Prep medication, reversing pfs?

Hi, Google dynamic international if you would like to see where I got it from. I am currently taking a multi vitamin and I also enage self CBT which I still do. I also fast too, but felt like something was switched on with prep.

How are you going? Do you still feel better?

Yes I do feel better, much better. I am still not normal but I feel the brain fog fading. It is now day 4.


I read this guys story in the link above a number of years ago. Reading this thread reminded me of it and luckily I still had it saved.

"I hope you find the time to read my story = hiv medication and non- bacteriological prostatitis (total recovery of all my syptoms after hiv cocktail with intellence,prezista,norvirand and isentres)
_Sorry for my English because i’m Dutch speaker _

I have been living with non-bacteriological prostatitis for more than 20 years( painful urination, painful ejaculation,weak urinestream, erectile dysfunction, pelvic floor pain, pain in testes, prostate pain,loss of feeling in penis from nerve damage, loss of controle over some pelvic floormuscles etc.)

After many years of loads of antibiotics, and NSAID’s medication without any result or change in my illness, I had a remarkabel almost 100% recovery with hiv medication !!! of my infected prostate.This was in july 2009 last year.
All my symptoms where gone!!! in 2 to 3 days after I started taking the hiv medication cocktail !! (symptoms I had for years and years and wich became worse and worse over the years) The medication was a cocktail of Isentress,Norvir,prezista and Intellence.
The reason of this treatment was an unsafe sexual contact, so I went to the University Clinic in Gent where they gave me this treatment for 1 month as a precaution/prevention of a possible hiv infection.
After this one month treatment was finished ,all of my symptoms came back.
I had some pills left, so I tried again, but in 4 times lesser dose, and yes again my symptoms disappeared.

I went to my dokter, my urologist and the doctor of the University Clinic with my story.
I told them there was a connection between the medication and my so called non-bacterial prostatitis.(virus, xmrv?)They where in disbelieve and dismised me???
Not having this medication anymore, turned my life back to a living hell !!
April the 1 th 2010 I read on the internet the article of Ila Singh, M.D. Ph.D. That they probably found connection between retro virus infection in prostate and possible treatment with hiv medication.
_The medication worked for my horrible illness that destroys my life on all levels, and i really hope there will be a solution very soon. I would rather live my life with the medication, that make me symptom free and gave me back my life , than live in hell 24/7 _
Two weeks ago I took the xmrv -test that is brand new at in Zellik Belgium a lab connected with that does the European tests.I should get the results in 4-5 weeks.
Kind regards"


This is very promising, @axolotl what do you make of this?

Have you recovered sexual sensitivity? I mean, improve penis numbness?

If Prep helps does this mean that PFS is an autoimmune problem ?

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this is super interesting. please keep us updated irish

wouldn’t that be ironic if a cure was developed serendipitously?

no, it’s an antiretroviral not an immunosuppressant. When used in HIV treatment or prevention, an RT inhibitor prevents the RNA template of the HIV virus being copied into DNA, which would later be inserted into the chromosome by a different enzyme. This prevention happens via inhibition of the reverse transcriptase enzyme (which essentially does what a RT-PCR does in a laboratory). Its apparent ability to alter gene expressing in a way that resensitizes hrpc cells to both ligand and treatment via inhibition is the relevance I see in PFS. The immune response is under significant regulation by the AR which is my opinion as to why we see immune related symptoms sometimes.

Well it’s interesting to me and unlike most things there’s no record of it being tried in the past by a PFS patient, so I’m keen to hear your updates and of course I hope you continue to improve. However, I’m personally very cautious regarding interaction with the ar pathway in PFS. The study indicated they thought the gene expression remodelling that restored AR function in hrPCa was due to the elevated expression of RT in cancerous cells, but considering in normal differentiated tissues this is not the case perhaps it is via another means, or perhaps tissues affected by “PFS” are expressing RT as part of their dysregulation. I really don’t know. The source of AR overexpression in PFS at the epigenomic level is still a mystery of course.


@ irishguy754

how do we non-UK guys order this,i personally wanna order but the website says this:

“Whether the order is being delivered to the purchaser in the U.K. or being forwarded to another country in Europe – a local U.K. contact number must be provided when placing the order and included in the shipping address details.”

Can u give me/us some insight and help regarding this problem for us who are from europe to order this?

Thank u very much


Have you thought this all the way through? Not trying to be a damper, but do more research before you dive head first into taking this medication. Tenefovir and RT inhibitors in general are associated with a high degree of bone mineral density loss and calcium disorders, not to mention kidney failure. They come with their own plethora of issues. I’m sure Irishguy will be fine, but again apparently so are “98% of Finasteride users”, yet here we are. I just wouldn’t want to hear about you taking it and getting worse.


I don’t know to much about ordering from Europe. I sent my money through electronic funds transfer and received it in 10 days. If you want advice about ordering. Please join the Facebook group below

Dude, my entire life has been dominated by mental health problems. I had suffered from them growing up and Then pfs came And fucked things further up. I am desperate and I am 31 now and have lost my entire 20s to this drug. I do realise cautiousness is important but I have had enough. It’s time to be brave and try to solve it. I would take kidney problems in my old age if it solved pfs quickly, that would be a price worth paying.

I am up early to go to a job that I fucking hate and I am about to take my 5th dose in a few hours. I am also meeting someone for sex on Monday to see how I perform. I will keep everyone updated but for the first time today, I experienced what extreme unhappiness is like without depression and I felt like a human being. It may be because of prep.

I want to stress that I think the weight loss and therapy has helped me too. If any other guys wanna try it, it may not work for you. These improvements could stop within a week but for the first time I feel hopeful and no one is going to take that away from me.


I have recovered a bit of sensitivity yes

It’s for gay men who want to go in prep, just don’t even mention your sexually or what you want it for. I don’t think the guy who runs it is a medical professional himself, so don’t ask. Just ask about ordering.

I don’t disagree at all, and I’m certainly not trying to take that away from you. But I urge everyone to look around, we’re all a part of a community made up of a group of guys who took hormone altering drugs and are now paying the price. Like I said, chances are you’ll be fine and shit maybe even better than fine. I wish that for you more than anything. But Im curious to track your progress a bit longer. 3 days isn’t enough time, not enough research in relation to our problem to make a game time decision and going off and ordering a very serious medication. I was just urging him to do more research, because Truvada is indeed a serious medication with potential long term consequences. I know you don’t want to hear that but everyone else needs to hear it if you’re considering taking it.

@irishguy754 I hope the best for you mate, please keep us updated. No ill intentions


Wow that genuinely sound’s like me :disappointed_relieved: sorry to hear you’ve had it so hard yourself, I know how that can feel myself struggling with mental health issues from about 10 years of age after being bullied, that’s what I suspect kicked eveything off for me and was the sole reason i went on SSRI’s at a young age, i was so bad i was afraid to go to school and probably missed a lot of education, mad that one small change can have such a massive impact on one’s life.

One day I hope people can just walk into a clinic and get a test for the parts of the brain that might not be regulating correctly, then hopefully be able to correct it with targeted medication or remove the traumatic experiences entirely from their mind, sounds very far fetched but hey who knows, I’m all up for seeing the end of mental health issues, they’re just another barrier in the way of enjoying life and knowledge of the brain is still very primitive, I think there’s a lot that can eventually be done to help people who would like help.

I hope this drug helps you immensely and you continue to improve, just be careful at the same time, you can still enjoy all those years you may of not had the chance to enjoy to the fullest.

Thanks dude. Do you mind me asking where in ireland you are from?

I’ll personal message you now :blush: