Prep medication, reversing pfs?


Hey guys. Its great my thread has stirred such passions. I am perfectly fine being the guninie pig. It doesn’t bother me. I will post daily updates from now on. Another guy has ordered the prep and will start taking it. He will then discuss his experiences. He should receive the drug in about a week. If he gets positive results from it then its not just me.

I am doing well today. I think one thing I need to get adjusting to is my lower sex drive because of my age. I am now 31 and I have had pfs since I was 19, so its like I am expecting the same sex drive that I had when I was younger, which isn’t realistic.

My brain fog is still here and I am suffering from depression, however I do believe this is because my life is a mess ATM and all the goals that I would have achieved have been frozen because of the finasteride.

I am able to get turned on. The brain fog is the one that I really want to get rid of the most. Again I do think it will be gradual. I dont get turned on by porn. To get turned on it has to be about guys I know. I can get a good hard on and good ejactulate Its about day 15 now.

I do think depending on how I am at the end of the 12 weeks, that I may need some counselling. I have a really great friend who also has pfs. We talk to each other and support each other.


Thanks for updating and good luck!

In a previous post you mentioned the return of some emotions. How is that progressing? Can explain a bit how PFS has impacted your emotions and how (if) they have improvded since taking Prep, specifically non-sexual emotions?

For example, for me pretty much any feeling of “relief” (for lack of a better word) is gone. I used to enjoy a hot cup of tea or soup after a very cold day or to jump into a cold lake on a particular hot day. Or a more curious example, I remember what it was like to have to pee really badly and to finally be able to go. This “Ahhh, that feels good”-feeling is gone in all three instances.

Have your experienced anything like these symptoms and found improvements?


I have made myself so severely and permanently worse trying to raise my estrogen via increased TRT doses, clomid, nolvadex, horny goat weed, and betaine. it’s not worth it.


I am sorry to hear that and thank you for your concern. I don’t plan on joining any of the experiments going on here. I’ve been here long enough to see many people screw themselves even more like this. I cannot risk that. But I appreciate those that take these risks for the community and report their experiences.

My questions were more driven by curiosity than inclination to try this myself.



I do enjoy things a lot more. I kind of feel the drug is working the way that anti depressants are supposed to work. So I am giving it time. For example when I was leaving work today, I grabbed a cookie and ate it. I enjoyed the cookie very much. I felt nice eating it and it felt very satisfying. Where as before prep I didn’t feel anything really. Also flirting with guys at work, before I didn’t seem to care about people, just wanted them to stay away from me. Now I quite enjoy things.


That has made me happy.


I started taking prep to stop getting hiv, not to treat pfs. All of these positive symptoms have been a happy accident.

A polish doctor in Israel in the 60’s gave a drug called thalidomide to help his leprasy patients sleep. He discovered by accident that it cured their leprasy. Sometimes a cure can happen when your not looking for it.


It makes you happy that gays are flirting at work. Awwwwww. Haha.

I had a wank over this one guy in work. That was over a week ago when I was first starting the prep. It was like a fantasy. It totally took me by surprise.

I just need to go on a date, I think and try to have 3rd date sex I think.


honestly i think the prep won’t fix this,but only help regarding prostrate related symptoms…
hope im wrong but thats my prognosis


You and I talked privately, your not allowed to be pessimistic and neither am I.

I have agreed to give it 12 weeks.


its good when we are prepared for the worse dont u think?
that was my point to expect the worse thats all
good luck to u anyways again :DD


Haha, enjoy yourselves :slight_smile:


Dude I love this description of “relief” it’s the worst. Sometimes I long for it and almost have a feeling like I’m gasping for air because I can’t achieve it. I have the feeling that reality is at the tip of my tongue but something blocks it. I described this to another user as never being able to truly “settle in” to my body. All I want is that comfy feeling when you sink into the couch and have complete relaxation (but I’m not stressed or anxious) it’s like the mechanics of brain are just not quite on the tracks.


For me this is a key symptom. And it also includes orgasm. After all, this is the ultimate “relief” :wink: . I hope one day we can experience it again. Sometimes, I feel like I am extremely close. My body is shaking during orgasm or I get goose bumps when I finally get to go the toilet after a long meeting and relief myself. It’s all there, but something in my brain does not quite connect. It’s like the fuse is lit, but there is no detonation.

Surely, this feeling of “relief” during all the instances I described and your example of the comfy feeling and relaxation applies as well, surely it’s all the same “mechanism” that is screwed up. I assume it is all related to neurosteroids and their importance to the reward system. Hopefully, we will figure this out. For years that was the only symptom I was desperate to resolve. This year my condition has worsened, so I have a couple of items more on the wish list. Anyway, I digress…

Good luck to us all!


Agree 100 percent. I hope I don’t continue to get new symptoms :frowning: I’m having enough trouble as it is.


I have literally ZERO feeling during orgasm. I dont even care for orgasms anymore, so I just masturbate every day but dont ejaculate cause its not worth it.

BUT I can enjoy food! I have great taste most of the time and really enjoy it (I recovered this). Its sad but eating is my favourite part of every day.


i have this. i know exactly what you mean by this.


Good morning boys

I just awoke, feeling actually. Pretty good. I just stroked my dick and got hard. It’s honestly can’t have a wank because I can’t, it’s just because I can’t be bothered. I am 31 now and I have to get used to me not being 19 again, which is when my pfs started.

I want to stress that I have started working out again, just a little push ups and sit ups. However I think this is also helping me recover as well. The reason I stopped working out is because my body fought me ever time I worked out. I would crash every time I would work out, but this doesn’t seem to be happening now.

I am not good at writing about myself, if there is anything you want to know, please ask.


I also want to say I have been using tens theapy as a way to help with the depression. Its a cousin of electro shock therapy. You can buy the device cheap on amazon. I tried using it preciously, before I started taking prep. With no real effect. However I have started using it today and it helps with the brain fog.

I am not really a good test case for prep helping with pfs, as I had so many mental issues before pfs. However we will still see how its goes


Do you think PrEP/Truvada is continuing to cause a drastic improvement in erections, libido and emotional blunting?

Also wondered if you had a member story here?

I had noticed in most of the stories of Truvada or Atripla increasing libido in people who don’t have PFS, the effect seemed to wear off at some point. For some, it seemed to be after a few weeks, others, months, and one said the effect was ongoing after 4 years. Just a warning: there were a few anecdotes of Atripla or Truvada lowering sex drive or suspected of causing ED; although, there were far more reports of increased libido and erections.