gel and hydrocortisone applied on testicles to see if the inflammatory markers diminish a bit.

Plus all this time i am on anti-estrogens, but still NO change.

  • by the way if i sit on a chair or ride a bike for a while my penis gets numb, no blood passes through to it…

I also have the feeling that something is clogged on the pelvic floor. I have this feeling for years.
I went to many different urologists, they told me that everything is ok. I have heared that people can have prostatitis and it cannot be seen in the blood (blood test). There are different forms of prostatitis: (chronic) bacterial prostatitis, abacterial prostatitis etc. (I dont know if its written correctly, I am German)

Can you please tell me which antibiotics you have taken. Can you recommend some antibiotics for prostatitis?
Thanks for your help.

The prostate is basically a big muscle. This can be caused by a weak prostate, one that isn’t strong enough to hold the pathways open, no?

Maybe everyone of us has prostatitis as a PFS symptom. That could explain why Genetix or Chi had temporary recoveries after prostatitis treatments (antibiotics or pelvic exercises). Unfortunately, since our prostatitis are symptoms, they can only be temporaryly resolved unless the underlying condition causing the problem is resolved. So the unknown root cause in our body works again in inflammating the prostate another time.

this is how the prep irishguy uses atm is helping pfs
thats my opinion at least
the prep works on prostate and relieves those problems

the same with this guy

what u think?

I was on penicilline (Sultamicillin) for about 1 week and every single symptom was cured, even taking finasteride didnt change anything. I suspect that I have / had a prostatitis aswell.

I dont think that pfs is irreversible if you can go from these symptoms to normal healthy within 1-2 days.

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