Prep medication, reversing pfs?


can u give me some links regarding ur story so i can look into it

thanks :DD


Feeling good today, think I am losing some more weight, feel like I could have sex right now.

Brain fog is. The one I am waiting for so I can feel motivated to do things and read a book, but I can feel continuing improvements


Has anyone else on this thread received their prep yet? Ones that said they would try it


I have been on it for 18 days, I meant to say. Supposed to be a month for full effect


no one said its willing to try except me
i ordered 6 days ago,and im still waiting…


No, two other people on this thread did message me privately, so it’s not just you.

Did you get a tracking number?


not yet,i posted in the fb group
im waiting for response


What’s goin on how’s everyone feel ?


Feeling good today, still feel like I am getting better. However I began doing some light working out and I crashed, however the crash was not as hard and I recovered quickly.


What kind of crash did you experience as a result of working out? What were your symptoms?


i’d like to know as well


Its hard to explain. Every time I would work out even lightly, I would get tired, my dick and balls would shrink. My muscles would ache. I just recognise it immediately after 12 years or so.

My crash this time was less intense and I recovered quicker. I think I am now on day 21 now


One of the common sides of PrEP is type B lactic acidosis - caused by impairment of cellular functioning and localized areas of tissue hypoperfusion. It should be fairly easy to treat and I don’t think its anything to worry about. Also not claiming this is in fact what’s happening to you, just want you to be cognizant of the possibility. This may have a correlation as to why you felt a mini crash come along right after you worked out. Symptoms of lactic acid buildup are:

  • exhaustion or extreme fatigue
  • muscle cramps or pain
  • body weakness
  • overall feelings of physical discomfort
  • abdominal pain or discomfort
  • diarrhea
  • decrease in appetite
  • headache
  • rapid heart rate

Any of these sound or feel familiar? Did you try working out prior to taking PrEP, but after consuming Fin? Did you experience a similar crash?


Any working out I tried to do prior to taking prep would result in a huge crash. While I am on prep, the crash was less saveer, yes.


How’s the libido and erections been compared to before brother ?


Any updates guys ???


I did have crash’s before fin and yes they were bad. I am still take it step by step. I have so been used to not having sex for the past decade that I don’t even care about that anymore. I am waiting fir the brain fog to disappear


Someone else has ordered prep and is waiting fir it to arrive. I will give you updates whenever he gets it or he will post himself


Any improvement in braindog? Can you describe the brain fog you’re experiencing?


I can’t read anything and comprehend it. People also have to repeat things to me in order for me to undertstand them.