Nevirapine trial

I’m on my third day of 200mg nevirapine. I have noticed something very promising: my scrotum seems to be becoming loose again. I think the scrotum is very important for sex drive. Something which really surprised me on the first day was that my semen actually shot out instead of slowly dripping out. Other than these two things I haven’t noticed any other effects.

Does anyone have any good information about nevirapine and NNRTIs? Has anyone taken it before? Any way to minimize the risk of terrible side effects? I’d be very grateful if anyone could write their knowledge/experience with nevirapine or with NNRTIs in general.


All of our collective knowledge has probably already been laid-out in the PrEP thread.

Good luck.

Yes, please see this post:

Good luck, hope it goes well for you.

Sensitivity seems to have improved just slightly. Eventually I will step it up to 400mg.

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Is Nevirapine the same drug as Prep ?

As far as I know, PreP is not a drug. It’s a principle called “Pre-exposure prophylaxis” for which various drugs are used and which aims to protect those who have not yet been exposed to the disease. It would be good, if those who go the PreP route would specify the drug(s) they take.

Nevirapine is more commonly used to treat HIV in those who have already contracted the virus.


Guys basically the same thing happened as when I took dht. The first few days at 200mg I noticed clear improvement. And now even when I take 400mg the improvements are basically gone.

My theory is that the gene(s) that regulates androgen response has been silenced to a certain degree. So it doesn’t matter what substance we take, the body will always compensate in some way (maybe by overexpressing AR even more?) so we don’t respond to androgens.

I was hoping nevirapine would work because it’s meant to regulate gene expression. I’m pretty sure that a high enough dose could override the epigenetic alteration causing pssd/pfs but it would also be lethal. It’s important to keep in mind that the study showing nevirapine’s capability of restoring androgen signaling was done in vitro.

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the OP in the prep thread would crash from time to time in the first month, but his improvements kept progressing and his crashes would get less severe until he stopped crashing

i wouldnt quit so early

Yes but I’m cautious because nevirapine can cause liver damage

So can other prep meds. Get the prep med testing done. Look up “nurx” they do testing + giving the med if you qualify from medical questioning. It can even be free based on your financial circumstance