Prep medication, reversing pfs?


No it would not be a good idea to have a separate section for the gays. We all need to discuss our issues and treatment strategies together. If you don’t feel comfortable talking about your sexuality in front of straight people, well that’s your problem. Finasteride doesn’t appear to distribute whether your straight or gay.

I do realise it is early days but I feel horny feelings that I haven’t felt in years, just from taking this pill and it may take another drug to reverse the effects of this drug. It is now day 4 and I have feel better. I will keep everyone updated as I have a 3 months supply and plan to use the whole lot to see.


To your point re being uncomfortable sharing about your sexuality, I know I speak for most (maybe not all) when I say thats the least of our worries, and you’d be surprised how extremely tolerant we are given the position we’re in. you being gay doesn’t change anything at all. Lets try to approach his situation from a position of reason. Take the emotion out of it - we all want to get better and I do admire his willingness to try Truveda and share his experience with us. I’ll stop cluttering this thread with my rant .

@irishguy754 don’t be discouraged to share your encounters with Prep over the coming days, you might be on to something and I would like to hear more.


plz dont flame the post with sexuality issues
let the guy tell his trial and ask questions about the trial only plz


@irishguy754 i would like to ask u if u could respond to drugs like benzos, alcohol, marijuana or not due to pfs
did u manage to reverse that with the anti-hiv drug

best regards


One of the things I appear to be experiencing is emotions that I have not felt in a while. As one of the key symptoms of pfs was emotional impotence as well as sexual. I was dead inside for many years. I appear to be experiencing emotions. I feel things. There is a film called boy erased about gay conversion therapy. I had been watching clips of it and felt sad and cried.

It takes approximately 1 month for prep to attain maximum strength. So I am hoping improvements continue


Just to say there won’t be any such additional categories by lifestyle. We ask for tolerance as part of the guidelines by which users agree to abide by in using this site. Although I do appreciate it might seem a bit difficult to talk about, I think we need to bear in mind how comfortable most of these symptoms are to talk about: About as uncomfortable as it gets. As some suggestions, @Ukguy82 - a good fellow - made a topic for discussion of homosexual experiences with PFS specifically: Experiences of any gay guys suffering from PFS?. May be worth chipping in there if you feel comfortable. If not, Discourse does allow the use of group PMs which are essentially private threads you can add users to. If it’s something you truly don’t want other groups seeing out of the personal nature, you can use this feature to achieve that. However, as others point out, the public and collective presentation of our issue is important for the wider issue and subdivision is always insensible if it’s avoidable.

Absolutely, @irishguy754. It’s an awful symptom. Thanks for these continued updates and may it continue.


Took my 5th dose this morningm. Heading to work looking round at all the sexy guys and it feels real. There is something here guys. God I hope this isn’t going to wear off. It is only day 5 but I can’t wait to imagine what I feel like at the end of the month.

Oh and I have went an entire day not feeling depressed. It feels weird but amazing.


Are there any cases of people using Prep off label for conditions other than HIV ?


Not that I am aware of mate. Prep is only taken usually by people that are hiv positive in addition to other meds, and people who are hiv negative hoping to stay as such.


Just wanted to say thank you for the frequent updates. I hope things continue to improve and last well into the future!


I agree! Thanks @irishguy754 hope is important and you’re a beacon right now. Please keep the updates coming.

In between having good times, of course. :slight_smile:


End of day 5, about to go to sleep. Feeling a bit horny, like I could have sex normally. I also have enough of my brain fog having cleared up that I actually could understand what people in work were saying.

Roll on day 6


thanks for these updates man seriously


Praying for you ! Thanks for the updates.


Maybe I’m just being simple minded, but if you inhibit the AR with 5ari, the body will work twice as hard to make the AR work. Then if you stop inhibiting it, all of a sudden the AR work twice as much as they should.
If that is so, and if it reacts in the same general fashion as the rest of the body, you could weaken the AR by giving them less work over a period of time. Like a muscle that gets no exercise gets weaker.

Could that make sense ?

“The immune response is under significant regulation by the AR which is my opinion as to why we see immune related symptoms sometimes”

Tell me about it. I can’t eat carbs anymore and I’m reacting to all kinda food that I used to eat.

Maybe I crashed recently because of the DIM rich veggie juices I have been drinking for 2 weeks.
I just read “DIM inhibits DHT stimulation of DNA synthesis” so once again, I’m inhibiting what DHT was supposed to synthetise. That can’t be good !

I was thinking of balancing my elevated cortisol with its antagonist: DHEA (which stimulate the production of testesterone and estrogen) but I think I will just stay away from anything, food, supplements, amino acids or drugs that has a direct impact on hormone levels.

Instead, I will just let my hormones play themselves out and my body find its balance.
At the same time, I will take the aminos that produces the neurotransmitters or neurosteroids for which I have symptoms of depletion, but not overly so and with pauses in between. Again, to prevent some conversion mechanisms from getting lazy yet at other times providing the precursors so that other conversion mechanisms, the next step over, won’t get lazy.

We always try to eliminate all the unpleasant symptoms but maybe some pain is inevitable in the healing process. (I mean just some, not all the pain)

Just food for thoughts…

Anyway. I find this prep improvement interestingly surprising and I wanted to be part of the thread so i can follow the developments.


Just wondered if there were folks out there on the internet who were unaware of having PFS/PSSD/PAS and who inadvertently treated their symptoms when they began PrEP:

Interesting that two respondents in the reddit thread mentioned increased libido. Other than that, there wasn’t much to be said.

Really good to hear you are doing so much better @irishguy754. Please do keep us updated.


Another couple threads of similar anecdotes from people taking RTIs.

Perhaps this is a rather common effect?


yeah its a common side effect
if irish guy had one of these 2 symptoms
1-genital shrinkage etc…
2-not responding to drugs, alcohol etc…

and he got at least 1 of these 2 fixed with anti-hiv medication,than we talk about cure

he never made proper detailed intro so we can’t conlude nothing sry :confused:


No conclusions were drawn and neither of the symptoms you mentioned are requirements for having this condition.

We have one member who joined in 2009 now reporting improvements in 3 core PFS symptoms (low libido, brain fog, and emotional blunting) and multiple people (presumably without PFS/PAS/PSSD) claiming reverse transcriptase inhibitor drugs improved their low libido and erectile function to a great degree or raised their baseline to great degree.

Also, axolotl pointed out that another RTI drug has been shown to restore androgen sensitivity in cancer cells. This lends credence to the plausibility of these other RTIs somehow addressing a mechanism close to the suspected root cause of PFS.

No one is exclaiming “CURE” yet and you can leave the attitude and assertions at the door.


What are the risks in taking prep?

Is anyone else here trying it?

How are you doing now @irishguy754?