Prep medication, reversing pfs?



I researched prep before I started taking it. The only risks are that there is a slight and I emphasize slight risk in osteoporosis in old age as it effects bone density and it effects the functioning of the kidneys. In healthy people it has no effect but someone who has had kidney problems should not take prep.

How am I doing. Well I am actually doing quite well. So well I decided to drink a bottle of wine to celebrate. Then I woke up this morning feeling crap and hungover. I crashed basically, so I do think the alcohol disrupted my recovery. So I am feeling better now.

I suffered from mental problems before finasteride . I do all of them are still there. It would be interesting if anyone is willing to try prep that never had any mental health problems before PFS. It is possible that it could be a better recovery for them.

I am currently the only guinea pig so it may not work for anyone else willing to try it but I do think there is something here.


Ah, bum. Sorry to hear that mate.

Glad to hear you’re back on the mend though.



It’s day 10, feeling good. Very sad and worried but not depressed. I didn’t get to hook up on Monday as he cancelled. I have a planned hookup on Friday so I am hoping that goes well but I won’t know until I try. I am waiting for the brain fog to fully clear though, THATS what I miss most, being able to read a book and not constantly asking people to repeat themselves. I can currently feel the fog beginning to lift.

The prep meds take at least a month to go up to full strength and if one references other medications like anti depressants or anti biotics, you need to give them at least 4 to 6 weeks. That’s when I can make a finial judgement


@irishguy754 can u plz make an introduction post where u explain the symptoms u have
and with what symptoms the prep helped with
it would be nice for the community although it will cost u around 15 min


Ok, if some one can send me a template for an introduction post I’ll do it


Hey Irishguy, if you hit “New Topic” and then go to categories and hit “members stories” a template will appear for you to fill out :blush:


Anxious to see the results here, honestly I’d drink my own piss 6x a day and 8x on weekends to fix this


i would do extremely questionable things to fix this


There was a post from someone a few weeks ago claiming exactly that.


Hey Irishguy how you been the past few days? You still on the mend?


So I’m assuming didn’t work ?


Hey everyone. I am doing OK. I had sex recently and it went well. I had horny feelings. I was attracted to the guy and it got an erection and came a lot. It seems to be a gradual recovery.

The thing that bothers me the most is the brain fog which is taking longer to clear up.

I dont want to post if they aren’t meaningful updates. Another guy has agreed to try the prep. He is just waiting for it to arrive. So we will know if it will work for more guys.

I will also post a template here for those who have been asking for it.

It is now just over 2 weeks since I have been on the prep.


I think, if possible, most people would prefer even a quick sentence every day, even if it said something like “same as yesterday, no better, no worse”. When we don’t hear anything for 4/5 days, people assume it’s not working, or worse.

Lots of people will be waiting for your updates, please don’t be a stranger. I’m hoping that we can all get better at logging our experiences.


he stated the obvious lol
he has improvements and they are gradually progressing
he won’t crash by my opinion
the improvements are permanent while on the drug,we don’t know what happens off it


people shouldn’t wait no longer for his updates,but order the prep themselves and try it on their own skin
after reading the prostatitis guy story on phoenix rising,i think this could be helpful for all of us


Hey, thanks for your input. Please don’t discourage people from posting their experiences. That’s not helpful. This forum is full of incomplete stories, guesses and unanswered questions, let’s try a different way.


No it wouldn’t, and with all due respect, this is not a good idea. We should wait and see how his trial is going before jumping the gun and ordering an HIV medication (yet another enzyme inhibitor) to treat our symptoms


his trial is done
while on it he can have a sex life
he didn’t and won’t crash while he is on it
idk what u waiting for honestly
there are people who take prep with years without problems…
stop treating the person like a lab rat plz its not humane
be thankful for his destiny and fortune that he ran on this medication by accident
hes 70% healed
i would pay to be in his shoes,but i have to wait and see



As much as we don’t like to think of Irishguy754 as a lab rat the truth is that he is a lab rat
I don’t blame people for waiting it out to see the outcome of his trial afterall this drug is an HIV medication that none of us really know anything about.
We have all trialled a list of concoptions by now but they were common sense drugs like testosterone to increase test levels dianabol to raise dht and clomid hcg tammoxfin the list goes on but theses drugs are fairly safe to a point and they relate to hormones which all make some sort of sense if you can’t get an errection naturally.
The facts are that Irishguy754 is gay and has been a member of this forum since 2009
I don’t know what other concoptions he has tried in the past but he states that this drug has given him back his sex life which sounds very positive to many of us but we have to keep in mind that this drug is supplied to mainly gay guys as a form of protection from HIV it wasn’t designed to be any form of sexual stimulant to increase blood flow to the penis or enhance libido.
If this drug turns out to be successful my opinion is that the pfs foundation should look into the actions of the drug before it starts getting used by everyone.
We have all done our fare share of head scratching and Guinea pigging but when it comes to HIV prevention drugs i don’t blame anyone for holding back until someone medically qualified gives the thumbs up.
Obviously this drug is unlikely to do anyone any real harm but the bottom line is that it is a drug that was designed with a form prevention in mind.
It never seises to amaze me how many possible cures pop up on all of these forums some have medical logic / possibility but half of them have zero medical or scientific logic and some of them are just plain ludicrous.
Desperate people do desperate things…
Alot of us were desperate to keep our stupid hair on our heads we took a tablet that was designed to do this …
We realised that it was effecting us sexually and mentally but we were desperate enough to keep on taking it …
We were told by the designer that these side effects should subside once our bodies got use to the hormonal changed…
We were desperate enough to use drugs like viagra to compensate …
We eventually stopped taking the drug because we were desperate to get ourselves back to normal and put an end to the side effects.
Now we are all left dependant on drugs viagra and on forums like this desperate to find a way back …
It would be great to see everyone happy and issue free but I’m at the stage where I just can’t see this happening without further professional medical help .


It would be interesting to see other people’s experience with this stuff. It would also be interesting to see whether this has an impact on PSF symptoms other than libido, because increased libido does not seem to be uncommon on this meds for people without PFS either. So it’s not clear if this directly affects whatever is causing PFS or whether there are effects from this treatment that have nothing to do with PFS but happen to improve an area that PFS worsens.

Personally, I am very risk-averse when it comes to trialing meds. Too many people have made themselves worse and I cannot risk that. I have commitments to uphold. And I understand everyone who does not want to be a guinea pig. On the other hand, I appreciate other people taking these risks and reporting their experience here. It’s a delicate balance.

Good luck everyone and keep us updated!