Prep medication, reversing pfs?


you said you have tried TRTwith no improvements right?


Yeah, made it worse. I am just taking it day by day


sorry to pester you about this i just want to learn more if you could answer a few more questions

  • what was your dosing protocol and what type of trt was it

  • how long did you use it

  • any bloods while ON it?

  • what exactly did it make worse


Ah shit.

I thought that part was getting better. I hope the fog lifts soon.


Experiencing, in context, a really good day today. I was able to do a small workout without crashing. I feel horny stroking my dick and I have energy. I also feel the brain fog lifting.

I have now been on it nearly a month and someone else has ordered the medication. It should arrive next week sometime. Hopefully he will get good results too.


No sides from the meds yet? I know it is a serious medication and I’m pretty sure not supposed to be taken for more than 2 years… wonder if your effects would stay post ingestion


And again, thank you man for updating


people take it indefinetly more than 5+ yrs and without side effects
its not serious medication regarding side effects


Did you get yours yet ?


The drug has only been on the shelves for 6 years. You’re making bold claims that are highly misleading and unsubstantiated. Prep should be approached with caution and respect, and yes the side effects are serious if you get them. To say otherwise is only allowing big pharma to continue pushing their agenda, which we’ve all bought into. Please don’t generalize and say things like “side effects aren’t serious” because new members will take your word as gospel coming on this forum and reading this thread.


If this ends up being a valid treatment I’m sending you flowers every week for the rest of your life


I agree with you but do hope it works lmao


As do I… we all do.


Wonder when zadiggs is Comin in, I think it’s exciting cuz this guys been here since like 09 I think it says


i have low hopes regarding the prep
mine is arriving in a week or so i guess
im not promoting anything,im just stating what people who used it for long enough told me


You’re SSRI dysfunction right? Maybe this will be a good to test if similar function


How you feelin today ?


I am on day 27 today and feeling pretty good. I worked out yesterday and didn’t crash, I was waiting fir it and it never happened. Got a bot horny as well. It has been nearly a month so I am going into the second month and hope it will get better


Is this all foreign to you? Like I know you’ve had improvements with other stuff like magic mushrooms, but I couldn’t imagine having this as long as you and then all of a sudden feeling better… is it a great feeling?


Yeah, I have never felt as good on anything else. Sitting here feeling horny atm,feels a bit weird. There is another guy going to try it soon this week, so we will know soon if it isn’t just me